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09:00 Aug 2023
Design Build Company

A design build company is a construction contracting firm that offers a comprehensive building delivery approach from building design through the construction of real estate property improvements.

Hiring an architect can be challenging and a time-consuming process. If you are having issues or just want to explore another option for designing and building your new home or remodel, you have come to the right place.

Hiring of a design build company to assist you with a new building or remodeling project can actually have its advantages.

The design to build process is an alternative design and construction delivery method to the traditional method design to bid plan design.

The traditional design to bid method is to have an architect draw up your plans and documents and request a formal bid from a small number of general contractors you have collected through various sources.

This process still works provided that your project is not overly unique or a “one of a kind” design.

The risk of this traditional process is that by the time the design process is complete, you are typically past more than ready to build this dream.

The excitement is often misplaced with frustration only to find that the building proposal has ballooned substantially above the design building budget.

Design build companies consist of general contractors, designers and decorators to create a design team

Hiring the right design to build company mitigates this risk.

The Traditional Process

But what if you have already hired an architect or designer to prepare the required documents (project blueprints & specifications), you will need to interview and request a general contractor to provide you a detailed proposal for a defined scope of work, including inclusions and exclusions.

Prepared with this information from several  general contractors, you can carefully review these documents and prepare a thorough question and answer interview to complete your hiring of a qualified design build contractor.

It’s appropriate at this point for you to understand that this hiring process is a give and take process. A professional building contractor will be interviewing you at the same time you are interviewing them.

This is a good practice that will result in both parties getting to know each other, while establishing a level of expectation and performance standards.

It is also a successful method for establishing the basis of a trusting and efficient working relationship.

Design Build Company

The Design Build Process

If you have not hired an architect or designer to prepare your plan and documents, you should take a long serious look at entering into a design build contract with a professional.

A design build company provides many variations in business form, although most all these variations are consistent with the owner entering into an agreement with the GC to provide full service design documents and a high level confident price to perform the construction services.

There are many advantages of contracting with a general contractor for services under this process.

First and foremost is that this process holds the said expert accountable for the budget and design of the proposed project.

In contrast to the traditional process of hiring an architect, the said expert still frequently hires an architect / designer and is responsible to the owner for facilitating a design that is consistent with the criteria and budget.

The design build company provides progressive levels of cost confidence throughout the design process, allowing the owner much more control over project cost and the entire process.

Additional advantages of the design build process include the expediting of building at earlier dates than traditional process.

This can be a significant advantage of large projects that require demolition and or a need for early permitting.

The process also serves as an effective solution to homeowners getting caught in the middle of disputes between uncooperative professional advisers or professionals determining who is responsible for design errors.

Working Partnership

I cannot overstate the importance of this relationship development process. If you as a homeowner do not have a warm and trustful feeling that the GC does not have your best interest at heart, it does not matter how much money he can save you or how good he says his workers are.

You are likely to regret ever entering into a legal relationship with them. Keep one important point in mind when hiring your GC.

Even a good contract will not fix a detrimental experience and poor workmanship with a GC that you are having issues with.

A contract will only provide a remedy for the damages, not the loss of time or joy from your new home.

Hire a design build company for character, quality and consciousness.

There are many factors to weigh in making your decision regarding hiring a qualified design build company, such as insurance, time in business, cooperation and knowledge shared during the interviewing process.

The willingness to work with your advisors, the day-to-day habits of housekeeping during the construction process and the overall friendliness and courtesy you can expect from his workforce.

After all, this is a service business that takes place in your home, around your family for sometimes an extended period of time. You may think at times that the contractors are never going to finish their work and will be moving in with you.

To this I promise you, a good design build company is as motivated to complete a project as you are to have them finish. This also speaks to the point of hiring a GC for all the right reasons.

Design Build Company Houston

Design Team

Although the design build company is the pivotal player in the delivery process, they are not the only member of the design team.

The design team should reflect the magnitude of the proposed project and the needs of the homeowner.

What this means is that each project has a core purpose, albeit expanding the envelope of the home or updating the component products or maybe a refreshing new decorating look for your home.

If the project is new home building, the team should capture the essence of the design theme intent. The center piece of your design team is dictated by its driving purpose.

Architects / (Home Designers), Interior Designers, Landscape Architects and General Contractors are the typical professionals required for a comprehensive team approach for major restoration projects.

All 5 of these specialty professions have a place in the renovation process. The question is what is right for you?

Interior Designers (Decorators) are great with furniture, fabrics and color. This is what they do. If this is a skill set that you do not possess, then having a decorator as part of your team could provide some stunning results.

The size of the project will determine what and how much of role the decorator will play in the overall project.

If the purpose of your home remodel project is a fresh new look, this may be the way to go.

If your goal is to create and develop a color scheme and assist with furnishings, fabrics and window treatments, then this would be a good member to have on the team.

If your project also impacts furniture, an interior designer can bring economic value to your project through their purchasing discounts and their specialty vendors such as furniture fabric recovering, furniture fabricators and drapery contractors.

Home Designers are great for homeowners that are having issues with space and finished products. Designers are very useful in providing as built drawings of existing floor plans and drawing up plans for taking bids.

Most good designers will introduce you to new products and trending design ideas. We have found that most designers are not the most appropriate professional for a major renovation that may affect the structure, especially without the guidance of a general contractor.  

Most designers are not required to be licensed, but are a good fit for developing plans for smaller projects with quick turnaround.

Designers can be very effective in the design build role by developing designs that reflect the owner’s lifestyle needs and capturing them in drawings.

The better designers have the talent for space relationships and visualizing a finish product.

When this skill is matched with the ability to reproduce drawings with these visions, the end result for the client is the realization of their dream.

Design Build Services

Architects are licensed professionals that not only offer design guidance but will possess the training and ability to determine the impact of home modifications on the overall structure of the home.

They are well suited for a major renovation that requires adjustments to foundations and roof lines or the moving of load bearing walls to create open space areas.

Architects as a rule are very important during structural remodeling or a historical restoration project.

They will place hours of research into the origins of design to capture the essence of ornate details that will impact the flavor of the project theme.

The true indication of great design in a renovation other than the relationship of function and aesthetics is continuity.

Does the added structure and redesigned space look like it was created for its intended purpose. The very good ones make it look easy.

General Contractors are not required to be licensed in Texas, unlike in many states.  They are professional facilitators that provide a homeowner all the required services (one stop shopping) needed for a home remodeling or any other project of varying sizes.

That is because they are required for most renovation projects to apply for a building permit and required to meet compliance inspections by the local municipality.

One of the requirements for most significant projects is to provide detail drawings with the application for the building permit.

An additional advantage of using the design build company as the center piece of your design build project is that the GC can provide budgetary assurances throughout the design process as a means of avoiding any unpleasant financial surprises at the end of the design process.

Working with the GC during the design process also allows time for the owner to determine if the GC will be a good fit as a working partner during construction.

The greatest advantage to a homeowner for using a design build company is that the GC is fully responsible and accountable for both design and construction.

This serves as an effective solution to homeowners getting caught in the middle of disputes between uncooperative professional advisers or professionals determining who is responsible for design errors.

The design build company process benefits far outweigh the possible disadvantages when undertaking a comprehensive major renovation project.

As discussed, the leadership of the project should be a function of the project purpose and magnitude.


A design build company can provide you the answers you have been waiting for if you are in need of a curated design and building process.

As an owner you will be rewarded with an efficient, cost effective and comprehensive project.

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