Remodeling Companies in Houston for the Best Remodel Results

11:03 Dec 2022
Different types of remodelers

Learn about the different types of remodelers and how to hire them

When undertaking a remodeling project, we all want to vet the best remodeling companies in Houston for your project that are available. The problem is for most of us, we don’t have a remodeling contractor on speed dial.

This begs the relevant questions leading up to selecting a remodel contractor;

So, before we can start preparing for our remodel, we need to hire a remodeler. We will begin by describing the different types of remodeling companies and how to approach selecting the best remodeler for you.

You should know if you have read our work on home remodeling, that you should be busy collecting your photo images and researching different products to incorporate into your remodeling design. The question you are asking yourself is how do I select the best remodeling companies in Houston?

With the advent of the internet selecting a remodeling contractor has become both easier and more challenging at the same time.

Although the internet offers far more information and resources then the old yellow pages, the challenge for a homeowner is sorting through the gauntlet of information available.

We will discuss the most popular resources available to owners for collecting relevant information and properly vetting the best remodeling contractors for you and your project.

Remodeling Contractors Houston

Different Types of Remodeling Companies in Houston

The first thing that is important to understand is that all remodeling companies are not the same.

The first distinction is that most remodeling contractors are either self-performing (employee-based labor) or use subcontractor skilled labor during construction. There are pros and cons with each of these service-based approaches.

The second distinction is that most remodeling companies focus on providing very specific and limited services. These represent such trades as specialty licensed trade contractors like plumbing, electrical and HVAC home services.

While others may focus on providing kitchen and bathroom renovation services. Still another group of home improvement contractors will focus on replacement products such as windows & doors, siding and flooring.

In cases where the owner wants more extensive changes that include more complicated remodeling services such as design, structural modifications and orchestrating multiple subcontractors, the services of a Houston remodeling contractor would be warranted.

So having a good understanding of what your remodel needs are will save you time and aggravation moving forward to meet your project goals.

∙Self-Performing vs Sub Contractor Work Force – All remodeling companies require labor to perform specific skills for their services. These will be either self-performing or the use of labor subcontractors or both. Self-performing contractors usually operate with employees, while subcontractors hire independent operating skilled labor.

∙Home Improvement Contractors – Home improvement contractors are a group of remodeling companies in Houston that typically focus on home product replacement services. These can be either service based such as plumbing, electrical and heating & air conditioning services or replacement products for garage doors, roofing replacement and flooring.

∙Kitchen & Bath Renovation Contractors – Another group of remodel contractors and renovation contractors specialize in kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling are the most popular remodeling projects in the remodeling industry.

∙General Contractors – Most traditional remodeling contractors Houston are in fact general contractors. They hire and facilitate multiple labor contractors to build to the specifications of both the plans and owner. General contractors act as quality control, business agent and owner’s rep in the affairs of a remodel.

Finding Remodeling Companies Houston

After you have identified the appropriate Houston remodeling contractor the next step is to locate and begin the hiring process. There are many different methods available to assist you with locating, vetting and hiring the right remodel contractor for your project.

∙Price vs Value – One of the most important matters to determine when preparing to find your remodeling contractor is understanding the price / value relationship of different remodeling contracting services.

That is to say, what is the highest priority to you when evaluating the contractors cost of different services. Remodeling contractors Houston offers a variety of services that should fit their clients project needs.

One homeowner may want the remodeler to provide a full-time site manager and daily report updates on the project process, while another owner would prefer to get the cheapest remodel contractor price available.

These different services offered add cost and value to the remodelers services. If an owner does not see the value of these services, they are not likely to want to pay for specific services.

There is a price / value relationship in the type of remodeling contractor Houston you will be hiring. Understanding the layers of services, you are expecting and the remodel contractor’s ability to provide these services is essential to identify in the selection process.

Houston remodeling contractors’ fees vary based upon their companies overhead, construction services offered and the risk that the project represents.

Remodeling Companies in Houston

∙Ask Friends & Family – One of the easiest methods of finding a remodeling contractor is to ask your family and friends.

If they have done business directly with a remodeler, they can provide a trustworthy recommendation about the remodeler’s capabilities.

It is still important to verify that the Houston remodeling contractor is the type of contractor you are looking for as well as a good business fit with your project needs.

