Top Reasons to Improve your Home through Room Additions

06:14 Nov 2021
Room Additions

When you built your dream home according to your requirements of that time, you may never had thought that one day the space may fall short and need to be expanded through room additions with the services of remodeling contracting. The reasons for the same could be many; a growing family, increasing the value of your home, improving your home structurally, or simply making a place for more people visiting your home. So, instead of wishing for more space should your household start growing, it is better to extend your home or move to a new home or neighborhood.

However, it is not always feasible to move to a new property and location due to familial reasons or the fact that you know the people around you very well. The option of choosing home additions, be it in the form of adding a story, basement, or rear can be advantageous. Let us highlight through this blog the reasons to opt for Houston home additions.


Top reasons to improve your home through home additions

There can be several reasons for not moving to a new property but improving your existing house with home additions. These reasons are mentioned below:

Create more common space:

With a growing family, there are chances of getting under each other’s feet, arguing over seating arrangements on the dining table, fighting for the remote to watch one’s channel or program, among others. In such a case, adding more space to your home is the solution. In most cases, older homes mean having multiple rooms that do not suit the needs of the family. However, you may want to consider a design build remodeling project by adding more space or rooms so that everyone can have their own space as well as spend quality time together. This additional space can be created through second-story additions or finishing the attic. These types of project require engineered building plans and a qualified home addition contractor.

Also, for an expanding family, it is advisable to create more storage space either in the form of a closet or built-in storage. Besides, if the kids are growing up and need their own space to hang out, then creating additional spaces above or in the attic can be a good option. And should you have started working from home, you will need a working space where you can work efficiently and without any noise. Additionally, you may read out resource on home renovation to know in a step-by-step way the home renovation process.

Add a bedroom:

In a growing family, you need personal space for yourself. This can happen if there is a new baby coming, growing kids who no longer want to share rooms, in-laws or other relatives visiting, or aging parents moving in. In short, the number of bedrooms needs to grow to accommodate the new requirements. An extra bedroom can always make you feel more comfortable, especially when the home seems to be bursting at the seams. Adding a bedroom using a home contracting project is certainly one of the popular reasons to go for home additions. Further, building a master bedroom with an attached bathroom means creating more privacy, space, and added comfort.

Add to your kitchen:

Your kitchen is arguably the most utilized room in the house and may need to evaluate design build remodeling if your need grows. Also, modern kitchen appliances leading to fuel efficiency are often a misfit in the old-styled kitchens. So, to address a situation of having “too many cooks” in the kitchen, additional space needs to be created where there will be sufficient space for both cooking and cleaning, and even dining. For instance, smaller kitchens lack a dining area, which is felt acutely when guests come for a visit. The home addition contractor undertaking the project can go for the rear or lateral extension of the kitchen and create some extra space for dining. With growing family needs it is advisable to join the kitchen and dining areas to create a singular space where the entire extended family can meet, dine, and create beautiful memories every single day.

Add an entertainment area:

In modern living, hosting and entertaining guests visiting your home is an important chore to attend to. This can be done by creating entertainment spaces with game equipment, wine cellar, dining set up, seating area, furnishings, and activity areas. Such an area can also be used both by children and adults for recreation. Moreover, the space for entertainment can be added in a number of places in your home, say, expanding an undercover outside living area. Remodeling contractors can accomplish adding the entertainment space by making a list of hobbies or activities that you would want to conduct in the new home additions. You may view our video to know about making the extra space in your home with home additions.

Add a new garage:

In many cases, older homes do not have a covered garage but instead a carriage porch, which for all practical purposes is not enough to save your precious mode of transport from the vagaries of nature as well as theft. Adding a garage to your home can add real value to your premises and create a space for parking, storage and a workshop. A new garage will require that you have the space on your lot that will allow for a driveway and the proper building setback requirements. Your Houston remodeling contractor can assist you with these requirements for permitting.

Add an extra bathroom:

Bathrooms are places of quietude where most people spend a large amount of their time. It becomes of primary importance when the number of people in your home increases, say with the visit of people during festivities. The absence of a bathroom can appear to be stark when juxtaposed against the sheen of your home. Adding a new bathroom with all the modern amenities can take the aesthetics and utilitarian value of your home a few notches higher.

Build out the attic:

The attic can be a precious underground space to be put into use, either for storage or as a place for a game room. Older homes and garage attics, were built with conventional rafters that can be modified much easier than the attics of today, which are often built with fabricated trusses. So, with a generous attic space, you can put your hobbies into practice instead of being embarrassed about practicing them in the actual living space.

Less expensive than moving:

Adding rooms to your existing home can be a cost-effective and smart solution to build some extra space. This can turn out to be far better, cost-effective, and convenient than settling for a new home in a new location. Further, moving from a place where you stayed for a long time can be tough in the same way as settling down in a new place. In fact, settling down in a new place can take a long time instead of a few weeks or months in the case of room additions.

Create a personal space:

It is possible that you find your children taking over your place of relaxation. You come back from the office to have some quiet and personal time for yourself but you have to put up with the chatter of children breaking the stillness of your personal space. Hence, by adding a personal space, you can simply lock it from inside and relax by watching a movie, soap, or lie down to recharge your batteries.

Increase value:

It is common knowledge that adding space to your home can increase its monetary and functional value. It will make your home better marketable should you want to move away someday. So, think about the additions you want for your home, and chances are the same might be on the list of buyers who would want to buy your home.



Houston home additions can become a necessity due to many reasons. You may want a new space to be used as an office, family room, library, or others. However, do not jump into the job without hiring the right home addition contractor and end up losing money in making repairs later. You may read the blog about the reasons to add a room to your home.

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