Remodeling Ideas to Enhance Luxury Homes in Houston

07:49 Sep 2023
Remodeling Ideas

Before you can actually start a luxury home remodel project your must start with the development of remodeling ideas to better your house.

There is no shortage of great remodeling ideas for luxury homes in Houston. The question is how do these ideas fit your needs and will they blend with the architectural style of your house and how do you implement these ideas.

Have you set out to remodel your luxury house by adding new features and expanding a few common areas in your home design with inspiring remodeling ideas.

So, instead of tweaking a few random areas why not follow the best practices home remodeling ideas of the day.

The year 2023 is more or less likely to pick up from where we left in 2021 with the pandemic still making grim statistics worldwide.

As we brace ourselves to spend more time cooped up at home thanks to the hybrid work schedule, we need to be innovative with our thoughts, especially when it comes to remodeling ideas for your luxury house.

Let us discover the best remodeling ideas for architectural design to remodel your luxury home design.

You can even read our detailed resource on planning and preparing for a luxury house remodel.

Discover our outstanding remodeling ideas for your luxury home in Houston

Remodeling Ideas

Top Remodeling Ideas for your Luxury Home

The year 2023 will see a lot of remodeling ideas towards innovation for the purpose of remodeling the luxury house.

Let us get some insights into a few remodeling ideas that can add value to your house design.

Let the Houston luxury home builders take a cue from the below-mentioned features and remodel your luxury house as per your taste, style, and preferences with the best architectural home design remodeling ideas.

Invest in a Home Office

With the pandemic still raging in various parts of the world, working from home is going to stay for some time, even if in the hybrid format.

So, as the owner of your luxury house, you need to build a working office in your house to conduct virtual meetings aka zoom calls.

If you have an office, you will want to make it more comfortable. If you do not already have a home office, you will need to contact your luxury home builder to discuss your options.

For setting up a home office, it is better to convert hitherto unused or less used areas or adding a house addition.

The goal entails creating space for additional furniture such as desks, chairs, computer tables, etc., or installing high-tech solutions such as smart boards and projectors.

However, since the layout and aesthetics of your home office can affect the energy and productivity at work, it should be done in a meticulous manner.

Try to boost the functionality of your home office by creating a unique space aimed at maximizing productivity, concentration, and motivation.

Like any well home plan remodeling project, the building design should be well thought through and be executed to consistence with the existing architectural home remodeling ideas.

Reinvent Outdoor Spaces and Features

With people spending more time at house, the new trend in remodeling involves enhancing the outer spaces using beautiful awnings and or trellises.

It can work from the functional perspective by protecting you and your family from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Besides, awnings as aesthetically pleasing structures like a trellis or roof structure can make the outdoor space look more beautiful and connected.

In fact, one can choose fabrics for such awnings that provide safe and effective UV protection.

Further, outdoor spaces can have showers with controls for temperature and flow of water displaying various architectural styles. They can be accompanied by benches, flooring, and walls.

The other remodel ideas with the outdoor stamp include kitchens, fire pits, pools, rooms, water features, and seating and dining areas, among others.

You can ask the luxury home builders to incorporate features such as grills, wine coolers, and refrigerators to set up outdoor kitchens.

Also, indoor spaces of any luxury homes can make way to the outside terraces through French doors.

The surfeit of durable materials to be used outdoors has been a recent phenomenon. These materials can be used to create stylish and comfy sofas, rugs, tables, chairs, and fireplaces, thereby blurring the lines between outdoors and indoors.

Remodeling Ideas Outdoors

Use Textures and Wall Cladding Materials

Gone are days of flat and insipid-looking wall finishes as textured walls are the new craze among homeowners or luxury builders.

The new trend in design are faux or natural stone veneer wherein you can run your hands on the walls has exploded into the market.

This is mainly due to the availability of materials and processes that make featured wall finishes to mimic installed materials.

For instance, a faux brick wall can give texture and aesthetics a whole new dimension that you can barely spot the difference.

As a homeowner, you can go for a faux finish to get the appearance of Venetian plaster, concrete, or marble.

Further, basic wall paint seems to have become passe with homeowners taking a fancy for dimension and visual interest using 3D wall panels.

Textured fabrics to be used as upholstery in various colors, namely, pale yellows, sage greens, and blues will become the order of the day in 2023.

Also, texture adds gravitas and delivers a feeling of warmth to the whole setting. No wonder, homeowners are looking at making statements that represent their lifestyle and personality using materials such as raw metals and paneling.

Here, the use of natural wood texture on walls is the preferred one, especially for traditional and farmhouse projects.

With plenty of material options to be placed on top of your existing walls, you can transform the aesthetics of your luxury home without having to shell out huge sums of money.

Remember, texture can offer a soul to your property bringing in a richness of sorts. You may read our blog to know about the popular architectural design styles for modern luxury homes.   

Smart Technology

The interior design ecosystem is going to be transformed with the advent of technology. Now with social distancing being practiced with a vengeance, digital interior design is likely to get a bigger fillip.

With the industry shifting towards the adoption of new technologies, design firms, house decor apps, and other agencies related to house remodeling can see the use of virtual staging with 3D models to visualize enhanced remodel ideas.

Even AI will be increasingly used to recommend products to the users for greater personalization, comfort, and character.

Also, with safety becoming an important consideration for homeowners, IoT-enabled smart devices can be used to prevent break-ins or monitor any ingress or egress from homes.

And the use of smart technologies to control various functions in your luxury house need not be in the realm of science fiction anymore.

With the touch of a button or the swipe of a screen on your mobile phone, you can switch off your refrigerator, air conditioner, computer, or lighting systems while you are away from your house.

In fact, the obverse is equally true with you switching on the above-mentioned gadgets when returning to your house.

Houston Remodeling Ideas

Connecting with Nature

The trend of remodeling ideas of allowing more natural light through bigger windows and door openings is going to prevail in 2023 as well.

The desire to connect with nature is greater than ever before as homeowners are embarking on remodeling their custom house plans by replacing the traditional patio doors with wide scenic versions.

Luxury house building through remodeling your existing custom house plans as part of a collective building design can be both financially and soulfully rewarding.

This is mainly done to create an elevated sense of freedom and establish a connection between the exterior and interior spaces for a seamless transition.

The focus is on using simple organic wood tones and natural colors and avoiding any excessive impact on the senses.

Cool colors such as Monarch Gold, Oatmeal-beige, Blue Lagoon, Ochre, Terra-cotta, and Dried Thyme are increasingly being used to gravitate towards nature.

In the absence of traveling, homeowners or luxury builders can fall back upon nature-inspired beautiful yet subdued hues from Sedona Mountains, Yellowstone, or Arizona.

Durable & Sustainable Surfaces

Surfaces like countertops undergo a lot of scrubbing often losing their shine and texture in the process.

With people spending most of their time cooped up inside homes, the countertops inside kitchen and surfaces in other areas of your luxury house are often subject to regular scrubbing.

And unless these are durable ones, the additional scrubbing may take the sheen off them. In 2023, homeowners are likely to become savvier about the need for maintenance as part of remodeling.

This, in turn, can see a rise in demand for durable acrylic surfaces such as countertops, which can take the rough and tumble of hard scrubbing and yet remain aesthetically pristine to the eyes. 


Remodeling your luxury house should be done in a way that the impact of your architectural design lasts for a long time.

Remodeling ideas should help to increase the value of your luxury house by several notches and give you and your family many things to feel proud about.

The above-mentioned architectural design remodeling ideas may be your reference point while transforming your living space into a modern and utilitarian building design.

You may read our blog to get further insights into the best remodeling designs of 2022.

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