Different Types of Home Remodel Companies Services Houston

12:39 May 2023
General Contractors and Remodeling Contractors Differences

The secret to a successful Houston house remodeling project is hiring an effective professional home remodel company. This takes time to research and vet various house remodeling firms that are aligned with your project goals.

There are many different types of home remodel companies that offer an assortment of improvement services. Identifying the home remodel company services that are the best fit for your needs takes a lot of due diligence.

So, this entire process starts by finding inspiration photos and outlining your general remodel service requirements. By having these general ideas the home remodel companies can furthering your understanding of what it will take to achieve your remodeling goals.

Each house remodeling project has its own specific needs and risk exposures to evaluate. The more information you can obtain during the planning stage the better you can mitigate the risk and zero in on your preparing the house remodeling details.

Assessing the appropriate home remodel company’s services before you hire is one of the most important decisions in the process.

Hiring the right service provider will likely result in a smooth-running remodeling project free of major mishaps. Hiring the wrong contractor for a project can result in problems, additional expenses and a host of countless issues too numerous to mention.

Let’s begin our discussion by examining the different types of home remodel companies service providers that are available and the best situational fit for your house remodeling project’s needs.

Learn About the Many Different types of Home Remodel Companies in Houston

General Contractors and Remodeling Contractors Differences

Different Types of Home Remodel Companies Services

Home remodel companies service providers come in many shapes and forms just as house improvement and remodeling projects do.

Although there are many different house remodeling service providers that offer remodeling services, the best contractor for your project depends on the project scope of work, size of project, degree of difficulty, the back office administration requirements and complexity of the project.

The scope of work is the associated task that defines the what, where and how many for the entirety of the construction.

These details generally describe the project work task in a sequential order that will be performed. They will also include the quantities and detailed descriptions of the materials to be used.

The scope of work is an essential part of the detailed description of professional work you should expect. It describes the detail of what you are paying for.

The actual size of a project is extremely relevant in selecting the best suited contractor for your project.

A smaller project will suite a smaller contractor that has less overhead and can personally man the job. The larger a project gets in size, the greater the need for a contractor that can fulfill the requirements of these types of projects.

As a general rule larger jobs are more complex and require a higher level of professional management to run them correctly.

Many large projects require an enormous amount of paperwork and documentation. These administrative tasks can be required as part of the documentation delivery milestones of the project.

These services can also require sample and material testing as defined by the contract specifications. Special admen services take unique skills like that of a general contractor to perform and deliver in accordance to these specifications.

The complexity and difficulty of a house renovation project will often dictate the skill set and size of the proper home remodel company.

Project remodeling task such as modifying roof lines, mechanically attaching concrete foundations and eliminating load bearing walls present special professional service needs.

Projects that require structural changes warrant the service provider to a home remodel company with a higher level of structural remodeling experience then a firm that does kitchen remodeling.

The greater the project difficulty, the greater the need for an accredited and certified remodeling service provider.

House Services Contractor

House services contractors provide specialized home improvement services such as electrical, plumbing and air conditioning services. Other types of house service contractors are pesticide companies, home alarm firms and garage door companies.

These services providers are required to be licensed in the city of Houston.

House service contractors as a group, specialize in servicing house owners’ immediate needs. These are service providers that commonly work on an hourly rate and will service emergency or urgent need dwelling problems.

There is usually a service call expense associated with the service providers arrival and diagnoses fee for the homeowners problem and repair.

Because this type of service provider prefers emergency level clients and higher than normal hourly rate structure, they are not a good choose for medium to larger size house remodeling projects. They are principally a good source for urgent house repair needs.

Home Improvement Subcontractors

These types of home service providers offer common house component product replacements. They provide and install house component products that typically have a service life shorter than the service life of the house.

These types of replacement products are roof shingles, air conditioner condensers, wood siding and windows & doors.

Home improvement contractors will typically specialize in one or more house product replacement categories, such as siding, windows and doors.

They will often buy their materials directly from the product manufacturer to gain pricing advantages and train their labor crews by manufactures installation specifications.

House improvement contractors are competitively priced in their fields of expertise, but are not a wise choose for general remodeling or repairs outside their specialty.

For the most part they remove and replace the products and do not engage in redesign or new construction. They are limited in offering full-service approach to house remodeling.

Home Remodeling Contractors

Home ‘remodeling contractors’ principal focus is home remodeling. These can be single trade task like building out a closet or a multiple trade tasks like garage conversions.

They excel in a variety of smaller home improvement assignments such as handyman services and home maintenance projects.

They may have their own employees or may use subcontractors or maybe a combination of both. The remodeling contractor is a great fit for smaller jobs that do not require a complex design and a large subcontractor workforce.

In many cases they have insufficient insurance or their subcontractors may not have complete insurance.

A remodeling contractor typically does not have a strong administrative business acumen. They will work smaller jobs and will often work aside his employees in various activities.

Remodeling contractors are also a good fit for kitchen and bathroom updates. They do well with product replacements with small changes required. Most of them do not offer design build services and avoid complex structural modifications to the home.

Home Remodel Companies

Remodeling General Contractor

Remodeling general contractors derive their category name and classification from servicing all general home contracting service needs. They are normally big picture contractors hiring specialty subcontractors to perform the skilled task of remodeling the entire home.

It is common for a remodeling general contractor to perform both major remodeling and new construction. Many of these types of service providers have the ability to design, engineer and build or some combinations of these.

Remodeling general contractors are well suited for large complex projects and projects that require larger than normal admen responsibilities. Their organizational structures are also well suited for construction management services.

They often have a carousel of in house or 3rd party designers, engineers and specialty contractors to orchestrate nearly any project of any size.

General contractors are not normally competitively priced with many of the smaller contractors that work for wages and lower margins.

A general contractor’s overhead is substantially more than any other of the contractors we have discussed. They are required to maintain a required task of administrative requirements in an effort to mitigate homeowner’s risk.

They are also responsible for staffing the projects in accordance with the project specifications. The general contractor remains responsible for the entirety of the project long after the project is complete.

Understanding the needs and risk associated with your project will assist you greatly in determining which type of contractor is suited for your project’s needs.

Although carefully evaluating your contractors’ skills and services with your project needs will serve your best interest.


Home remodel companies have many different sizes and operate in many different business models. They are a great resource for owners in need of their services.

The potential down side is an owner hiring a home remodel company that is inappropriate for their project.

The only method of avoiding this potential problem is by conducting a detailed due diligence on the home remodel company and clearly understanding your remodel needs.

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