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08:12 Mar 2023

Memorial area custom builders and remodelers play a vital role in contributing to keeping the Houston Texas Memorial area’s single family housing inventory up to date and relevant to the many home owners that call it home.

The Houston Memorial area consist of numerous wooded and affluent neighborhoods of higher end families. These families require the services of a Memorial area custom builders and remodelers to create the lifestyle housing that they aspire to.

Houston Memorial residence interested in home remodeling or building a new home require the advisory services of a professional general contractor. The earlier the owner’s get the general contractor involved in the project the greater the value to the owner.

The general contractor services are known as general contracting services. These are the professional construction management services that Memorial area custom builders and remodelers provide to home owners.

General Contracting Services

Memorial general contracting services are an essential part of all new home construction and house remodeling that occurs on an everyday basis in the Villages and West Houston subdivisions.

The need for owners for Memorial general contracting depends on if they require a custom builder for new home construction or a remodeler for a home renovation or house addition.  

General contracting services is the facilitating of both preconstruction and construction activities. The preconstruction services include such activities as project feasibility studies, concept design development and advisory services. The services also include the development of the necessary construction documents, décor selections and construction execution of the project.

Memorial Area in Houston

The Memorial area in Houston Texas is an affluent location which is also close to the business district and has a superior school district. The Memorial area of Houston has highly sought-after neighborhoods for family lifestyles and serene wooded surroundings.

Due to the Memorial area’s popularity, many people require general contracting services for new custom house building. Although Memorial is a vast area of West Houston, it consists of many houses that have an average age of 30 – 40 years old.

There is a very small inventory of available building lots. This requires owners and builders to acquire existing houses to raze for the land to build on.

Houston Memorial area house were primarily built during the periods of 1950’s – 1980’s. Due to its geographic, the Memorial area has been generally been built out for decades and there is no dirt ready inventory of ready to build houses on.  


With rising land prices and an aging housing inventory in West Houston Memorials, property owners and house buyers are challenged by the decisions to either renovate an older house or tear down the existing house to make way to build a new construction home

As the prices of close in land cost have risen, house buyers face a difficult decision to renovate their existing house or demolish and build a new home.

This is where a professional general contractor can be useful in the early stages of construction planning. Consulting with a general contractor should provide you the insights you need to make a well-informed decision before deciding what is in your best interest.

Most professional residential contractors are custom builders and/or major remodelers. This means that they hire subcontractors and facilitate the complete construction process from start to finish, rather than have employees do the work.

The Memorial area is also in high demand due a number of factors like; the Spring Branch school system, larger than normal lot sizes and the park like conditions. This area offers low crime neighborhoods, an abundance of shopping and novelty restaurants.

Most of the memorial area is heavily wooded and separated by the Buffalo Bayou.

Builders Custom Homes Built on Your Lot Home Construction

With very few vacant lots for future home construction, owners wanting a custom home built either need to buy a tear down house or purchase a lot directly from a builder.

A custom builder buys properties as tear down homes to build spec luxury homes. Finding the right home site for your future house can take a good deal of time to locate the best house building site.

In 2020, the land prices have risen to $40 – $80/sf. With typical lot sizes of 10,000/sf – 60,000/sf, the purchase of a tear down approaches $1,000,000+.

According to Zillow, custom builder’s current upscale construction prices, a finished 3,500 sf house built on a 15,000 sf lot is near $2,000,000 price tag.

This type of price reality causes other house buyers to rethink their approach toward home ownership in the Memorial area. There is another group that may find greater value in a whole home renovation by a professional remodeler for remodeling of the main living spaces.

Remodelers Offering Home Renovation

The opportunity for hiring a remodeler for a full home renovation is fertile for older established houses. From updating through home improvements to tackling whole home renovations, remodeling projects are very common in these neighborhoods.

Home renovations are far more common than new home construction in the Memorial area. This is primarily due to the cost of new home construction and the time required to design and build.

Provided that an older house is structurally sound the actual cost of a major renovation is substantial more cost effective then building a new custom house. In a normal house sales period, fully renovated homes will sell faster than new houses recently constructed.

This primarily due to price. There are just more house buyers that can qualify for financing for $1M priced homes instead of $3M.

The options for how extensive the design for a major renovation is only limited to the amount of money the owner is willing to invest and the condition of the existing structure of the subject property.

General contracting remodelers can be very helpful in discussing home renovations options.

Houston’s Memorial Area

Memorial consist of a large 10 mile geographic area spanning from 610 Loop along 1-10 all the way to Highway 6. The southern edge is bordered by the Buffalo Bayou, which host a 12 mile wild life refuge and bike trail park named Hersey Park.

This area is also known for its shopping and restaurants. Memorial City Mall and City Center are the major shopping centers that attract shoppers from near and far.

Dining options are also abundant with a large variety & selection of restaurants.  There is also a large medical center next door the Memorial City Mall.

The western Memorial area is famously known as the Energy Corridor. This is due to many of the Fortune 500 hosting their corporate offices in this immediate location. Energy executives enjoy the benefits of working close to where they live.


Most of the Memorial area is in the Spring Branch Independent School District. SBISD is a highly rated and sought-after school district.

The SBISD consist of 5 public elementary schools, 7 public middle schools and 4 public high schools and another dozen private schools.

The excellent public school district and collection of private schools is a big attraction for families focused on their children’s education.

Low Crime Area

The Memorial area is also known for its high level of police presence. Along with private subdivision security, the area is patrolled by Constables, Sheriffs and City of Houston police force.

Living in a secure low crime area is a major motivation for modern families in a major metropolitan city. Having a peaceful state of mind is a powerful driver for affluent families.

Neighborhood Deed Restrictions

Neighborhood deed restrictions are the restrictive covenants that govern the size, use and restrictions for the properties and owners in a specific development.

They define restrictions for building setbacks, construction architectural approvals, housing density and general ownership usage. These documents are required for both custom builders and remodelers planning construction improvements.

Selecting a home to occupy or to tear down makes Memorial an excellent decision to make for a quality lifestyle. Marwood Construction can provide you with your general contracting services as custom builders or remodelers for your fine home.


Memorial is one of the oldest and most prestigious addresses in Houston. The area will continue to require Memorial general contracting for many centuries to come.

The continued need for high end custom houses will result in the finest custom builders to continue to provide dream homes for the residence in this community.

Remodelers will also continue to flourish from the need of an affluent population’s need to keep their homes up to date and for improvements of function and their appearance.

So, if you are in need of a Memorial are custom builder and remodeler, each out to Marwood Construction for your free consultation and evaluation of your home construction plans.

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