Remodel a Home – Ultimate List of Problems & Mistakes to Avoid

09:47 Dec 2022
Problems and mistakes during home remodeling

Avoiding common problems and mistakes during home remodeling

Remodel a home in Houston project requires patience and planning to execute successfully. Renovating or remodeling your existing house can be done by either hiring professional contractors for remodeling the home or doing it yourself.

Although a remodel home project can be an exciting process to be a part of you need to make sure it is done correctly the first time. This is due to your home remodel being a substantial investment. If you are required to redo the parts of a major remodel home project, it is likely to get pricey.

Remember, the cost of renovating your home can be staggering. As per Remodeling Magazine, a midrange minor kitchen renovation can cost an average of $28,000, while a major kitchen remodel will set you back in the range of $81,000. A bathroom remodel, on an upscale project, can come to an average of $80,000.

Add a master suite addition, you are likely looking at a range of $176,000. So, it goes without saying that if you are planning on gutting your home, you will have a major investment to manage.

In addition to managing the construction cost, you need to be concerned with managing a diverse range of people, namely, architects, designers, contractors, and subcontractors for the Houston remodeling project.

To make sure the job is planned and executed smoothly, and to prevent your investments in money, time, and effort from going haywire, here are some of the common home renovation problems or mistakes that you can avoid.

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Home Renovation Problems to Avoided

Any home renovation work can improve the functionality and aesthetic value of your home, and should be proceeded with proper knowledge and planning. Here are 10 of the most common home renovation problems you can avoid and end up realizing your vision without getting into a more costly situation.

Detail remodeling issues and solutions to mitigate problems

#1. Don’t Rush to Start the Job

Are you one of those who has made up his or her mind on Houston home remodel by watching home improvement shows on TV?

These shows often make it appear so simple to complete any home renovation work within a week. Keep in mind these shows are required to be entertaining to remain on the air.

Do not make the mistake of getting carried away by the unrealistic expectations of TV shows, for real life is different and you need the time to plan, execute each step of the job meticulously, and address any challenges.

You have to prepare for the enormity of the project by giving enough time to plan, assemble a team and execute with minimum stress. Among the mistakes that you can make in planning is setting an unrealistic budget.

Home renovations can cost you more than expected and you need to set aside a sum, say around 20% more than your budget, to meet any surprises. You may further read our guide for home remodeling and be better prepared for the project.

#2. Set a Realistic Budget

You wouldn’t want to stare at empty coffers in the middle of your home remodeling in Houston. However, unless you set a realistic budget and choose the right areas to remodel, the cost can go north while the project is underway.

For instance, you may want to move a load bearing wall to open the space up, only to find that you will be required to engineer a special beam due to the overall span of the wall.

These types of situations can cause cumulative cost to suddenly look intimidating. Hence, to avoid facing any unexpected cost overruns, add 10 – 20% to the total budget.

Remodeling a home is not as expensive as a new construction project, but it still calls for huge investments. We suggest you not to stick to restricted or a reliable budget.

Would you like to compromise on the quality of building materials for saving money?

It could have an impact on the durability and serviceability of your home in the long run. Gather or expand your funds to finance this ambitious task.

#3. Consider Return on Investment

A renovation project can turn out to be highly satisfying as you get to live in an almost new home with better comfort, convenience, features, aesthetics, and even security. But should you plan to sell your home for any reason, make sure the newly renovated home gives you a good return on investment.

Remember, many renovations often can be very expensive, but do not quite add value to the property. This calls for choosing the Houston home remodeling project with proper planning.

For instance, doing a bathroom remodel might cost $50,000. You may only recoup only a measly 54% in home value compared to 78% in a kitchen remodel (Source: Remodeling magazine 2020 Cost versus Value Report.)

So, consult with a local real-estate agent and home remodeler about the returns you might experience from a Houston remodeling project as certain upgrades in your area might fetch more returns.

Additionally, you may read our blog to know how Houston property values can be influenced by home remodeling and decide accordingly on the areas of renovation.

#4. Choosing a Home Remodeler Houston without Properly Vetting

An experienced home remodeler offering remodeling services is arguably the most important person in consulting and completing your home remodeling project. He or she will be involved right from the planning stage to the eventual completion of the project.

As the Houston home remodeling contractor, they will be your single point of contact in arranging and overseeing every aspect of the renovation project, namely, labor, subcontractors, materials, equipment, meeting coding laws, etc. You may even read our blog to know the reasons for hiring a home remodeling contractor and how he or she can be a better option instead of going the DIY way.

However, many times, homeowners do not properly vet their home remodel contractors, which can turn out to be a terrible mistake as inexperienced home remodeler can end up doing more harm than good.

They may commit mistakes, which when resurfacing later, can cost you dearly. Before you commence any remodeling contracting, take your time to conduct due diligence by preparing a list of questions to ask the Houston home remodel contractor.

For instance, do they have the experience in executing a renovation project like yours or what sort of challenges they anticipate in such a project, or are they insured and licensed.

Major remodeling contracting takes a highly skilled a trained home remodeling contractor to avoid the many land mines along the home remodeling journey.

#5. Overlooking the Personality of the Home Remodeling Contractor

You may have ticked all the right boxes while choosing a remodeling contractor for your home remodel. These may include checking online reviews and recommendations and finding out if he or she is licensed and insured, among others.

However, you may fall short in conducting due diligence if you overlook one crucial aspect – personality.

Is the contractor for home remodeling a good listener?

He or she share your vision for the project or is more interested in doing it his own way?

