Bathroom Remodeling Near Me

12:48 Apr 2019
Bathroom Remodeling Near Me

Bathroom remodeling projects are one of the most common major home remodeling project, second only to kitchen remodeling. A bathroom remodeling project can be as simply as changing wall paint color or as complicated as changing the location of the shower and commode or expanding the size of the bathrooms envelope through a room addition. It is a well publicized fact, home buyers are typically influenced to purchase an existing home by the appearance and condition of the homes kitchen and bathroom. A major bathroom remodeling project is often a significant investment and represents 8% – 12% of the home’s value if so elected as a financial commitment. Due to the complexity of a major bath remodeling project, an owner should carefully consider hiring a professional remodeling contractor. Although hiring the right professional remodeling contractor is an essential part of conducting a major bathroom remodeling project, it is only one of many essential elements required for a successful remodel project.

We will examine the most significant factors that have an impact on the most desirable performance results for your bathroom remodeling project. There should be a equal balance between priority items such as the construction budget, the floor plan design and the quality of the finished product. Addressing these factors collectively will provide for an optimum result.

Bathroom Remodeling Near Me

Design to Bid or Design to Build

The major bathroom remodeling process typically begins with a concept budget driving the preparation of the design plans. Obtaining the design plans can be achieved by either hiring a bathroom architect designer to prepare the plans for soliciting bids, or by hiring the right remodeling contractor to design and build your project.

The advantage of design-build approach is that when you hire the remodeling contractor to design and build the new bathroom, the owner can hold the remodeling contractor responsible for the budget and any errors or omissions in the plans. In addition the design to construction stage is shortened by not requiring a bid process or being required to re-design the plans to get the design back into budget.

The design to bid advantages are that the owner can select the architect of their choose, get bids and compare to confirm a competitive process. Although there are no assurances that this process will fit the planned budget or will result in the best value for your investment. If the bids are returned over budget, you have no choose to re-design the plans to comply with your budget.

Bathroom Floor Plan & Features

The bathroom design and product features you select are the determining reason that a new remodeled bathroom looks fantastic. Although quality craftsmanship certainly magnifies the excellence of design, a show stopping floor plan is what really makes the difference. The details of good design contribute to both the appearance and function.

Though the actual bathroom plans and design features you choose will also have the greatest impact on the project total cost. The relocation of features such as toilets and showers can add a huge amount of cost to the project. Moving load bearing walls or adding a room addition are other examples of large contributing cost factors.

A few items that should be giving special consideration during design are some of the following features;

  • Universal Design – Universal design is an architectural technique of making the floor plan design universally assessable for disabled and aging people without sacrificing architectural design. Examples of these design areas curb-less showers, wider doorways and lever knobs instead of door knobs. These techniques also apply to the entry way and exits of your home. The elimination of steps and high thresholds can make it much easier for aging people to navigate these obstacles.
  • Tub & Shower – Bathroom design trends can radically shift in short periods of time and should be given serious thought before incorporating into your new bathroom design. Such is the case with the trend of bathroom design minimization ideas. This is demonstrated by design experts advocating elimination of either the tub or shower. This may work for opening up a floor plan but will likely have a negative effect when selling the home in the future.
  • His & Her Vanities – His & her vanities remains in great demand by the buying public. This provides the owners a more personal hygiene experience then sharing a vanity with a spouse.
  • Natural Light & Lighting – Lighting is very important to showcase the natural stone and design features of the remodeled bathroom. Vanity lighting is important for make-up and featuring the vanity area.
  • Linen Storage – Storage is often an overlooked required feature of each bathroom remodel. Space is always required for master bedroom and bathroom linens and other essentials beddings.

Product Selections

Selecting the bathroom products represents the largest financial commitment of a bathroom remodeling project. From plumbing fixtures to cabinetry, the product selections are a serious part of both the budget and the ultimate appearance of the bathroom. The typical products required to select are plumbing fixtures, plumbing fixtures, shower enclosures, vanities, hardware and floor and wall wet room materials.

Although the cost of bathroom fixtures is significant, they can raise the bar in the style and look for a new bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Although the remodeling contractor usually represents about 25% of the total cost of a remodeling project, most buyers will find the cheapest remodeling contractor available. Remodeling contractors are an owners trusted adviser for design and problem solving issues that arise during the project. Searching for the cheapest remodeling contractor is like searching for the cheapest attorney if you are being sued.

Your remodeling contractor should be your professional guide through both the design, budget and construction process. Your contractor should provide the owner advice on product selections, value engineering and best construction practices. The professional guidance the remodeling contractor shares with the owner should represent a trusted and professional adviser.

Bathroom Remodeling Budget

The remodeling budget represents many thresholds to an owner. It first represents a limitation of affordability. With most owners, there are limits on payments if financing a major remodeling project. Secondly a budget introduces a limitation of feasible investment associated with a project. Finally a budget symbolizes a perceived value of a specific project with the understanding that if the value increases during the design or building process so might the budget limits.

A budget can mean something different to your remodeling contractor. A budget provides an expenditure target for the project. It becomes one of the essential elements that a remodeling contractor needs to develop a project. The other vital elements are understanding the owners needs, so they can be expressed through the design plans. The third element is the quality of the products and materials that an owner is expecting.

The actual remodeling budget then becomes a process of aligning all these factors to reflect the owners remodeling construction cost. This amount should represent the owners remodeling optimum value. Provided the design and construction process develops into the professional relationship it should, the budget becomes a collective joint goal for both parties.

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