Home Improvement Projects Lead to Greater Home Value in Houston

05:57 Mar 2017
Bathroom Remodeling Houston

Many homeowners commonly interchange the terms home improvement with remodeling projects. Although most remodeling projects have a number of home improvement projects incorporated into them, a home improvement is also commonly thought of as a small do-it-yourself project or some form of routine home maintenance. Most remodeling projects refer to some form of room transformation rather than product replacement. We will discuss both a home improvement and home remodel and review the direct relationship that neglecting a home improvement can have for increasing the need for a home remodel. We will also examine how keeping up with home improvements can lead to substantially better values in Houston. Home improvements can be compartmentalized as replacement products, maintenance and remodel.

Bathroom Remodeling Houston

Bathroom Remodel

One of the most common home improvements is a bathroom remodel, where the owner replaces the worn plumbing fixtures and toiletry hardware. A minor bathroom remodel can have a powerful effect on the general appearance of the room.

When exploring bathroom remodeling ideas there are different degrees of expenses and difficulty in a major bathroom remodel. When replacing products such as wall or floor stone, cabinetry and plumbing fixtures it can be extensive. A major bathroom remodel that involves relocating toilets, tubs and showers typically requires structural modifications and raises the cost to even a higher level.


Kitchen Remodel

One of the most popular home improvements is a kitchen remodel. A kitchen remodel is similar to a bathroom remodel in that there are varying degrees of difficulty and expenses. A typical minor kitchen remodel may be as simple as changing out appliance in like kind.

More extensive kitchen remodeling ideas involve the modifications of cabinetry and the replacement of counter tops and back splashes. A major kitchen remodel can include complete redesign to implement your kitchen remodel ideas and a complete total replacement of all kitchen products complete with wall removal and ceiling modifications. A kitchen remodel of this magnitude will likely be more as much as 5 times the expense of replacing generic appliances and take considerably longer.

Remodeling magazine’s cost vs value calculates that a major kitchen remodel will return 87% of the total cost of improvements within the first year. This indicates that a kitchen remodel is one of the best remodeling investments an owner can make to their home.


Home Improvement

Home improvement projects are a natural requirement of owning a home unless you are willing to pay the premium for a newly constructed home. Not unlike kitchen and bathroom remodeling there are varying degrees of cost of magnitude for home improvements projects. They can be generally categorized as home improvements as either maintenance or replacement products.

Replacement products are typically home components that require replacement due to their useful life expectancy expiring or mechanical failure due to lack of proper maintenance. Typical replacement products are composite roof shingles, air conditioners, furnaces, hot water heaters and kitchen appliances. The life expectancy of these products is 15 – 30 years. If you have a home that has any of these products of this age, you will likely experience the need for a replacement product.

Maintenance home improvements are typically associated with an event schedule that is required to keep a home component in working condition. The consequence of ignoring a home maintenance project would likely result in additional cost associated with collateral damage. The home improvements associated with consequential damages are unpredictable and often result in a substantial remodeling projects.


There are many differences in a home improvement project and a home remodeling project. Depending on the home location and associated local values, the rate of return will vary widely. It is a good idea to discuss your planned home improvements and home remodeling projects in detail with your Houston Remodeling Contractor before you undertake a substantial investment.


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