A personal connection with the home remodeler you hire for your project can make a huge difference. They will keep you updated about the project, oversee every aspect in your absence, take care of or guide you in completing the associated jobs like meeting regulatory requirements or address unexpected challenges that may crop up during the execution of the project.

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#6. Poor Planning and Scheduling

Ideally, this is one of the important remodeling services the house remodeler you hire will perform. However, should you happen to go the DIY way, make sure the scheduling for each step of the project is proper.

For instance, do you (and your family) want to stay put in the building after the commencement of the renovation project?
Or shift to an Airbnb apartment?
The schedule should have detailed timelines with major milestones to be achieved.

The planning and scheduling should involve determining the time (and place) to procure materials, appliances, fixtures, etc. You should be able to keep the project on track if you encounter delays in getting permission etc.

A professional team will properly plan and schedule every aspect of the renovation project to meet the cost and time thresholds.

#7. Not Obtaining a Building Permit

Some homeowners may make the cardinal mistake of executing the remodel without obtaining the necessary permit. In such cases, the local authorities may stop the construction process or worse, demolish the already completed work citing safety reasons.

Also, legal or regulatory permits can help you sell the property at a later date and get you good returns. Houston permits are available for public viewing and available for purchase at the City of Houston Building Department.

Having substantial work done without an engineering report or a completed building permit can cause problems when it’s time to sell your house. It can also lead to problematic issues of non compliant work slipping past inspector’s eyes.

#8. Avoiding Safety Measures During Demolition

Demolishing a house or certain portions of it during the renovation process can cause accidents if proper safety precautions are not taken. The accidents can be caused due to falling debris, electrical fires, or water pipe bursting leading to injures or the property suffering damages.

Also, the dust generated can infiltrate every area of your home making it inhabitable. This makes it all-important to hire experienced remodeling contractor who take the necessary safety precautions and are insured to take care of any exigency.

OSHA regulates the construction industry for more information about construction safety practices.

#9. Overlooking Structural Problems

Many homeowners often look at the aesthetics aspects of construction and overlook the more critical structure ones.

For instance, they may not pay enough attention to structural problem indicators, such as termite infested areas of the home or permanent damage done to the structure from years of undiscovered water intrusion or foundation settlement.

These types of problems are common to older houses and are not always visible to an untrained eye. Left unattended during remodeling a home will lead to the new improvements being ultimately destroyed when these conditions finally escalate.

#10. Being too Trendy

Don’t fall for trends and upgrade your building based on that, for trends can be short-lived. Invest in good designs that last forever and put more emphasis on functionality rather than mere aesthetics

Also, don’t rush to buy furniture, appliances, flooring, and other materials unless you are sure of the measurements. Don’t risk accommodating things that may not fit in the remodeled home. You may view our video to know how to get some extra space through a home renovation.

Remodeling contracting your home to upgrade its functional space as well aesthetics can be an overwhelming job unless you plan it properly.

By taking care of the above-mentioned points, you can ensure the success of the project with a minimum of fuss. In case you want to further augment your knowledge on the costly mistakes to avoid during Houston renovation.

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#11. Stay True to a Design Without Mixing Too Many Trends

Do not try to amalgamate all the remodeling trends for your home improvement project. Every Houston home remodel is unique and requires the incorporation of specific trends.

If your home has a rustic feel to it, do not try too hard to give it an industrial look. Instead, what you can do is add decor ideas that accentuate its original essence & design. Playing with too many trends can backfire by delivering eyesore home sight.

To keep confusion at a distance, consult with a Houston remodeling contractor for correct guidance and the best remodeling result.

#12. Not Adding Energy-Efficient Features

Want an updated home to live in?
That’s great, but what about adding the energy-saving features?

With climatic changes alarming the world, we need to adapt responsible living style and build green homes. Go for energy-efficient windows, doors, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, and do your part in creating a sustainable world.

Further, this incorporation gives you a robust living space thereby keeping you and your family members in good health. In this regard, you can hire one of the home contractors in Houston and seek advice.

#15. Insufficient or Poor Communication with the Remodel Contractor

You sure have hired an experienced remodeler for your home improvement, but it does not preclude you from tracking the progress of the remodel home.

If you are not following up with your home remodeler, it is a blunder you are making. Without proper communication, you will stay oblivious of the latest developments.

On the other hand, effective communication with the home remodeler allows you to ensure that results are meeting your requirements and there is an open dialog.

Apart from checking the price factor, make sure you hire a home remodeler that is open to new ideas and ready to interact with his clients happily.


Houston remodel home is not a cakewalk at all. The process takes lots of planning, coordination, and efforts to provide a quality result.

Whether you are in the middle of the home remodeling process or planning to start one, do not make the costly mistakes discussed here.

Looking for the safest bet? Simply hire Marwood Construction, one of the high-rated home remodeling contractors in Houston.

When you are treading the area of home remodeling, you have to take cautious decisions at every step of the process. Once a wrong decision has been made, it can produce nerve-wracking and irrevocable consequences.

The magnitude of full-scale remodeling may not as huge as new home construction, but the gravity of this task is no less demanding. As a first-time venturer, you are sure to receive unsolicited pieces of advice.

Some may ask you to try DIY remodeling ideas, while others might ask you to hire a sub-par remodeling contracting company in order to help you get quality service at low prices.

However, things are way too complex to be measured in simplistic metrics such as these. For the best Houston home remodeling result, you need to follow a few pro tips. Likewise, one must also know the red flags to avoid major renovation problems.

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