Remodel Whole House – Benefits for Better Living in Houston

08:04 May 2023
Remodel a Whole House in Houston

When you remodel a whole house to increase your own joy and lifestyle while converting your current house to a much greater desired abode. Remodel a whole house will also increase the value of your property considerably. These are just a few of the many benefits of a complete house remodel.

Your house is the most comfortable and peaceful place you can return to each day after completing a hectic and stressful schedule at work. However, with time, your house may undergo changes and lose its sheen and charm.

Consequently, you may harbor the thought of selling it and moving to a new house but the location, neighbors, schools, and other factors can keep you rooted in the same property.

So, instead of going about a renovation in a piecemeal manner, room by room, why not execute Houston renovation in one go? This is what you may call a whole house renovation wherein you go about remodeling 50% of your home.

Let us find out why it is important to undertake a whole home renovation instead of buying or constructing a new home. But before that, let us understand what it means to remodel whole house is all about.

What is a whole house renovation?

As stated earlier, when you remodel, change, or add 50% or more of your house under a Houston remodeling agreement, it can be referred to as a whole home renovation.

This is when you hire a home renovation contractor to substantially modify your outdated house that is in need of a large number of maintenance projects. This generally requires taking the sheetrock back to the studs to move walls and access plumbing and electrical sources. 

It is opposed to executing various remodeling projects over a period of time. The biggest benefit is, of course, getting a new house without being required to relocate.

Still, should you think that when you remodel a whole house can be a hassle of sorts, then think of the challenges you might face when searching for a new home, or moving lock, stock, and barrel to the new home and adjusting there.

Learn About the Benefits When you Remodel a Whole House

Remodel a Whole House in Houston

Benefits of a remodel whole house

As a homeowner, you can avail a host of benefits by choosing to remodel a whole house project over buying or constructing a new home.

#1. Great return on investment: 

Any home renovation of the whole home can transform its design and function and bring them at par with your expectations.

Since it is all about redesigning your home and addressing its maintenance needs, you can make changes that cater to your specific needs. For instance, you can make your kitchen more efficient or transform the living area into an open space. 

However, notwithstanding the type of remodeling services you choose, make sure the end result has something for everyone.

Further, some home renovations can fetch better returns than others – exterior siding and insulation, roofing, window and door upgrades, HVAC upgrades, room and/or garage addition, basement finish, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, and flooring and painting.

However, you may undertake any or all of these upgrades if you are planning to sell the property. Also, instead of following the current trends, which may not always stand the test of time, you can keep things neutral and traditional theme.

#2. Convenience: 

In most cases the remodel whole house project, the homeowners do not have to relocate. In fact, most home renovation contractors schedule their process according to the needs of the homeowners.

The renovation contractors know how to continue the project without inconveniencing the homeowners.

Completing the whole project in one go can mean less time engaged in construction. On the other hand, if room-by-room approach for remodeling or renovation is adopted then the process will be slower and time consuming.

You may go through our resource on home renovation and understand a step-by-step methodical approach to executing a house renovation project.

#3. Improved functionality: 

Any Houston remodel project involving your house allows you to customize it according to your needs and preferences. It gives you the opportunity to create better spaces for everyone in the family and make your home more comfortable and utilitarian to live in.

Among the additions or up gradation to be carried out during home renovations may include amenities or works such as a home theatre, study and/or playroom, basement finish, kitchen and/or bathroom upgrade, or wine cellar, among many others.

Importantly, working with professional home renovation companies, remodel contractors, or design build specialists for remodeling a whole house can deliver the best outcomes within your budget.

#4. Lower the energy costs: 

Your home might have been built many years ago when the concepts of energy efficiency and the impact of carbon footprint on the environment were not considered important.

However, with environmental concerns raising their heads and talks of smart homes doing the rounds, a whole house renovation work can show the way in making your house energy efficient and ensure savings on electricity bills.

To ensure the same, you may execute works such as upgrading your bathroom or kitchen, installing energy efficient lighting, insulating the walls for temperature control, upgrading the HVAC system, and making more use of natural lights, etc.

These changes can make your home more energy efficient and reduce your carbon footprint. Simply put, you can save money on energy usage in the long run. You may read our blog to know the 10 common and costly home remodeling mistakes to avoid.  

#5. Increased space: 

Your present home may have limited space or feel crowded and may not cater to all your needs. The reasons could be family expansion, setting up a work from home unit, or a change in your social profile, among others.

Remodel the whole house can give you the opportunity to add more space either by room addition, joining two rooms, or converting unused space, etc. The increased spaces thus created can cater to your family’s needs.

The most common house renovation work involves joining the kitchen and dining room where you can spend quality family time, besides serving your guests.

You can even think of converting the additional spaces for your personal interest rooms. You may view our video on getting that extra space in whole home renovation.

#6. Change in theme style: 

Your existing home may have a dated look thanks to its worn-out decor, the presence of old appliances, a defunct or poorly maintained plumbing system, a kitchen, or an old-styled bathroom.

When you remodel a whole house renovation you can get these things overhauled and give them a modern touch and style.

For instance, you may upgrade your bathroom and/or kitchen by adding new fixtures, tiles, lighting, countertops, etc. You can even redo the flooring by incorporating the latest style.

Contacting a renovation contractor can be very helpful in planning a comprehensive Houston renovation.

#7. Add life: 

When new, your house looked great, both from the looks and functionality aspects. However, with time and being exposed to the elements, it developed a jaded look. 

A whole home renovation project can spruce up the appearance of your dwelling, be it the outside facade or interiors.

The experts offering remodeling services can identify the areas of the house that require service and remodel them to look aesthetically appealing. A home renovation contractor can assess the property and suggest ways to fix almost any issue. 

These may include redoing the walls, painting, tiling, windows and/or doors, and others. In the ultimate analysis, the Houston remodel job can give a new life to your home and align it to your taste, style, needs, vision, and personality.

#8. Increase your social status in the neighborhood: 

Your neighbors may love you or maintain a good working relationship with you, but the sight of a renovated home can strengthen that relationship even more. 

A rundown or dilapidated looking home does not create a favorable impression about the owner in the neighborhood. Besides, such appearance of a property can reflect poorly on the neighborhood and reduce values. 

When you remodel whole house, you not only can enhance the appearance of your house but increase its resale value, and add to your social status as well.

You can showcase your home as a stepping stone for professional growth by inviting clients or colleagues there. 

In today’s day and age, business deals are often struck in residences over a cup of coffee or drink. And your revamped home exuding sheen and style can be the ideal place for networking and moving up the social ladder.

#9. Reduced maintenance costs: 

Remodeling your home with new features and finishes would mean less maintenance work down the road.

For instance, you may update your windows to get more natural light or repair the roof to plug a small leakage.

If these are not done in time, the cost of maintaining them can become huge with time. Thus, with modern upgrades to your home, you can end up saving money.


A whole home Houston renovation at one go should certainly be chosen over piecemeal renovation stretched over a period of time.

The benefits accrued in terms of savings on money and other areas as mentioned above can make your living comfortable and stress-free.

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