Houston Remodeling Value Added Approach

13Dec 2017
Houston Remodeling Value Added Approach

The remodeling value added concept is an economic approach of assessing the marginal cost difference from adding more features to a product or service, upon the perceived market value. The general idea is to determine how the price of a product or se...

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Comparing Houston Home Remodeling Estimates, Proposals, Contracts

6Dec 2017
Contracts and Proposals

This is a topic that comes up quite often with homeowners who are trying to understand what their Houston remodeling contractors have proposed for their Houston home remodeling bids. There is no universal format for remodeling contractors to follow w...

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Different Custom Home Building Approaches Houston

30Nov 2017
Custom Home Building Approaches Houston

Designing and building a new Houston custom home is an unique and rare opportunity for most aspirating owners. Most owners that have either experienced or researched the journey of building their own custom home understands that this is a long and ch...

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Houston Home Remodeling or Building a New Home Pros and Cons

22Nov 2017
Houston Home Remodeling Pros and Cons

At sometime in your homeownership you are likely to face the challenges of deciding if you should build a new home or remodel your existing property. Tackling this problem is a difficult and complex dilemma to evaluate. It can be an emotionally charg...

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General Contractors and Remodeling Contractors Major Differences

15Nov 2017
Remodeling Contractors

So you what to make some updates and home improvements to your home. When you are finally ready to tackle a home remodeling project, how do you know the who to hire? Well the short answer is, it depends.... Each home remodeling project has its own sp...

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Best Remodeling Ideas for Older Homes in Metro Houston

9Nov 2017
Older Homes in Metro Houston

Remodeling an eighty year old home is much different then remodeling a forty year old home. Vintage older homes require a greater amount of preconstruction due diligence on the structure then do home's built in the 1970's or 1980's. The structures we...

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Build On Your Lot Houston Custom Home Builders

3Nov 2017
Build on Your Lot

There are many ways to approach the construction of a new Houston custom home. One of the most popular methods is referred to as "build on your lot". This is when a owner who wants to build a custom home is driven by the desire of owning a specific h...

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Reducing Houston Home Remodeling Stress

25Oct 2017
Home Remodeling Stress

Anyone that has experienced a major home remodeling project understands that it can be an extremely stressful process. Even the most experienced remodeling veteran can get caught up in the emotional roller coaster ride known as home remodeling. Altho...

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A New Era for New Home Construction & Houston Home Remodeling

17Oct 2017
New Era for New Home Construction

We would all love to enjoy the thrill of a new home construction project or experience the splendid excitement of a recently completed Houston home remodeling project. Although there are a number of factors that keep most of us from achieving this dr...

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Should You Be Your Own GC or Hire a General Contractor

12Oct 2017
Be Your Own GC or Hire a General Contractor

This is a common question that many homeowners ask themselves when they are considering a major home remodeling or new home construction project. Why are they asking themselves this, MONEY. A general contractor will add 20% - 30% to the entire price ...

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