Analysis of a Houston Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Project

09:28 Jul 2018
houston bathroom remodeling

Master bathroom designs have incorporated spa like resort amenities to provide owners greater comfort and pleasure. Planning for a luxury bathroom remodeling project can be both exhilarating and testing at the same time. The need for modifying the existing floor plan can introduce impactful cost and be overly complicated when moving waste lines. So careful planning and design can be very effective in improving the architectural appeal and saving you a considerable amount of time and money.
Complete bathroom renovations are part mechanical know how and artistic interpretation. This skillful balance is what sets the average remodeling contractor apart from seasoned pros. We will analyze the appropriate process and methods for the planning and design of a new luxurious bathroom remodeling project.

Needs and Wants List

Any redesign of a space begins with the owner creating a needs and wants list. This may involve collecting images of existing bathroom ideas and a collection of bathroom products that you would like to incorporate into your personal design. This assortment of design ideas can be separated into two distinctive lists, needs and wants.

Your album collection often begins as a wants list containing a variety of different bathroom ideas and products. As the design process proceeds your remodeling contractor will provide you with prices for the selected design and products. If the pricing exceeds your investment target, the wants list can easily be converted into a needs list through what contractors call value engineering. Value engineering means that your contractor researches cost effective alternatives with the owner until they reach an agreeable investment target for high priority products and design ideas.

Planning & Design

The planning and the design process is the most critical stage of the bathroom remodeling process. A well planned and design project can make a remodel project proceed without incident and save time and money. A poorly planned bathroom remodel can frustrate you to no end and cost you a great deal more to complete.

When reviewing your design options it is wise to listen to your remodeling contractor when it comes to recommendations about the most efficient method to achieve a particular look or location. Your remodeling contractor should present the remodeling steps in detail and get your input on the required logistics with the construction schedule and likely different interruptions. If you will be living in the home during a major remodel project you should understand items such as working hours, periods of time of water supply interruptions and how to enter and exit the work area to minimize the impact on your family.

Hiring a Contractor

The selection and hiring of your remodeling contractor can be a bit confusing and time consuming. There are many factors to evaluate when screening contractors. Do they have favorable reviews? Do they have the required insurances? Is this someone you can trust and work with?
In most cases owners do not hire a architectural designer to provide drawings and specifications for bathrooms. The lack of these documents places a higher difficulty to equalizing the playing field for discussing price. Since the burden is placed upon the owner without plans to share the specific details of the products desired, the owner should share an investment target to equalize the selection process.

When hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor the owner should expect to receive a detailed scope of work and contract at the very least. All promises should be submitted in writing with a detailed payment schedule tied to progress milestones. The project progress so should be directly tied to the payment schedule. The owner should also expect the contractor to be fully insured, carrying at least general liability insurance and workman’s compensation if they are self performing the work.
Most importantly the owner and their contractor should develop a working relationship connection. You as the owner should trust and feel comfortable working with them in both good times and challenging times. The true test of the strength of the working relationship is what happens during difficult times.

Bathroom Remodeling Elements :


Showers have become more than a location and a way to clean your body quickly. High end showers are equipped with multiple spray heads, steam and benches for your comfort and enjoyment. They are equipped with anti scolding devices, temperature mixers and rain heads. The wet walls are cladded with exotic stone and mosaic tiles. The shower doors are made of frameless glass and non slip floor design for safer use while showering.

houston bathroom remodeling


Tubs continue to go through trending fixture development such as whirlpool soaker tubs and the most current trend of pedestal tubs with stand pole faucet fixtures. Tubs have also evolved to accommodate aging adults and disabled people. Walk-in tubs require less water, safer entry and exit and are available with whirlpool jets.

Although showers have become the practical and preferred method of hygiene, no master bathroom is complete without some form of soaker tub. There is often much discussion about the exclusion of tubs from contemporary bathroom designs. The problem with this idea is that you are likely to sell your home one day and the lack of a tub could affect the sale.


Stone or tile floors are the practical and most desirable of floor materials for a bathroom. This is due to the beauty and the practicality of a bathroom being a wet area. They are also materials that allow for making interesting design patterns in the floor. Owners should be mindful of the ever present risk of slip hazards when selecting materials. In addition the selection of floor materials will ultimately tie all the other features together in its global appearance.


The use of wall sconces, low voltage cans and under cabinet lighting has added a great deal of drama to bathrooms. Special need lighting for applying make-up and accenting art work has also become expected in a master bathroom. Selecting lighting fixtures for women is often overlooked. Good direct wall mounted lighting is the best for applying make-up.

Cabinets & Linen Storage

The trend for upscale bathrooms is to use furniture pieces as vanity cabinets with stone tops. They provide a special rich and unique look in the bathroom. Providing a salon style sitting area and the use of shampoo bowls has become more desirable if there is sufficient space.
Mirrors play a role in a well designed bathroom remodel. Incorporating mirrors into cabinetry or framing them to appear as art pieces adds a special elegance to the bathroom. Mirrors can also be used to make a smaller bathroom larger with the appropriate location.

There is always a need for storage in a master bathroom. A linen closet is a must have to serve both the bedroom and bathroom areas. A space to safely store prescriptions and other types of bathroom necessities is both required and a convenience.

Bathroom renovations can add both comfort and value to your home. The success of a bathroom remodeling lies in the process, professionals and details of executing a well planned project.

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