River Oaks Custom Home Builders and Remodeling in Houston

05:30 Feb 2020
Custom Home Builders in Houston

River Oaks homes represents some of the finest properties in Houston. The aging estate homes are regularly experiencing remodeling and home improvements. Less often property owners are seeking custom home builders for new construction homes. The River Oaks community is the most expensive subdivision in all of Houston, reflecting the finest in affluent living.

The residents of River Oaks want homes that average more than 3,600 sf. This community is protected by structured  architectural review standards from very defined deed restrictions. Another of the attractions for home buyers is the general lot sizes, which are between one quarter to one half acre. River Oaks remains very expensive to new home buyers due to the scarcity of products, close in location and lot sizes.

We will discuss some of the home construction options available to existing and new home owners alike.


River Oaks Community

The River Oaks community consist of 1,100 acres of affluent estate homes. Developed in 1920 as one of the best master planned communities in the country. The current medium price homes is $2,500,000. Home prices start at several millions of dollars and rise to as much as $20,000,000. The area host many upscale restaurants and shopping to serve an affluent local population. There are more than 2,500 households in the River Oaks community.

This community also has one of the most famous country clubs in Houston. River Oaks Country Club has a world class golf course, tennis courts and Olympic swimming pool. The main street that leads to the country club is a tree lined esplanade shrouded by stately manors. Lot sizes are 2,500 sf to as much as 160,000 sf.

Custom Home Builders in Houston

River Oaks is centrally located just minutes away from the central business district. In addition, this community is minutes away from Memorial Park, the Galleria, Highland Village and River Oaks Shopping Center.


Architectural Home Styles

Early architectural home styles were greatly influenced by architect John Stubbs, Birdsall Briscoe, Hiram Salisbury and Howard Barnstone. The most famous architectural residence is the Bayou Bend home, which is now administered by the Museum of Fine Arts. Originally owned by Hogg, sister to the developers of River Oaks.

The home and gardens have an eighth century Georgian architectural style, It is generally considered to be the excellence in benchmarks for home style in this community. The gardens of the Bayou Bend estate are as famous as the home that they were manicured for. The gardens were designed to reflect a living space for each section designed.

The majority of the existing homes reflect a traditional or colonial architectural influence that was popular during the 1920’s when most of the homes were built in the community. Since that time a vast variety of architectural house styles have been introduced. These current house styles are reflected in Meditation, European and Modern home designs.  

Early architectural features in River Oaks can be characterized by smaller sized rooms, kitchens that are separated from the living & entertaining areas of these spacious homes. Common design of these homes are two story with a conventionally framed and standard pitched roofs. As time has gone by, more uniquely architectural designed homes have been introduced and constructed.


Custom Homes Built On Your Lot Home Construction

River Oaks has been built out for many years. The only way that a home buyer can build a luxury custom home is to purchase an existing home to tear down or buy a home site that has already been cleared. The price for these types of properties starts at $1,000,000 and can up as high as $10,000,000 in River Oaks. Once an owner has purchased a home site they will be required to hire a custom home builder.

Only 57 single family homes have been built in River Oaks the past 10 years. These newly constructed luxury homes reflect the best in one of a kind luxury homes. They are designed for the lifestyles of the owners family and entertaining of their guests.  


Home Renovation & Remodeling

The other option for home buyers other then purchasing a home to tear down for new construction is buying a home for renovation. Home remodeling can span a wide range of needed projects. From kitchen remodeling to a whole home renovation, aging River Oaks homes require updating interior and exterior house features every couple of decades.

This can be accomplished through home additions, room conversions and structural modifications. Home renovations and remodeling have become a necessary activity of these 100 year old homes. Other than updating the homes design, items like electrical wiring and plumbing piping need to be replaced every 40 years. It is much more cost effective to have these types of items updated during a home renovation.   

The size of these homes and the year that they were built makes for these homes to be energy consuming structures. Insulation was a second thought during the World War 1  time period. Tackling a much needed home renovation requires a seasoned general contractor in luxury homes.


Home Improvements

The average age of the homes in River Oaks is 80 years old. Although these houses are  general well kept they all will require a higher level of home improvements due to the age of home products. Products like roofing, central heating & cooling and appliances require to be replaced every 15 to 20 years.

Other home improvement projects that are required overtime are garage door replacements, exterior wood trims, exterior doors, hot water heaters and windows.

The need for experienced and qualified custom home builders and remodeling contractors in the Houston River Oaks community is an important and essential element factor in home ownership in River Oaks. Staying in front of the mentioned projects will maintain and secure your home investment for many years.

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