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19:01 Oct 2020
Home Remodeling

Are you venturing into the real estate market for the first time? You must have plenty of questions going through your mind, don’t you? From securing finances to deciding the designs, there are so many aspects to cover in the property-related affairs. Whether you plan to invest in a residential project or a commercial venture, consulting with an expert is essential for making an informed decision. By rendering expert advice and offering professional services, a leading contractor can save you from a lot of hassles that you can barely imagine. So, do you want to take the first step of consulting a seasoned professional? Do your homework because it can help you state your expectations boldly before your prospective service provider. Also, keep reading our blog to find answers to some frequently asked questions. Let’s get started!

Custom Building Design

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions by our customers 

  1. Home Remodeling

How much would the home remodeling project cost?

The cost of each project depends on the investment you have set aside for it and the requirements of the space. Once the representatives of our team visit your space and you explain what your goals are with the remodel, they will give you a conceptual estimate keeping in mind the materials to be required and the time that might be taken for the same. At Marwood Construction, however, we do the best to bring to the table the best items within your investment budget, without compromising on the quality.

  1. Architectural Design

At which phase of the project does architectural design become important?

When you are thinking of building a new home, it is crucial to get in touch with a professional offering architectural design at the beginning of the process. This is because the architectural designers provide pre-design services such as conceptual design ideas and providing you direction giving you a complete idea of how your dream home can come true. At Marwood Construction, we help you avoid the expensive missteps you might make in the process, thereby ensuring you a high level of confidence of a fun and satisfying building experience. 

  1. Custom Home Builders

What happens when we want to alter the custom building design?

Custom Home Building is about turning your new home into something that fits your lifestyle. If you, at any point, want to make changes during design, you have complete access to your personal design team for reassurance of your ideas. The design team is available to you to discuss and brainstorm ideas to find out how your design requirements can be incorporated into the project with immediate effect. Making changes during the design phase saves you time and money. 

  1. Home Renovation

What is the ideal time to remodel the home?

There is no specific time for home remodeling and you can do so, year-round, depending on the size of the project. However, if you are considering a major renovation or home addition it makes financial sense to evaluate the current condition of products like roofs, appliances and air conditioning equipment to incorporate into your construction plans. You can also choose the time that is most convenient for you if you are thinking of moving out of the space during the renovation or even go room-by-room rather than selecting the entire space at once.

  1. Custom Construction

How is custom construction different from any other types of builder?

When you are opting for custom construction, you are giving a full reign to yourself to choose the various aspects you are looking forward to in the space. On the other hand, when a regular general builder is performing the task, they would like to do things their way, without adding too much of your input. With Marwood Construction, you will make all the product selections when it comes to light fixtures, flooring, countertops, cabinets and even the exterior of your house, allowing you to customize it the way you want, all at competitive rates. Literally everything that is touched allows you the ability to place your signature of approval. 

  1. Commercial Construction

What happens when there is a difference of opinion during commercial construction?

The difference of opinion is quite common when two people belonging to completely depending mindsets sit together to form a strategy. However, at Marwood Construction, we make the thought-process of our clients our top-priority and brainstorm together to figure out what is best for the business. We also offer a 3D illustration of the project before commencing, so that both the team and the client are on the same page regarding the outcome. Having said that, should you have any changes you want to make to the project, you are welcome to do so by discussing the same with our project manager or supervisor.

Wrapping it up – Now that you have a clearer picture, it gets much easier for you to strike a meaningful conversation with your general contractor. Remember, little research on your part can take you a long way in terms of stating your goals and realizing your dreams. Driven by a client-centric approach, we make sure our services revolve around needs and preferences. Instead of imposing, we collaborate and communicate with our clients in helping them to achieve their goals. Do you mind booking a consultation with us? If not, then contact our team. We will be happy to guide and assist you on this ambitious journey of yours.

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