House Remodel Ideas in Houston Commonly Overlooked

11:06 Sep 2023
Houston Renovation

Before anyone can begin a home remodeling project they need to collect and sort a large number of house remodel ideas.

Searching for these house remodel ideas can take some time and patience gathering and filing, so it is wise to begin the process as soon as possible.

Your dream home is not only a place to unwind after a hard day’s work, it also serves as a substantial investment towards your family’s future.

So, in case you are aiming at remodeling your home to add value or align it to meet the new requirements, you are not alone.

However, understand the magnitude of the Houston remodeling is necessary in searching for the house remodel ideas that fit your goals.

For instance, if you are looking to renovate your kitchen only, there is little value in spending your time looking at bathroom or living area photos.

Construction cost also becomes a concern when first evaluating photo images you like, but don’t let this get bog you down. The images represented in the photos are a good source of detail and concept ideas to use as inspirations for other house remodel ideas.

Your collection of house remodel ideas sets up the groundwork to mix and match the ideas to formulate your design plans.

These images can be used in the discussions about your needs with remodeling designer to create the drawings and the remodeling contractor to prepare the construction cost.

In addition to the remodeling plan ideas that are created by your remodeling designer through your inspiration photos, there are a number of commonly overlooked house remodel ideas that are worth a serious look.

Let us take a look at some of the features that homeowners tend to overlook when planning a Houston renovation

Learn some of the most commonly overlooked house remodel ideas in Houston for your home remodeling project

Houston Renovation

Home Remodel Ideas Commonly Overlooked

The common home remodel ideas that are often overlooked by homeowners are:

Architectural Style

Should you be planning a major remodeling of your property, you should never lose sight of the style of remodeling or changes of the original architectural theme.

If you have chosen to go ahead with a particular style, your design theme should be consistent with your building as well as that of the surrounding ones.

For instance, you may have a design idea for the European period styling but if your original architectural design is a contemporary-styled buildings, the styles will conflict with the overall design.

Another example of this might be creating a modern home addition to an old facade or using an entirely different brick color when attempting to match brick.

Choose the architectural style to be implemented in advance and see to its congruence with your homes architectural style.

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Energy Efficiency

More often than not, aesthetics takes precedence over other critical aspects such as functionality or energy efficiency.

The heating and/or cooling of the home to be renovated usually takes a backseat in designing.

So, when going for any upgrades to your property, consider the areas for natural airflow and sunlight.

Install windows and doors in areas where there is a natural flow of air or for the sunlight to come in.

Update your insulation when opening up the envelope and use foam for air infiltration around windows, doors and exterior penetrations.

Take into consideration the way sunlight will enter the home; this shall determine the type of window or door to be installed. In case of adding space or changing the utility of an area, there is a need to upgrade the HVAC system as well.

This is because a smaller HVAC system will take longer time (and make harder effort) to maintain a steady temperature causing an increase in your energy bills.

Also, an overworked HVAC system can reduce its durability in the long run.

Combining Bedrooms

The idea of combining two small bedrooms to create a larger space might be a great one for a young couple without children or for a couple whose children have moved out to add a second master bedroom.

However, if the owner does not want to stay in that space for long, this can turn out to be a major mistake.

Remember, modest bedrooms are valuable assets from the resale perspective as most parents would prefer having separate bedrooms for their children.

So, instead of breaking down walls and integrating two bedrooms, it is better to use slender furniture or brighter colors to make the individual bedrooms look more spacious.

Transforming a Garage into a Functional Space

Transforming a Garage into a Functional Space

What may appear to be cool or a sensible thing to do for a fitness enthusiast or parents looking to cut costs, may turn out to be a costly feature or space to miss out.

Any future homebuyer would look for homes with garages to park their automobiles rather than a gym or some spacious living area.

And should you be planning for Houston renovation to transform your garage into some other utility space, make sure any future homebuyer can rejig it to its earlier shape and functionality without much difficulty.

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Pitching Aesthetics over Functionality

Sacrificing functionality for the sake of aesthetics is a common mistake that many homeowners hiring remodeling services end up doing.

For instance, a narrow doorway may look cool from outside but can cause real inconvenience when moving through it.

A low false ceiling can be eye-catching but can reduce the space for air circulation and turn the space stuffy.

Your home is not only to marvel at from the aesthetics point of view but should provide convenience and comfort for every member of the family living there.

Hence, style is as important as function and should be property balanced for any Houston remodel project.

Avoid Changing Locations of Major Electric and Plumbing

Even though transforming every aspect or space of your home through Houston remodeling may appear to be enticing, it is better to leave certain features as they are such as electricity and plumbing infrastructure for instance.

When planning the remodeling of your kitchen and bathroom, don’t overlook the location of ovens or refrigerators, or sinks and tubs.

Relocating them can add to the budget and timeline. Keep light switches closer to the doorways for easy access and install several electrical outlets (or a large single one) to hold switches and sockets for internet and television cables.

The plumbing line is another feature that should not be touched unless essential. Moving toilets or tub locations dramatically increases the cost of home remodeling.

The chances of encountering a broken pipe and resultant waterlogging can be a nuisance to deal with.

A Functional Bathroom

The bathroom is one feature that forms an integral part of most Houston renovation projects.

Planning a bathroom remodel is essential to capture both the function and aesthetics of a well balanced finished project.

However, this is also the area that is mostly overlooked, especially when it comes to ensuring its functionality.

This is due to the fact that we tend to underestimate the time we spend in that space on a daily basis, and pitch for elements of aesthetics such as tiles, flooring, or whirlpool baths.

In doing so, we may overlook aspects such as installing modern showerheads or comfortable toilet bowls.

As a consequence, you may face poor water pressure from the showerhead or discomfort in using the toilet bowl.

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Overspending on Technology

Investing in technology may appear to be a cool idea to usher in convenience and comfort, but it can get outdated in no time.

For instance, installing video or internet wiring in every corner of your home may seem to be utilitarian, but it may not be a wise investment.

This is due to the fact that a deteriorating technology system may not appeal to the new home buyer.

Also, a fixed high-end electronics system occupying space in a busy room can be a turn-off for most buyers.

Houston House Remodel Ideas

Avoiding Costly Landscaping

Going for costly landscaping with embellishments and ornamentations will not add much value to your property. Instead, they will add to the amount on upkeep you need to spend over the years.

Installing fancy ornamentations in your garden is largely subjective, and may not appear to be cool to the other person(s).

So, keep the garden basic to ensure easy upkeep while ensuring the overall aesthetics.

Think of Storage

It is not only important to remodel your rooms by keeping the design aspects in mind but also creating a storage space to keep sundry stuff.

For instance, doorways are remodeled to make a statement but it is also the place where stuff like coats, umbrellas, and shoes are kept.

The same can be with garages where they serve as all-purpose storage areas. Hence, while planning the remodeling of doorways or garages, ensure there is adequate space to keep stuff like seasonal clothing, knickknacks, shoes, holiday decorations, and others.  


No matter what is the size of your Houston remodel project, it is difficult to focus on every feature or element undergoing remodeling.

The above-mentioned ideas can help you keep track of the features that may get overlooked while planning for Houston home remodeling.

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