8 Common Home Addition Questions and Answers

08:27 Nov 2021

There can be times when you need to expand your home by adding rooms or other spaces. This may be due to a growing family or the need to meet a longstanding requirement, etc. Whatever be the reasons, room additions are certainly not an easy job to execute and require the involvement of a home additions contractor. Such additions can turn out to be most rewarding and add value to your home. Home additions can be in the form of adding a second floor, a master suite, powder room, study room, mudroom or simply expanding your living room, and many more. Hence, while going about the job of Houston room additions, you may have plenty of questions in your mind – how will the addition affect the resale value, can the job be done in the DIY method or if a contractor is needed, or are there building codes applicable, and so on. So, instead of looking around for answers to many questions on room additions, we provide the answers to the most likely of questions below.

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8 common home addition questions and answers

The common questions that are likely to be asked before planning and commencing the project are as follows:

1. What should be the size of the new home addition?

This is arguably the most important question to ask, for a small size room addition can leave the whole construction not worth the effort. At the same time, building the room too big may not yield a better return on investment. So, in determining the size of the new addition you need to understand the space’s function. For instance, if you are building a master suite bedroom, it should have enough space to fit a large-sized bed and a few pieces of furniture such as a closet. Further, it should have a large bathroom as well. On the other hand, adding a powder room, mudroom, or sunroom may need a smaller space. A home additions contractorcan help determine the size of the new addition by considering factors such as utility and the cost of an addition. So, think through the size of the space to be added to your home, for every other aspect of the project shall be guided by this decision.

2. What will be the cost of a room addition?

The cost of adding space to your home would depend on your plan and the variables of your place. In case you are looking to hire one of the Houston builders then the cost may vary based on the estimates given by them. And if you want to go about the job all by yourself using the DIY method, then you should be confident about your skills and willing to apportion sufficient time for the project. Ultimately, when it comes to home additions, you need to set an affordable investment budget. For instance, can you add a mudroom and still maintain the value of your home? The overall cost would depend on variables such as how much you want to spend, the size of the room you need, time, or how long to put up with the noise, dust, and the presence of strangers in your home? And it is only when you are assured of your needs and expectations that you can plan the project. Remember, not only the addition would entail a big investment, it can disrupt the working environment and comfort of your home during remodeling. You may read our blog

3. Should I hire a home additions contractor for the project? 

Going the DIY way to add a room or space in your home can entail lots of challenges. And even the most seasoned of homeowners do not take a risk and instead hire a contractor for the project. Moreover, many cities would require a licensed contractor to obtain building permits and stamped drawings. Since a remodeling contractor is well versed with the requirements of such a project including the probable challenges that may occur, it is better to hire his or her services. The builder can help you with overseeing the entire construction project, liaising with vetted subcontractors and other players, managing permits and inspections, and giving budget estimates, among other things. The person will be transparent about his or her dealings, keep you updated about the progress of the project, and manage issues, and complete the project within the earmarked schedule and targets of time and cost.

4. Who will be working on the project? 

For home additions, subcontractors and their workers are going to work on the site (your home) for a considerable period of time. This can create a security scare unless the contractor supervising the project is trusted and the subcontractors are vetted. It is advisable that the contractor is asked about your concerns and how he or she would handle the subcontractors. An experienced contractor should have a network of contractors who are vetted and employed in past projects. Since your family will be there in your home, make sure the security of your home is maintained at all costs.

5. What is the difference of an estimate and a proposal?

Houston builders determine the cost estimation of your project by breaking it down into three aspects; labor, materials, and overhead &profit. There is a significant difference in a cost estimate and a qualified formal proposal. A cost estimate is just that, an estimate. While a proposal is a document with a defined scope of work and qualified by building plans. The initial working investment estimate may not be accurate every time as it may fail to take into account factors such as additional out of scope items. As a homeowner, you should understand until you have an engineered set of building plans, the best you can get is an estimate. Once building plans have been prepared the home addition contractor can prepare a formal proposal for a defined scope of work. You as the owner should analyze the contractor’s proposal for completeness concerning factors such as the costs of permits, cleaning, and the procurement of quality materials. To carve out the extra space in your home using home additions, you may view our video.

6. Do you have the experience?

Since you will be investing a lot of money, time, and effort towards room additions, hire a contractor who has the requisite experience in carrying out similar projects. Since your home addition is not the same as installing new flooring, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, or building a deck, it is important to be done by a home addition contractor who is familiar with the challenges, local permits and ordinances, and other aspects of the project. To prepare yourself better for your room addition please visit our home addition guide

7. How to blend the room addition to the existing structure and its aesthetics

The home additions should harmoniously blend with the existing structure of your house rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. It is important that the home addition look out of place or look like a room addition. If the house addition is not artistically blended with the rest of the home, the end result could actually decrease the value of the home. Ask the general contractor how he or she will ensure the same so that it looks like a natural fit that has been there from the beginning. The aesthetics and features of the new home addition should be such that no one at a glance can identify the difference.

8. Are you going to implement change orders?

It is possible that some less then scrupulous contractors may deviate from the original design. This can happen if the initial cost estimate to implement the original design falls short of the actual cost later. Such change orders can skew the design of your home addition impacting the aesthetics, functionality, and utility. So, ask the contractor if he or she anticipates any change orders while executing the project. The answer to such a question should always be ‘no’ unless you, the project owner, decides to add any special features to the home addition.



Room additions can change the value of your home and make it trendy, utilitarian, functional, and aesthetically better. Ideally, it is better to hire a contractor to go about the project and avoid the hassles. However, choosing the right home remodeling companies to interview for the job can be a challenge as the market has plenty of professionals who claim to be the best. The above-mentioned questions and their sincere answers backed by facts should be the criteria to select the right home remodeling company. You may read a blog to know more questions to be asked in choosing a contractor and ensure the job is done well.   


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