Modern Home Plans Most Desired Trending Features in Houston

09:41 Jul 2023
Modern Home Plans

The most popular design trends in house building and remodeling are reflected in modern home plans in the past decade.

As the past decade has passed the demand for open spaces, high ceilings, and clean architectural lines has steadily increased from the influences of modern home plans.

In an era of technological innovations and advancements where a change in trends is observed in most industries, why should custom home building remain unaffected?

People are always looking for fresh and innovative ideas to make a mark for themselves or set the rules of the game.

Every year witnesses fresh impetus being given to modern home plans design and 2023 and beyond is likely to be no different.

With innovation being the hallmark and driving force for the market economy, every stakeholder involved in custom house construction seeks something new.

Here, ‘new’ can be the rehashed version of the old or anything brought to the forefront out of the blue.

This article will delve into the top modern home plans reflecting design trends in custom house building to be expected in 2023 and help you find out a house design trend for your to-be custom-built house.

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Learn about the popular features of modern home plans used in house design in Houston

Modern Home Plans

Top modern home plans for design trends for 2023

The trends in 2023, at least some of them, are likely to be influenced by the unprecedented changes that have unfolded in the past two years (read the raging pandemic), especially in the way we work, live, or relax.

Hence, the most popular modern home plans trends in the ‘new normal’ are expected to be the following:

Dedicated home offices: Work from the house used to be an abstract concept (mostly) in the corporate circles during the pre-pandemic years.

In fact, the concept was frowned upon for being a non-starter or disruptor to the normal scheme of things where co-working is the norm.

However, the pandemic changed everything and foregrounded the importance of working from house.

If during the early stages of the pandemic, people were driven to work from their houses in makeshift home-based offices, 2023 and beyond will see more of the hybrid nature of work.

This would necessitate the setting up of a dedicated home office. Many construction companies in Houston are likely to incorporate this trend with dedicated house offices forming part of any custom house building.

A separate home office will ensure the workspace remains convenient and comfortable for the homeowner, be it during the day or night.

The best solutions would involve creating a quiet space providing ergonomic comfort and privacy.

Back to nature: With lockdowns forcing people indoors, there is a greater appreciation for open spaces or outdoors used in modern designs.

Premier builders use both outdoor living areas and larger amounts of glass doors and windows to reach these luxury house design goals.

Outdoor living is the focus of house builders who are looking to create extended lanais or features comprising fire pits, kitchens, and pools.

The trend will be of bringing the outside with earthy color schemes and plenty of natural light.

Building an eco-friendly way of life by incorporating nature in modern home designs is going to remain a preferred ingredient in custom house building.

This shall involve the use of natural materials and creation of beautiful textures from them. You may read our blog to know more about the house building process.

Modern Home Plans Houston

Entertainment zone: With life becoming more stressful thanks to the day-to-day world we live in; one needs to find ways of removing themselves from this anxiety.

However, if the tools and amenities for entertainment are available in-house, then there can be nothing better than hanging out in your luxury custom house.

Simply put, why go out to rid yourself of anxiety when the same can be achieved at your house?

The desire to destress can mean building a separate entertainment zone in your custom house with elements such as bars, home theatres, gaming consoles, etc.

Houston builders engaged in building custom houses can be asked to incorporate things that may work as a stress buster for the homeowner and his or her family.

Multifunctional rooms: It seems the days of single-use rooms are over with the need for having multifunctional rooms becoming apparent.

A multifunctional room means a living space that can be put to use for different activities.

This way the room can become a truly functional space serving as a bedroom, living room, workspace, bedroom, or even dining room.

The fluidity in design would ensure attributes like functionality and flexibility are achieved.

One example of such a multifunctional room is integrating the kitchen with the dining space as people want to cook as well socialize.

Further, multifunctionality can apply to the furniture as well with the office desk serving as a workout bench, or the sofa in the living room serving as a bed to accommodate the needs of guests.

A royal flush: The bathroom forms an important part of our day-to-day living and homeowners want to spruce up its design and decor and make it upscale, elegant, and convenient.

In 2023, the typical bland or boring looking bathroom design may change with the incorporation of new plumbing fixtures and statement chandeliers.

Also, homeowners would go for expanding the size of the bathroom and installing amenities such as massive bathtubs, jacuzzi, heated floors, and others.

Premier builders are likely to juxtapose nostalgia with some forward-thinking ideas – sleek stacked vertical tiles against neoclassical fluted millwork in the bathrooms.  

Little luxuries: The pandemic has made our lives quite stressful. No wonder, custom house buyers are looking to have little luxuries in place to de stress and make their lives comfortable.

So, to give a comfortable touch to their lives, Houston house builders may choose to install freestanding soaking tubs or build spacious primary master suites to allow for unwinding.

Further, among the list of little luxuries, one can add a wine cellar.

This can be of great use to entertain guests during special occasions or to simply relax with your family and friends while sipping the choicest of cocktails.

Better balance: With open spaces finding favor among house buyers or owners, there is a need to find a better balance between open and private spaces.

Even though this aspect was underrated for long, the coming year may see custom home builders setting the records straight.

This can be achieved by installing movable walls, privacy panels, diffused lights, or glass inlays.

You may even view our video on multigenerational design ideas and choose one among them for your custom-built house.

Curves are there to stay: There was a time when flat wall design or maybe angles in custom home construction used to rule the roost.

However, curves are the new trend with homeowners going for these to enhance the aesthetics of their modern home plans.

However, besides adding to the aesthetics, curves also bring softness and a feminine feel to the whole ambience of luxury custom houses.

The curves in interior house design can be complemented with appropriate furniture solutions. So, you may have furniture with softer edges and extending beyond sofas.

Herringbone is back: Flooring is unarguably one of the most important functional elements in any home.

In 2023, the timeless appeal of herringbone flooring patterns is likely to make a comeback with Houston builders likely to incorporate them among their palette of floor designs.

In addition, several geometric patterned floors may make a comeback in the custom house decor trends of 2023.

Premier builders may juxtapose contemporary lines for flooring against the resurfacing of old favorites thereby accentuating the contrast.

Multi-Generation Suite; One of the most significant cultural changes in the US housing market is the demand for multi-generational living alternatives.

Largely due to the aging senior populations needs for alternative late life housing needs to convalescent homes, seniors and their families are planning for their parents to live out their days in the loving comfort of the family.

Modern home plans have introduced design ideas such as separate suites being developed into the house plans, such as quarters above garages and independent structures for small homes in the form of home additions.

Minimalism: The visual impact of minimalism where ‘less is more’ is emphasized continues to resonate with most home builders.

Although luxury house design is not normally associated with minimalism as a trend, there are elements of this design trend that carry over into custom house building.

Minimalism, when done right, enhances the functionality and elegance of space despite featuring little comforts.

It is more about prioritizing the essential and is achieved by using neutral colors, limited materials, simple forms, and avoiding unbridled ornamentation.

With the focus on one designed shape, minimalism aims to promote tranquility and allow the space to breathe.


The above-mentioned trends for custom built houses are some of the expected ones in 2023 and can ensure the custom houses sport a beautiful look.

All said and done, building a dream custom house in Houston can never be complete by mere envisioning.

What is needed is choosing one of the best Houston home builders with expertise and experience to boot.

Remember, a wrong choice can leave you with a mountain of adjustments to make and a drain on your resources, over the years.

Modern home plans and the design trends the represent are here to stay for the coming years.

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