Developing Remodeling Budget / Price Expectations in Houston

17May 2017
Developing Remodeling Budget

One of the most confusing and misunderstood aspects of home renovations projects is the budget pricing task. Justifiably we all want the best value we can receive for our home improvement projects. Although the remodel contractors budget or bid price...

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The Art of Fine Homebuilding in Houston

9May 2017
Home Design Interior Design

We all admire a beautifully designed and decorated home. The first things that capture our attention are the homes architecture features and the character of the space. With most people it is a feeling that comes over them when you enter the home. Th...

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A Historical Look at Luxury Builders Houston

3May 2017
A Historic Look at Luxury Builders

Most people think of modern day custom home builders as architects or experienced master craftsmen doing business as general contractors. Spending countless hours on the phone and stewing over construction plans, while their business requires them to...

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What Should You Know About Planning Home Additions in Houston

25Apr 2017
Home Additions

Home additions are a frequently overlooked valuable construction project for owners looking to enlarge their homes for household needs. This may be due to how owners perceive the barriers to undertaking such projects. Many owners find it just easier ...

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General Contractor or Home Improvement Contractor Houston

18Apr 2017
Home Improvement Contractor Houston

As a homeowner we accept that home improvements are inevitable requirements of home ownership. These home improvements are usually driven by product service obsolescence, home maintenance and home decor updating. These three different home improvemen...

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Design Build Home Builders in Houston

11Apr 2017
Design Build Home Builders in Houston

So you are interested in fine homebuilding. You feel it's time to take steps toward the ultimate personal statement and take your lifestyle to a new level. Luxury custom homes are considered by many to be the pinnacle of personal success. It is a rom...

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Modern Homes in Houston

5Apr 2017
Modern Homes in Houston

Modern homes have many different meanings to different groups. There are three very different characterization of modern homes. The first depiction is being used as the expression of an architectural home design style. In second representation, folks...

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Selecting Luxury Builders in Houston

27Mar 2017
Luxury Builders in Houston

Selecting luxury home builders is much like the process of hiring an attorney or a specialty surgeon. It often begins with you asking your friends and work associates for recommendations. You might even search the internet and ask your home realtor. ...

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Houston Home Improvement Ideas

20Mar 2017
Home Improvement Ideas

Many clients think that the best part of remodeling projects is the idea and design development stage. They claim that there is a romantic aspect of dreaming about what it would be like to live in their perfect home enjoying their family. Yet still a...

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On Your Lot Luxury Home Builders Houston

13Mar 2017
Luxury Home Builders Houston

The dreaming of building your own luxury custom home in Houston is a special financial and career milestone for only a few select people. Even if you have the financial where for all to achieve this goal, the commitment and the time investment can be...

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