High Impact Home Remodeling Ideas with the Best Value

10:15 Jul 2023
Home Remodeling Ideas

Although we all want to remodel our house it is challenging to produce home remodeling ideas that will return our investment while providing us the comfort and enjoyment good improvements provide.

Assessing the best value of hundreds upon thousands of home remodeling ideas is both time consuming and difficult to achieve because of the amount of ideas and the lack of assessable cost information available.

There comes a time when you would look to remodel your home and make it upmarket, more valuable, comfortable, and functional.

However, the thought of incurring huge costs for Houston remodeling work can dampen your spirits and make you return to the drawing board to cut down on expenses or give up the idea altogether. 

Although any home remodeling idea would entail a substantial investment, there are some time proven options to keep them in check with your budget.  

Yes, we are talking of some impactful budget-friendly home remodeling ideas you can contemplate for your Houston remodel project.

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Understand some of the best value impactful home remodeling ideas for your Houston house

Home Remodeling Ideas

Impactful and budget-friendly home remodeling ideas

You can easily do without adding high-end features to your existing home and still add value to be leveraged later in resale. The home remodeling ideas given in the below-mentioned segment are practical and affordable, besides helping you to enjoy their benefits for years to come.

A Newly Laid Stair Runner

Stairs are among the most visible features in any home, and their condition can speak a lot about the house.

A shabby and unkempt stairway can be off-putting to anyone visiting your home.

So, instead of going for a costly remodel of your staircase, you can make it look plush by laying a stylish stair runner.

Choose a bold and attractive color or a classy one for the stair runner and see the difference.

The hitherto drab and shabby looking staircase can instantly turn into a visual treat. And importantly, you can get rid of spending precious dollars on remodeling the entire staircase.

Another home remodeling idea to upgrade an outdated staircase is to paint the spindles and railings a bold solid color to either stand out or accent feature colors in the space.

Refinish the Old Front Door or Upgrade:

The front door is the first thing to look at by any visitor to your home and should it look worn-out or dated, it’s time to do it up or replace.

Your front door can make a lasting impression on the visitor and offer an instant curb appeal. How about giving it a fresh coat of paint?

Go for an eye-catching color and transform the look of your front door. This will not only revive the elegance of your door but the appearance of the whole exterior as well.

However, should the door has outlived its day, you can either invest in a new one or install a handle or knocker.

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Home Remodeling Ideas Kitchens

Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen remodel often takes a lion’s share in any Houston remodel project budget as it is considered to be the heart of any home.

Since you tend to spend an ample amount of time in the kitchen, you should ensure it reflects your family’s needs and style preferences.

However, this does not mean you have to completely redo the kitchen remodel to meet your requirements. Think about the areas or aspects in the kitchen that you consider worthy of investing.

Painting the cabinets: If the condition of your existing cabinets is good but the color isn’t inviting anymore, you can consider giving them a fresh coat of paint.

How about a lighter color to brighten the area? Remember to specify a washable enamel to be able to clean up messy chef fingerprints.

So, instead of tearing down the cabinets, you can retrofit them with modern amenities such as roll-out trays or recycling receptacles.

New cabinet hardware such as European hinges, telescopic drawer slides and cabinet pulls can change the use and appearance of the kitchen cabinets.

Backsplash: Houston remodeling on a budget does not mean saying no to indulgence. For instance, you can add an attractive mosaic backsplash behind your stove and cover the rest of the wall with white subway tiling work.

You may also save yourself from grouting the tile by opting for a peel-and-stick backsplash.

Replace appliances: It is possible that the appliances being used in your kitchen have outlived their days and it’s time to invest in some cool-looking and energy-saving ones.

Buy them at discounted prices during special sales offers and transform your kitchen not only in terms of its visual appeal but functionality as well.

And yes, choosing the type of appliance to buy should be done thoughtfully. For instance, a cooktop stove can last for 20 odd years compared to a refrigerator that can last 10–15 years.

Update countertops: Countertops are supposedly at the center of attention in any kitchen. How about upgrading them by using two kinds of materials?

Install quartz on the outer side while allowing a cost-effective butcher block for the kitchen island.

Incidentally, quartz, as compared to quartzite, is durable, cheaper, and needs zero maintenance. Also, it does not impact the beauty, style, and color options in any way.

Alternatively, you can go for some of the affordable granite materials to turn the countertops visually appealing and durable.

You may also get hold of remodeling services to declutter the countertops and reorganize them to get some space and enhance the overall aesthetics.

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Painting the Walls

Walls painted in vibrant or light colors can transform the looks of your home in abundant measure. Apply light colors such as beige, gray, or white on the walls in small rooms to let them reflect light and give an impression of being more open.

And if you don’t want to paint the whole room, you may opt for accent walls. These are easy ways to add color to your space without blowing a hole in your pocket.

Get More Natural Light

No one likes dark interiors as they give a foreboding feel. So, for renovation purposes, you can consider improving the natural light across your home by pulling out small windows and replacing them with large ones.

Depending on the exterior materials and size of the window you plan to use, this could get a bit pricey compared to some of our other suggestions.

If so, consider another possibility is changing out solid exterior doors with doors with glass to boost the amount of natural light.

You can build skylights into the bathrooms or paint the interiors white for better reflection.

Add Privacy with Shutters

If installing large windows to let in natural light can make your home look more open and expansive, not to speak of being more energy efficient, fitting them with swinging wood shutters can make them more beautiful.

These shutters can help keep off the chilly winds in winter or the oppressive heat in summer, and can add historical or architectural detail.

Besides, they are easy to fit into the windows by attaching them to a thin frame whether inside or outside.

Houston Home Remodeling Ideas

Finish the Covered Porch

If you have not finished your covered rear porch fully at the time of construction, it is time to finish it during Houston remodeling.

Not only will it add more livable space but can be used as an entertaining or family space as well. Adding a serving bar our outside built-in grill will add some zest.

Finally, if you ever think of selling the house, the finished covered rear porch can be a great return on investment and facilitate the sale of the home to prospective buyers.

Refurbish the Furniture

Furniture is a key component when it comes to giving a better look and feel to a room through renovation. Identify the central point in the room and arrange the furniture around it.

You may go for renewing the upholstery on the couches or sofas or refinishing the wood on chairs to give the furniture a brand new appearance.

Home Remodeling Ideas Houston

New Fireplace Face

Fireplaces are cool and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room. However, they used to be ripped off in the 70’s and 80’s by homeowners for being out of fashion.

Today, in case you have a chimney breast without a fireplace, it is time to introduce one. It can veer the focal point of a room away from a television set, and get back the characteristic old-world charm.

Further, the fireplace can be fitted with an ornate marble surround or cast iron, whichever is feasible.

Replace or Refurbish the Internal Doors

Adding a new door to a room can enhance its look instantly. You can go about revamping the old internal doors by adding glass window panes or painting the existing door with trendy colors, among others.


Executing Houston home remodeling ideas on a budget is not a far-fetched concept but a doable one as mentioned in the above segment.

The aim is to shun high-end features and instead go for the low-hanging fruits while ensuring the functionality and aesthetics are maintained.

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