∙Read Performance Reviews – The internet has provided an opportunity for consumers to research what other owners have experienced working with a specific remodeling company.

The internet provides countless sites that allow customers of contractors for remodeling public access to share their opinions about their personal experience working with a specific remodeling company.

There are advantages for both remodelers and owners with published performance reviews.

It is not always viable to get owners to share their experiences with potential clients and logistically challenging for past clients to allow visits to their homes to see past work.

The internet provides an effective method of sharing both past project experience and project types with future clients.

The benefits for the owner are that the internet provides a real time resource for future owners to research and evaluate the past projects and performance of their remodeling company candidates.

∙Study Project Photo Gallery – Most remodeling companies have a company web site that promotes photo images of past projects.

This provides future clients an opportunity to view the type of projects and the quality of the work that the remodeling contractor has provided in the past.

A future client can also research articles and web site pages of the remodel contractor’s that provides supporting information regarding their services and competencies.

∙Get To Know Your Contractor Personally – In many cases an owner can spend months or even years with their remodeling company depending on the size of the project.

It is highly recommended that an owner takes the time to actually get to know their remodeling contractor Houston. Finding a contractor that is like minded in the design and business approach can pay great dividends in avoiding future conflicts and misaligned expectations caused by general differences.

Having a personal relationship with your remodeler can result in a stronger business bond and a much more pleasant remodel experience for both parties.

Selecting the best remodeling companies in Houston, there are a number of different types of Houston remodeling contractors to choose from for your remodeling contracting requirements.

These include such special services as home improvement replacement contractors, kitchen remodeling & bathroom remodeling contractors and general contractors. One of the keys to a successful remodeling project is understanding the type of remodeling contractor Houston you actually need.

We have also discussed the importance of understanding the depth of the services you are seeking from your remodeler.

If a higher level of professional service attention is required by you, the actual cost of the remodel contractor’s fees will reflect these services.

If you wish to minimize your remodeler’s fees, you should expect to sacrifice a higher level of professional services.

The internet has become the preferred method of locating and initially vetting contractors for remodeling.

The ability to seek professional performance reviews and research your remodelers web site provides the owner with an excellent opportunity to shop for a remodeling contracting.

An owner should seek a remodeler that shares their architectural appetite and philosophical approach of remodeling.

Once you have researched your candidates for a short list of Houston remodeling contractors it is time to drill down on a deeper qualification to acquire a trust advisor relationship.

The pursuit of a professional working relationship requires a commitment and patience in a diligent process that will lead you to a decision.

The following steps is such a process that will provide you the information required for the best desired results.

Evaluating Your Remodel Contractor

The preliminary research is to develop your short list of competent remodeling contractors Houston. The rule of thumb is to reduce your general search criteria to 2 or 3 prospective hiring candidates at this stage.

Evaluating the selected remodeling contractor should take as long as you need to trust and feel comfortable doing business with them.

If you have questions about their ability or character after your due diligence process, you need to continue this process until you find the best remodeling contractor in Houston for your needs.

Houston Remodeling Contractors

∙Prepare Interview Questions – Developing a list of relevant questions is a requirement of the vetting process. A list of uniform questions provides a uniform method to measure each of the likely contractors.

These questions should address such matters as how does the contractors process work and what types of service can you expect during pre-construction through post construction completion.

These questions should also create an opportunity to understand your contractor’s business acumen and ethics. Getting a clear understanding of how the contractor negotiates and resolves disputes.

This can provide you a greater depth of insight to the type of business practices you can expect from them. For a list of effective questions visit remodeling companies questions.

∙Discuss Previous Customers & Projects – Each contractor for remodeling will have case studies of the many customers and projects they have served over the years. These stories are invaluable to comprehend the manner in which they facilitate their construction process and how they value their customers.

These discussions should drill down into how the remodeler managed the actual design, product selection, site inspection processes. Things like construction cost updates, change order processing and plan redesigns can be expected in any project.

In depth discussions with the remodeling contractor will serve you in making a decision about which general contractor is right for you.

∙Understand Your Remodeling Contractors Approach – Each contractor for remodeling usually has a very defined method of construction and customer service.

As mentioned, having knowledge of your remodel contractor’s design / construction process approach helps reduce unpleasant surprises, while allowing you to plan and prepare more effectively.

