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09:45 Jun 2023
Construction Companies Near Me for Commercial Construction

The search for construction companies near me can lead to a vast variety of commercial and residential construction companies.

Understanding your contractor needs will help drill down on the appropriate general contractor, subcontractor or specialty trade.

A construction company is generally defined as a building contractor that facilitates the construction of real property improvements.

Although, it is common in today’s acronym’s that construction company could mean any firm that participates in any building activity.

For our discussion, we will focus on the generally accepted definition of building firms that facilitate real property erection in different industry sections.

You will discover that construction companies near me come in many sizes and service offerings. The following is an overview of the commercial and residential building services providers.

We discuss construction industry, building types and details when search for construction companies near me

Commercial Construction Companies Near Me

Commercial construction contractors near me can be best described by their size and services.

Defining them by size is fairly simple with companies being large, medium and small in both sale’s revenue and employees.

Although the sizes are significantly different, the process of budgeting, scheduling, planning and executing a building project are basically the same.

Large Commercial Contractors

The search for most commercial contracting firms will usually result in a list of general contractors.

The largest of these general contractors build airports, hospitals, stadiums, industrial facilities and super projects.

These firms produce billions in revenue and are often global contracting firms.

Medium Commercial Contractors

Medium size commercial construction companies traditionally focus on office buildings, municipal and city infrastructure and auditoriums.

These commercial contracting range in the $50 million to $500 million annual range. They will serve normally serve a national market.

Small Commercial Contractors

Small commercial contractors work a great deal of different types of projects.

From office build outs to retail strip centers, they are an answer for commercial project sizes from $10,000 to $50 million.

These contractors will normally serve a local or regional market.

Construction Companies Near Me for Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction Companies Services

Commercial contracting firms can provide more than the building of ground up or renovation for structures and land improvements.

Complicated projects and ownership partner structures warrant the need for nontraditional building services.

One such service is the construction management services that commercial contractors offer.

In addition, there are owner builders like real estate developers that operate differently than a general contractor at risk model.

These are building firms that buy land, design and build commercial properties. As well, industrial building companies operate dissimilar in their approach and skills than normal building firms.

The hazardous environments demand a special skill set of managers, engineers and talented labor.

Construction Management Service Companies

Construction management companies operate differently than the typical commercial general contractors.

Although the construction management contractor provides leadership for scheduling, quality control, project administration of all documents, they differ in their project financial risk.

Construction managers usually work directly for an owner. The owner normally remains at risk of the project financial performance.

Industrial Construction Company

Industrial construction contractors are often a different type of construction company.

The projects are often associated with the processing of raw materials into an alternative form / product.

Examples of such processes are oil refining, pulp & paper manufacturing and food product plants.

The railroad, electrical plants and laboratories are additional examples of industrial facilities.

The contractor companies that service the industrial market segment are firms with superior safety cultures due to the hazardous environment that they work in.

One of the other distinctive differences is the number of industrial engineers required during both design and construction of these plants.

Real Estate Developer Company

Real estate developers are companies that design and build commercial projects to achieve specific financial goals.

These firms are often owner builder business models where they own a stake in either the construction company or/ and the property management team.

The key difference in most real estate developers and construction companies is that the ownership feature of the transaction.

Real estate developers own an interest, while controlling the financing and generally control of the facilitation of the construction, marketing and leasing / sale.

Residential Construction Company

Residential construction companies are traditionally contractors that specialize in residential contracting.

There can be some crossover with smaller contractors, but as a general rule commercial contractors and residential contractors stay to their name’s sake disciplines.

Residential construction companies will typically focus on specific type of home building market segments.

These housing market segments are production home builders, apartment home builders, semi custom home builders, luxury home builders and apartment builders.

Production Home Builders

Production home builders are construction companies that were formally known as tract builders.

These home builders produce reproductions of a small group of model homes that have multiple elevations.

The home building company is the largest home building groups and the largest group of residential building firms.

The price range for these types of homes start at about $180,000 to $350,000 depending on the location and total square footage.

Semi Custom Home Builders

Semi-custom homes are a hybrid of production homes and custom homes.

These homes are developed by builders as higher end model homes. Although the builders will normally allow a limited number of structural changes.

In short, the homes have the pricing advantages of production homes with the advantages of a custom home.

The price range for these types of homes is $350,000 to $800,000.

Custom Home Builders

A custom home building company build uniquely original designed homes.

These luxury home builders are known for constructing one-of-a-kind homes.

Custom home builders are also known for using quality building materials and workmanship.

The price range of these homes commonly start at $800,000 and go to well into the double-digit millions.

Apartment Construction Company

An apartment building company builds homes in the multifamily segment of residential building firms.

This group is associated with the rental commercial construction industry because large groups of investors typically own these properties as investments.

These homes provide income to investors through monthly rental cash flow. As with other residential properties, these homes are built to appeal to different rental demographics.

Construction Companies Near Me for Residential Construction

Other Construction Companies Near Me

There are other queries that you may conduct for construction companies near me that can also material in a search quarry.

These would be building firms like a home improvement construction company, a trade contractor and a specialty contractor.

Home Improvement Construction Company

Home improvement companies provide services like their name’s sake. From roof replacement to new flooring, home improvement companies provide both labor and materials to repair and replace home products.

This is a very broad category that would be better searched by the owner’s actual need.

This search would also include the home services industry such as plumbing and air conditioning services.

Trade Contractor Construction Company

Trade contractor companies often take the role as subcontractors to general contractors on large projects.

Their role is to provide material and labor to complete their trade work that the specific projects require.

These types of trade contractors can be early stage building contractors such as concrete or framing contractors or finish contractors like drywall or painters.

Specialty Construction Company

Specialty construction companies are contractors that provide a specialty product or service that is not widely in demand.

Examples of these types on specialty contractors are elevator contractors or conveyor belt contractors.

These are specialty contractors that are required by very specific industries and building structures.

The secret to a well organized search is have a clear understanding of what kind of construction company will fit your needs.

With an appreciation of the construction contractor you need, your project journey will start in the right direction.


Building contracting firms are represented in commercial, residential and the industrial construction industry segments.

The building firms come in many different sizes and preferred building construction type preferences.

Doing your homework on each building firm to determine the company’s culture and philosophy as well is studying their project portfolio will provide you a good understanding of what to expect. 

Regardless of the construction companies near me you are seeking, it is much more efficient to clearly define your needs to save yourself sometime and to properly vet a short list of firms that fit your needs.

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