General Contracting Services by Houston Contractors

11:32 Sep 2023
General Contracting by Houston Contractors

When preparing for a complicated construction project the best and most efficient source available is searching for Houston contractors offering complete general contracting services.

Houston contractors that offer general contracting services typically provide a full-service approach for construction project solutions.

Property owners often seek professional general contracting services when it is about addressing certain construction issues that can easily snowball into greater issues in their homes, offices, or any commercial establishment.

When something is not operating or in disrepair, we will normally contact a repairman when it comes to maintenance or things like fixing a leaking pipe or sink, painting a home, or repairing an electric fault, among others.

However, when it comes to managing a large or complex construction issue with our property, such as building or renovating your home or office, we cannot just call a service repair technician and be done with it.

Managing a project where multiple specialists are involved or has a technical challenging to it like engineering needs proper planning, coordination, supervision, and other tasks, which is the exclusive services provided by professionals offering general contracting. 

In other words, these professionals are the go-to people when it comes to developing or renovating a building or property.

They offer a comprehensive service tool chest to address diagnosing design issues, engineering analysis and constructability issues with properties.

They have the ability to collective create a technical expert team to identify potential issues and formulate design and construction strategies that reduce risk and increase the likely hood of desired results. 

Let’s dive into the discussion of the services of general contracting.

Learn about the many services of general contracting by Houston contractors

General Contracting by Houston Contractors

What is general contracting? 

Not all Houston contractors are involved in a multitude of construction-related activities that provide the comprehensive services of general contracting.

They may offer some of the activities required by contracting like the bidding on projects that require hiring multiple skilled labor contractors and the procurement of materials to execute a construction project, but this is only what the owners’ witnesses during the course of a project.

The general contractor is often referred to as the prime contractor. The prime contractor primarily function as a single point of contact for all stakeholders and oversee the day-to-day operations of the project.

They manage all the affairs of construction project including both on site as well as off site activities.

On site activities are referred to as construction management tasks and include some of the following responsibilities;

  • Preparing and controlling the work schedule plan to complete different stages of the project
  • Facilitating logistics for construction materials and equipment (tools and construction equipment)
  • Construction quality control and specification compliance,
  • Safety procedure and activity compliance,

Off site activities of general contracting are also referred to as project management responsibilities and include such tasks as;

  • Financial affairs like bookkeeping, cost control, accounts payable & receivables,
  • Contract & insurance administration,
  • Document controls such as developing as built drawings, engineering reports and inspection reports,
  • Material speciation procurement,

Contracting can either be implemented by a company or an individual hired to execute construction or renovation of residential and commercial projects.

It is advisable to hire experienced Houston contractors to address the many challenges or issues that may crop up during construction general contracting.

General Contracting Services

The services of general contracting are largely based on the expertise and experience of the general contractor to execute a range of projects as mentioned below:

Turnkey construction projects

Professionals hired to execute general contracting projects can facilitate a construction project right from the preconstruction stage through completion.

The term “turn key” is an expression meaning the contractor builds the project from grounds up and “turns the key” over to the owners once the property is ready to be occupied.

These types of projects are suitable when the turnarounds are tight and/or resources limited. These types of projects usually take the construction delivery method of the design to build contracting approach.

Trust is of paramount importance here as the owner relies on the Houston contractor to take care of everything.

So, it is in the owner’s interest to develop the right contract terms to increase transparency for builder / owner relationships that rely upon a full disclosure agreement.

 For further discussions of design build contracting visit our link.

General Contracting Services Houston

New Construction General Contracting

The traditional approach for new construction is that an architect designs the building and a general contractor executes the documents for the construction.

In some cases, the Houston general contractor may provide both the services of designing and building, and coordinate every aspect of the project. This was discussed above in the turn key approach.

However, in both construction delivery methods, the Houston contractor hires the services of specialists or subcontractors to execute the project.

He or she ensures compliance with all zoning laws and local codes while constructing the building and facilitates both off site and on site construction management controls.

Interior Fit-Out Construction

In this type of construction, the tenant taking a commercial property or sections of it needs to build it to meet his or her business specifications.

At the outset, the tenant gets the property as a shell without specified MEP, drywall, finishes or completed ceilings or flooring.

So, to carry out interior fit-outs, the tenant enlists the services of one of the premier builders in the area, who may turn out to be the person or company to whom/which the owner or developer had given the contract to build the entire property.

The contractor begins refurbishing the interiors of the property as per the tenant’s mandate till such time the tenant is ready to move in with the necessary inventory and equipment.

A Houston contractor executing such a project will have extensive knowledge of building materials, efficient systems, and other aspects of construction.

