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07:23 May 2017
Construction Management for Home Building in Houston

Construction management in a few words is planning, inspections and the scheduling of new construction homes. It is the profession of understanding fundamental home construction principles and the best practices of executing each skilled trade. This is widely used in all forms of multi-trade construction. It can be conducted by general contractors, a defined agent on the builders staff or a third party professional specialist.

More often than not, when something goes terribly wrong on a construction project it is due to a failure in the process. So what are the elements that create quality management and how do you as the owner recognize best practices?

Construction Management for Home Building in Houston

Construction Administration

Document control – New construction homes begins and ends with documents. Documents are the life blood of the team. These documents are the results of the required product testing and the endless inspection reports that are produced.

Constructability – One of the significant responsibilities of the construction management team is to review the plans and specifications for constructability. This is an opportunity the general contractors to closely examine the construction documents for architectural errors or inconsistencies.

Construction Schedule

Pre-construction – The scheduling is a definitive element that effects the construction cost directly. With the nature of completive bids it is essential that a carefully planned pre-construction schedule be performed prior to the acceptance of a firm lump sum bid contract.

Schedule management – A construction project is a complex and dynamic environment that is constantly evolving. No new home construction project performs exactly as the pre-construction schedule is drawn up. The schedule requires daily review and adjustments after the events of the day. This is an essential aspect of the quality construction management.

Construction Quality Control

Specification compliance – Construction plans are loaded with product and performance specifications. It is the construction managers job to conduct compliance inspections and require the supportive documentation on products complying with the specification standards.

Construction inspection – Construction inspections of workmanship is where the tire meets the road. The general contractors main responsibility is to make sure that the new home construction is build to the specifications and complies with the local building codes. The inspections require testing and routine measuring to meet the standards of performance.

Site Activity Management

Contract enforcement – By its name sake the construction management team is the sole steward of contract enforcement. They are responsible to structure, negotiate and enforce the terms of the contracts on behalf of the owner.

Conflict resolution – By its inherent nature, the general contractors are required to be the agent to resolve all construction disputes. These can be accomplished by contract enforcement, negotiation or contract enforcement.

Risk Management

Systemic – There are many risk associated with a construction project. These risk can expose the project resources to financial loss exposure. Most of the systemic financial risk can be managed through insurance. Example of these risk are safety, theft, fire and water damage to the structure.

Non-systemic – These types of construction risk are much harder to manage. These types of risk include economic adversity, labor strikes, manufactures recalls and uninsured natural disasters.

Management is one of the most important tasks of managing a construction project. As an owner you should strive to hire the most qualified construction managers to administer your project. One of life’s special hallmark events is when an owner builds their own home. People have many options these days for new home construction ownership. One of the alternatives to hiring a builder in Houston area, to facilitate your new home construction is hiring a construction management team. This strategy offers you the benefits of hiring a first class builder at half the cost.

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