This applies to critical matters such as completing selections orderly & timely, progress payments and requesting changes to completed work. Every remodeler will require a very specific and different method for processing these requests.

Other important discussions should include points of daily contact, procedure for various levels of day-to-day communications and the involvement of 3rd party professional party consultants.

∙Trust Your Instinct and Intuition – As you might expect the nature of these type of questions creates either an open dialog or a limited exchange of ideas.

This type of conversation allows the owner to assess an instinctive reaction to the remodelers’ answers and develop an intuition about the remodeling contractor’s business acumen.

Between obtaining the procedural information and developing an intuitive perspective, the owner can develop a much greater insight to what doing business with a particular remodel contractor will be like. This allows the owner a greater opportunity to avoid selecting the wrong remodeler for his needs.

∙Discuss The Construction Plan in Detail – Another important area of concern that requires more attention is a in depth discussion about the details of the construction plan. Contractors for remodeling take for granted the construction plan because they have built the project on paper from many vantage points.

These include building a schedule and construction budget from the virtual construction process. They have also formulated contingency plans for commonly expected interruptions such as weather and labor shortages.

Remodel Companies in Houston

Hiring Your Remodeling Contractor

After collecting hours of information and insight from the short list of remodel contractors, it is time to make a decision about your project partner.

Prepared with a home design, a detailed construction proposal and a construction plan, there are still a number of remodeling contracting matters that need to be clarified.

Finalizing your hiring of a Houston remodeling contractor requires selecting a construction contract, a construction schedule, securing an insurance certificate and negotiating the progress payments.

∙Contract Options – There are a number of different construction contracts that can be entered into between both parties. Deciding which construction contract is best for you is often determined by understanding the amount of systemic and non-systemic risk the owner is willing to accept.

The systemic risk would be such items as financial risk, liability risk and construction risk. The non-systemic risk is those risk associated with weather, political and other risk not commonly controlled by either party.

If the owner is willing to accept a higher amount of risk to reduce the proposed construction cost, the owner would welcome a construction management contract. If the owner’s goal is to transfer the highest level of project risk to the contractor for remodeling, then the best option is to enter into a fixed price contract.

There are other options such as a cost-plus contract and time and material contracts that are also available that share risk between both owner and builder.

∙Insurance Needs – It should be expected that your remodeling company has general liability and vehicle insurance as a general operating condition of a project. If they are operating as a self-performing contractor, they should also have workman’s compensation.

If they are using subcontractors, you should expect that they would be requiring the appropriate insurance from each subcontractor.

Both the owner and the Houston remodeling company should have a discussion concerning builders risk insurance.

Homeowners insurance does not cover many of the risk associated with most forms of construction or home remodeling. It is a responsible approach to evaluate this risk imposed to your property.

∙Progress Payments – A payment schedule is a typical method of compensating your remodel company. These payments are traditionally based upon project progress milestones such as completion of a certain event such as cover up inspections or installation of certain products.

On smaller remodel projects the progress payments may be structured as 50% deposit and 50% at completion. The larger the dollar amount the greater the need for more interval payment milestones.

∙Schedule – The construction schedule is developed by the remodeler when they are preparing the construction budget and planning the project. The construction schedule has two functions for your remodeling company.

The first is that it is a planning tool to determine a path for building and completing the project. The second function is to plan a time line for ordering materials, managing cash flow and milestones for client selections and site meetings.

∙Timely Completion of Requested Selections – One more word on schedules and construction progress. It is essential for the sake of the project that product and material selections required to be made by the owner, be made in a timely and orderly manner.

The contractor for remodeling should provide the owner with a detailed list of products that are required to be selected by the owners. This selection item list should be prioritized to identify the order of importance and timeline that these items are to be finalized.

Selecting the best Houston remodel contractor is a necessity for the successful completion of any major Houston remodel. Following the fore mentioned detailed and orderly approach will increase your chances substantially of achieving the best results for a functional and constructive relationship with your contractor for remodeling.


Selecting a Houston remodeler for your remodeling contracting project is the most important decision you will be required to make.

Understanding how to hire a remodeling company will reduce your risk of an undesirable results and increase the likelihood of a good remodeling experience. To learn more about the home renovation experience.

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