The built-out property can go for a grand opening once everything is in place – fully stocked inventories, furniture, and other necessities.

Site Development Improvements

In this type of construction project, the Houston contractors hired for general contracting terms develops on the site plan prepared by an architect or engineer to turn it into a reality.

Here, the property is changed in many ways to make it functional, livable, and attractive like install sub surface drainage, water & sewer lines as well as streets, buildings and landscaping.  

These changes can be in the form of executing or fitting cables, electric systems, drainage, gas/water/sewer connection, and landscaping, among others.

Other changes may include enhancing the approach route to the property by considering the pedestrian needs, and the number of vehicles entering or leaving the premises.

Additionally, you may view our video to know about the questions to be asked to a general contractor.

Site improvements may involve setting up parking, lighting, and shelter, and paying attention to all land zoning requirements.

The premier builders undertaking any site development improvement project need to comply with the area’s building codes and take care of all relevant documentation.

This is important, as in some places, urban planning may need the project to ‘fit into’ the surrounding spaces.

Houston General Contracting Services

Property Renovations

There are Houston general contractors who offer specific services for remodeling and renovation of properties.

They carry out improvements to accommodate expanding business needs, enhance the aesthetic value of the property, and include energy-saving systems and wireless connectivity, among many others.

Business enterprises may warrant for renovations or remodeling due to a host of reasons:

  • To reflect (and accommodate) the growing nature of business
  • To give a facelift to rebrand or enhance the business’s image
  • To increase collaboration, productivity, and efficiency
  • To change faded color schemes and old fixtures
  • To balance the needs of employees, customer appeal, and resources of the owner
  • Wear and tear in areas with high footfalls
  • Outdated HVAC systems incompatible with higher utility rates
  • Spiraling expenses towards maintenance

Taking Over Incomplete Projects

There may be instances of projects stopping midway or getting off track due to reasons such as a lack of quality management, financial issues, or overall quality concerns.

The owners of such projects need to hire experienced general contractors to get things back on track, resolve challenges, and take the projects to completion.

Depending on the length of time a project sits dorm it, the general contractors duties involve the same as they do with commencing a new construction project, including reactivating permits, conducting engineering inspections for compliance of the previous work and the procurement of materials and hiring of subcontractors.

One of the necessary tasks before commencing is clearing out any mechanical liens that may have resulted during the interruption of the previous construction. This usually necessary before a lender will fund the remaining project.

Core General Contracting Services Offered by Houston Contractors

In addition to the above-mentioned services related to the type of projects a general contractor may undertake, there are some core services as well. These may include but are not limited to:

Design Creation

The contractor prepares a design comprising each aspect of the construction process.

Although we have touched on the design to build contracting approach, it is not that uncommon that a construction project requires design or engineering services that were not anticipated resulting from actions like request for changes or construction/design errors. 

In these cases, the Houston contractor may offer to handle of tasks such as permitting, complying with local building or zoning rules, for executing construction delivery.

In most cases, the general contractor will handle the design services required as part of a design to build contracting scope of work.

This is common in luxury home building where the owner wants full accountability for the complete package delivery of a unique house build. You may read our blog to know about the best home designs by a general contractor and choose one that suits your needs.

Construction Management General Contracting Services

These services are defined as a contractual agreement entered into between the owner and the acting prime contractor, which in some cases may be an architectural or engineering firm.

This contracted party will be responsible to take care of every aspect of construction – reviewing designs, budgeting, competitive pricing, value engineering, and construction delivery.

This method of general contracting is often employed in institutional construction like museums, laboratories, complex material processing facilities and some government projects.

The contracted construction manager charges a lump sum fee for their services to deliver the project based on a plan prepared by others for the required general contracting.

In this type of service general contracting, the owner can structure and contract with subcontractors and material vendors as they see fit for the benefit of the project.

Other Vital Services of General Contracting

  • Value engineering the type of building shell for the owners needs
  • Developing budgetary project investment cost and feasibility studies,  
  • Creating solutions for constructability issues,
  • A variety of preconstruction services for architects and engineers,
  • Conducting complicated logistic plans for sequencing the execution of a construction project (rooms, hallway, kitchen, storeroom, parking, etc.), without disturbing the business operations
  • Expediting permits for hassle-free construction in a time-bound manner


Building new construction or renovating an existing building can be a mammoth task involving many challenges.

It is only by hiring an experienced Houston general contractor that you can give shape to your dream project and bring it to reality.

You may read further on what a general contractor offers to enrich your knowledge about construction and utilize the same to get the best outcome.

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