Houston Home Renovations That Increase Value and Reduce Cost

10:27 Jul 2023

You have lived in your dream home for many years and now it is in need of home renovations for a host of reasons. These may be due to the impact of elements on the building, the growing need of your family, or your desire to add certain trendy utilitarian features, among others.

You may also be considering multiple Houston home renovations if you want to increase the value of your house and get the best return on investment at the time of selling.

Some of the Houston home renovations we recommend can be pretty inexpensive but can nevertheless transform the looks of your house.

Let us discuss some of the house renovation ideas that can add value to your home without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Top Houston Home Renovations to Add Value and Reduce Costs

The top upgrades and improvements you can implement in your home to increase its value are mentioned below:

Home addition:

Although not always a small house renovation expenditure, home additions can increase the value of your home handsomely.

Home additions increase the usable living space, create greater volume to the space of the house and can provide enormous function and value to the owner’s lifestyle. 

Home additions can also add square footage in meaningful locations of the house which if done well will increase the quality of its livability.

Kitchen remodeling:

Most prospective buyers of properties look for modern kitchens. As a homeowner, you can recoup around 53% to 72% of your investments for kitchen remodeling based on factors such as the location of your home, the materials used, or the type of remodeling done (Source: Remodeling Magazine).

However, kitchen remodeling can be both major in nature or minor depending on your need and budget.

The minor upgrades may include putting on a new backsplash, upgrading light fixtures, painting the cabinets, adding an island, upgrading faucets, or augmenting the storage space.

However, if you want to explore some major Houston home renovations, the elements you may include or update are – new countertops and cabinetry, installing or upgrading high-end appliances, installing tile, wood, granite, or laminate flooring, adding doors and windows, or expanding the seating, cooking, storage, and dining space.

Importantly, while undertaking a kitchen remodeling project, try to keep the space functional and stick to the home remodeling budget.

And yes, any kitchen expansion should look relevant to the rest of the property.

To cite an example, if your home’s architecture has an old-world charm, then adding a modern kitchen with high-end appliances may appear out of place and a turn-off for potential buyers.

You may view our video to know the important changes to be made while going for kitchen remodeling.

Bathroom remodeling:

Another area that prospective homebuyers look for is the bathroom. The size and amenities can be the determinants in swaying a buyer’s decision in favor of your property.

The variety of options you can explore while renovating your bathroom are re-flooring, retiling, or painting, installing new showers, sinks, tubs, or toilets, upgrading the lighting fixtures, installing a vanity mirror, or adding storage space.

Additionally, you can add a bathroom to your house and increase its value to potential buyers. A house with multiple bathrooms is always a welcome proposition in the real estate market.

Major bathroom remodeling can get expensive if not prepared in advance. However, watch out for cost escalation with such a home addition.

Remodel the attic:

Expanding your home can be costly and need not always add value. So, how about renovating the existing space in your house instead of adding a new one?

Consider the attic as another workout area or bedroom, which can be renovated. The space can be made functional and utilized more often.

The same can be thought about in an unused bedroom by converting it into a home office or exercise room.

Remember, the more versatile the room is, the better it would appeal to potential buyers.

Adding a fresh coat of paint:

A drab-looking house looks unappealing to any prospective buyer no matter how good it is from the inside.

However, by adding a fresh coat of paint you can instantly transform its looks, both inside and outside, and increase its appeal.

The choice of colors should be appropriate and according to the latest trends. For instance, gray seems to be back using which you can create a neutral palette and let your decor come alive. You may read our blog to know about the remodeling features that homeowners commonly overlook.

Outdoor spaces:

Any Houston home renovation project aiming to make the outdoors functional and accessible can add value.

Here, the ROI can be more than 64% depending on the types of materials used – decks, patios, stone, brick, wood, or composite decking.

And should your existing patio be in disarray, it is better to refinish it. Also, replace any broken pavers, rotting boards, or strip flaking paint to give it a completely finished look.

Refurbishing your outdoor spaces and structures can be a low-cost option to add value to your house and increase its appeal to buyers.

Comply with the building code:

Residential building codes change from time to time, and if it’s time for you to upgrade your building property the IBC (residential national building code) requires that if you modify any part of the house, you must bring it up to code.

The changes you may add to your house to meet the building codes include plumbing, electrical wiring, insulation, windows, HVAC systems, water heaters, and roofing.

Such house improvements are, however, best suited for older houses to make them safer and more comfortable for the new owners.

As house product components age and fail, you will need to bring the replacement products up to the current building code.

Improve curb appeal:

Improving the curb appeal as a part of Houston home renovations improvements can be done either by adding a new walkway or scrubbing your home’s siding to get rid of any mold or stain build-up. It need not be expensive to create an impression.

Also, you may replace your old front door with a new door to enhance the look of your exterior facade.

Further, you can go about pruning the shrubs, trees, or bushes to give them a manicured look.

Put a dash of color on the flowerpots. However, do not go all out for landscaping just keep the lawn clean with well-placed vegetation.


Adding a deck:

Adding a deck is the best way to increase your living area without adding much to the cost per square foot of the house.

Based on the type of materials used, the decks can easily recoup their value at resale at an average of 106.7 percent (wooden deck) and 122 percent (composite deck).

Importantly, always hire experienced remodeling services to give your upgrades the best finish thereby increasing their appeal to any prospective buyer.

Improve energy efficiency:

In case your house has drafty windows or doors or lacks good insulation, the energy usage is going to be higher.

Having energy efficiency in mind as you select house products and renovate areas of the house will pay off in both the short run and long run in savings.

So, why not start with small updates, namely, sealing cracks around electrical sockets, windows, light switches, and doors, or adding insulation to the attic to prevent any energy loss?

The presence of drafty windows can put off any prospective buyer of your property. Hence, install star-rated windows to reduce the inflow or outflow of drafts thereby saving money on heating and cooling.

Besides, upgrading to such star-rated windows can qualify you for a green tax credit. Given that homebuyers expect the windows to be in perfect condition before buying a property, replacing the windows might not add to your asking price significantly.

However, keeping the drafty window can decrease the appeal of your house and reduce its asking price.

Stone veneer:

Any manufactured stone veneer project offers a modern look to your home at an acceptable price.

It comes high on the list of house remodeling update projects that add value to any house.

Stone veneers are not just for exterior cladding, they are also becoming fashionable to do interior accent walls or clad over old fireplace faces.

Building out a feature accent wall can have an impactful effect on beautifying your house and on a prospective buyer.

Interior design:

Small design updates to your interiors can go a long way in enhancing the appeal of your home to any prospective buyer and bring a refreshing new look to your décor.

Some of the updates to increase the overall value of your property include replacing the old doorknobs, installing window coverings, updating light fixtures, replacing air conditioning registers, repainting ceilings, and interior doors, or adding a touch of crown molding to the right space.

The visual appeal provided by these ‘small’ Houston home renovations can surely add to the value of your property.


Houston home renovations can be difficult to budget for and prioritize financially. So, it is of utmost importance to choose things that can provide the most benefits.

Should you be aiming to sell your house down the road, focus on Houston home renovations that shall increase the value of your property?

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