Why Is Building A Home Addition Such A Good Idea?

17Aug 2016
Home Addition Design

During several times in your adult life you will face multiple dynamic changes in your life that causes you to rethink your home and space needs. This is a result of many different life changing events. Sometimes we move our household for career or j...

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What is the Luxury (Premium) Home Construction Service Experience?

25Jul 2016
luxury home construction service

When a homeowner who needs remodeling services or a buyer who needs a new home built, they are likely to seek out the services of a general contractor. The general contractor is often referred to as home builder, remodeling contractor or even just co...

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How Should I Hire a Qualified General Contractors

4Jul 2016
General Contractor

The hiring of a General Contractor to assist you with a new construction or remodeling project can be a challenging and time consuming process. The traditional method is to have an architect draw up your plans and documents and request a formal bid f...

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Who Should Be in Your Design Build Remodeling Team

23Jun 2016
Design Build Services

To answer this in simple terms, a Design Build Renovation Team should reflect the magnitude of the proposed project and the needs of the homeowner. What this means is that each project has a core purpose, albeit expanding the envelope of the home or ...

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Should I Buy a Solar Energy System?

7Jun 2016
solar energy

There are many factors to consider in evaluating a solar energy application for a small scale installation such as residential homes and light commercial purposes. The matrix of variables can boggle the mind, leaving the consumer with more questions ...

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Homeowners Fears of Remodeling

27May 2016
home remodeling design plan

Planning and preparing for a major remodeling project can be very intimidating and stressful. Most homeowners are plagued by more fears than answers. The mere thought of allowing a stranger into our private area to dismantle all or major parts of our...

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20Jul 2015

We hope you will follow us on our journey to discuss new trending home designs, challenging remodeling projects, new products and many helpful commentaries that will we hope will inspire you and add some interesting perspective to your new home const...

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20Jul 2015

Selecting a builder can be a intimidating and frustration process and a much larger topic that can be addressed in a Blog. We trust that you will find our website resources useful in tackling the different approaches at developing a working relations...

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