Home Remodelers Best Qualities and Attributes in Houston

13:30 Feb 2023

There are a number of reasons to want to select an experienced and professional home remodeler. But the very best reason is to hire them for their qualities and attributes. Determining what are the right qualities and attributes for your needs is critical to the selection process.

After living in your home for quite a few years you realize that certain changes would do a world of good. These may include expanding your house and making it more spacious for a growing family need, redoing the flooring to remove the worn-out flooring materials, relaying or strengthening the plumbing system, painting the exterior and interior, and redoing the kitchen and bathroom, among others.

Although planning for a home remodel using the DIY method can seem to be enticing to save money, this usually does not prove to be the case so it’s better to hire the services of experienced Houston remodeling contractors.

Remember, a Houston home remodeler can execute the project in a timely manner and within the budget (unless there are genuine reasons for cost escalations) without causing much inconvenience. However, before you begin the search, you must take into consideration certain qualities you desire in remodeling contractors are supposed to possess.

If you miss out on these qualities and hire someone who does not have the requisite experience or expertise, your remodeling project can be plagued by uncertainties from day 1. You may also read our resource detailing the home remodeling process and guide. 


Professional qualities and traits of Houston home remodelers

Best Qualities of Remodeling Contractors

 The qualities that define the reliability and expertise of Houston remodeling contractors are as follows:


It is not without reason that quality comes at a price. Reputations are built over years with a long list of satisfied customers vouching for the reliability of the contractor.

Since the remodeling of your home is going to be a lifetime investment and the changes made are going to be permanent, the project should be executed by someone who knows the professional skill well. So, it is important to hire someone who is reputable and is spoken highly of by the clients.

The best way to go about finding such remodeling companies is by asking your family, friends, or colleagues for recommendations, reading online reviews, and asking the shortlisted home remodelers for referrals.

Visit the clients and find out about their quality performance. Ask the clients about their opinion about the home remodeler – are they happy with the quality of work, are there any points of conflict, etc.

A reputable remodeling contractor should not have any qualms in sharing his list of clients. Contacting a home remodeler past clients should only be done prior to hire them to avoid inconveniencing their clients for practice. You may read our blog to know the best architectural home design trends for remodeling luxury homes.

Treat your home as if it’s their own

Think this way. Whether the suggestions given by the remodeling companies you are considering remodeling your house would have been the same had it been for his home?

If you see the remodel contractor is suggesting to cut corners to meet the deadline or costs to meet a budget, then the person should be a persona non grata for hiring.

Further, since the person is going to work in your home for quite some time, he and his team should be respectful towards your family and surroundings.

Also, the job site should be left tidy and organized after the completion of each day’s work. This can only happen if the home remodeler treats your house with the respect it deserves. You may view our video to know about the home remodel techniques if you are on a budget.


Working with a remodeling contractor that has integrity is very important quality. A home remodeler should be open and transparent about his work, and should not keep you in the dark about certain aspects of work that cannot be done within the budget or timeline.

There may be inexperienced remodeling companies who in order to get the contract may agree to everything you want to change in your home even if that is not feasible within the budget and timeline.

When it comes to executing the tasks, the unscrupulous contractor submits you a change order or request a modified method to the plan’s specifications. This represents the potential of getting into a conflict situation when the actual task needs to be executed.

So, it is better to have a home remodeler who does not mince his words when a certain task is beyond the remit. It is better to be truthful at first instead of taking the client for a ride later. An honest remodeling company will clear all your doubts about the project in no uncertain terms.

He will not beat around the bush but remain honest about the job throughout the hiring period and thereafter. Even though he may cost you more than a run-of-the-mill contractor, the end result will be completed with integrity to your satisfaction.

Technical know-how

A Houston remodel contractor should have the technical know-how of the work he is supposed to execute. He should be able to provide you with the best solution or more than one solution to any home remodeling problem.

And even if he does not have the knowledge of every aspect of construction, he should have access to the right knowledge pool of experts to find the solution. One of the major red flags of ascertaining whether the home remodeler in question has the technical know-how is to call him to your place and seek his advice on a problem.

If he does not take measurements or refrain from collecting data related to the problem, you can be more or less sure that he does not have the expertise or technical know-how to do the job.

Not overcharge

Your house remodeling project can entail a lot of personal and financial investments. But that does not mean you should splurge on anything that crosses your mind.

A reliable home remodeler will not overcharge you for solutions unless you have given your consent to the same. No remodeling company should think of you as his last customer before he takes a sabbatical but the one who would recommend his services to others.

This way he can get more customers through the word of mouth. He should not overcharge you and should keep his dealings transparent. In most cases a reputable remodeling contractor will provide the support behind the pricing.


Every remodeling contracting project comes with an estimated completion date. Adhering to a sense of urgency is important to avoid cost escalations later. The remodeling contractor hired by you should understand how important it is to finish the job within estimated timelines.

This way you and your family can get over the temporary disruptions and return to a normal lifestyle sooner. If the home remodeler understands the value of time and urges on his subcontractors to finish their work early while maintaining the quality of work, he certainly fills one of the criteria for selection.

Solutions oriented

The remodeling contractor should be upfront in offering solutions to the remodel problems. He should be able to work around solutions for challenges based on his knowledge and experience.

He should address any concerns of yours through lucid explanations like a mentor rather than speaking down to you. He should not be the one to raise the flag always to any suggestion of yours.

Instead, he should weigh the pros and cons of your suggestion and give his measured advice. Simply put, he should be solution-oriented and look at the glass as half full.

Good communicator

It can be frustrating if the home remodeler you spoke to forgets about everything you said after the conversation is over. Rather, he should be a good listener as well as keeping you informed.

Remodeling contracting is about taking notes of everything – your vision, expectations, and the remodeling project. Since you should be communicating routinely with your remodeler about home remodel project, which is a big investment on your part, they can be expected to keep you informed about project milestones and matters that need your attention.

Stable network of subcontractors

A reliable remodeling company should have a stable group of subcontractors such as electricians, construction crew, plumbers, drywall hangers, and painters, among others, at his beck and call.

Open conversation early about how long the subcontractors have been working with the home remodeler and whether they have a positive working relationship. It shouldn’t be the case that once you give him the contract, the subcontractors play truant and you are caught in the rut for no fault of yours.

It is worth mentioning that subcontractors do work for many remodeling contractors and at times your home remodeler’s preferred subcontractor may not be available when the schedule time materializes.

This is when a truly professional remodel contractor shines. They are able to plug in an alternative subcontractor without delay or the compromising of results.


The home remodeler you hire for house remodeling project should be reliable in the first place. He is the person who would navigate the waters of renovation and complete the task at hand to your satisfaction.

And unless he is of impeccable quality and displays professional finesse, you cannot expect him to finish the job without a major disappointment. You may read a blog to know more about the characteristics that a remodeling contractor should possess.

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