New Home Construction Near Me Advantages of Ownership

05:13 Dec 2023
New Home Construction Near Me Custom Built Homes

You are interested in buying a new built home, so you start your search on the internet with the query new home construction near me. This search will help you identify the best options to sort through as you more closely define what you are exactly looking for.

If you choose to buy a house already built or build a custom home, there are many advantages for the construction of a new dwelling.

Buying a new built home has many of the advantages of construction of a new dwelling if you are fortunate to find a house that fits your lifestyle needs.

In most cases, these houses will have trade-offs from your complete list of house features and amenities for the convenience of the housing product ready to move into in a far shorter time than having a custom built residence

Building a custom homestead has many more advantages over buying an existing house. The ability to build where you want and what you want is a powerful attraction to affluent buyers.

New home construction near me will cost a Houston home buyer on the average about 20% more than purchasing an existing older house with comparable features.

So how can a home buyer justify paying a premium for a new built house?

The following is a detailed discussion concerning the value of the advantages of purchasing a new built home or designing and building a house in Houston.

Learn about the advantages of new home construction near me ownership

New Home Construction Near Me Custom Built Homes

Location of Your Choice

The most agreed upon benefit of constructing a custom home is building on your lot of your wishes.

Finding the perfect lot to build your home is a powerfully motivating benefit. The building site is as important to the house as any feature that can be designed.

The ability to layout the house to take advantage of the lots features adds tremendous intrinsic value to your overall house.

The value of being able to purchase a building lot in a neighborhood of you choose is also very desirable but difficult to predict in Houston.

To own a lot in one of the finer metro Houston neighborhoods requires some patience. Most neighborhoods have been built out for many years.

So, to have a building lot available for new construction the buyer will normally be required to buy an older house and tear it down.

An important aspect of buying in an established neighborhood is doing your due diligence by researching the deed restrictions.

The deed restrictions in Houston dictate the building set back lines, the minimum and maximum total square footage and in some cases the architectural style of the homes.

These documents effectively replace the zoning laws that most major cities require as guide lines for new home construction near me.

Build Exactly What You Want

After purchasing the best house site available it’s time to design the house of your dreams. This often seems much easier than it actually is.

For most custom building clients, it is difficult to express their wants and needs to an architect.

Most custom home clients should begin collecting architectural and interior design ideas far in advance of meeting with an architect and or a house building contractor.

It’s even more difficult to design a custom home to a construction budget. Most architects are talented at creating a house design that captures the intent and needs of their clients, but have challenges designing a one-of-a-kind home to a fixed budget amount.

Most architects do not track unit pricing trends or the cost history of past similar projects.

The more unique a house design is, they greater the budget deviation.

One of the things that an owner designing a house can do to manage these challenges is to assign a custom home builder and an architect to their design team.

This provides the owner a better ability to design with the knowledge of cost.

In addition, if the estimated cost is outside the range of the original budget, Houston builders can provide great assistance to the value engineering process.

Long Term Investment

A well designed and constructed home in Houston in a desirable location is an outstanding long-term investment.

Homes built in desirable neighborhoods have proven historically to produce excellent returns on investment in as short of periods as 5 years.

One of the principal reasons for this precedent is the centralized location of the high demand homes in Houston.

A similar house could be built in an outlying area of Houston and not show the same financial growth as a house built in metro Houston.

This is due to the high cost and limited supply of land and the short supply of these types of new houses built.

Lower Monthly Energy Expenses

Newer homes are more energy efficient than older homes. That can easily translate into substantial monthly savings of energy cost for the owner.

The national energy policy and building codes require home builders and relevant product manufactures to comply with more stringent energy efficient standards every 3 to 5 years.

Green building is not just a popular trend but rather a social and governmental call to action.

These requirements result in higher cost of building products, but lower cost of energy due to less consumption over the years of the homes service life. These energy cost savings over the service life of a green built home are substantial.

In addition, as homes become more air tight, the air quality becomes healthier as a result of less mildew and unfriendly air borne elements.

Both of these benefits provide a justification and value to the new built house owner.

low maintenance cost

Lower Maintenance Cost

One of the least considered advantages that can be easily justified is the lower level of maintenance cost of new homes built.

House buyers are always quick to point out the actual price difference between a new custom house and an existing home available for sale.

What is difficult for them to quantify is the exposure of the ongoing maintenance expense and update remodeling cost associated with older homes.

Home products and construction cost increase over time will always affects both home building as well as home remodeling cost.

So, the money that a house buyer thinks they are saving over buying a new house are generally a deferred cost over the long run.

That is to say, that if the existing house you are purchasing will likely need a new air conditioner of roof in the next 10 years.

The cost of these products will substantially be more than they are at the time of your initial house purchase.

Build to Your Family’s Lifestyle

Custom homes built and designed to fit the needs and wants of the owners and their family’s lifestyle.

The planning of the design documents can address the special accommodations of the owners.

The home design can specifically be designed for collections, hobbies, special entertainment desires and the personal requirements for privacy needs.

Designing the house to clearly defined specifications assure the owner that they can not only meet the immediate requirements of the family but also the planning of their future needs.

When purchasing an existing house, the owners find themselves compromising and justifying the lack of your wish and needs list.

These compromises are soon justified by rationalizing that the lower price of an existing house makes it worth it.

New Home Warranty

New home construction near me come with a minimum of a ten-year warranty on the structure, two-year warranty on the MEP and one year on the cosmetic items of the house.

These warranties are required by law by the State of Texas. When you purchase an existing house you can purchase a home warranty, but coverage and the quality of the service is often questionable.

Favorable Tax Incentives

There are some favorable tax incentives available to owners of custom home building. The best of these would be the ability to deduct the construction interest expense from your taxes.

In addition, there are some energy tax credits available to the owner for energy efficient products used.

Some of these are appliances, air conditioning equipment and higher levels of insulation also offer energy saving tax credits.

There are also some impactful tax credits available for incorporating solar energy into the homes electrical system.

Not only do you benefit from the reduction in monthly electrical cost, but you also receive a credit on the total cost of implementing the system.

Building a new custom home in Houston has a great deal of benefits that owners should consider during their housing need analysis.

The additional cost of building a custom home may present much more value than expected without carefully calculation.


New home construction near me can be an extremely favorable long-term investment as well as very rewarding to your family’s quality of life.

The advantages of ownership are well documented and even more generous for the construction of new homestead.

If building a new homestead is not right for you, buying an existing newly built homestead might be a better option for you and your family.

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