Commercial Construction Company for Building Services

11:20 May 2023
Commercial Construction Company

A commercial construction company can be both large and small in scale, scope, and cost, and involve scores of people from various disciplines.

The types of commercial construction companies building services may include constructing an office complex, shopping mall, school, entertainment plaza, and others.

However, as a project owner, you should know that there are specialized commercial contracting firms that execute larger and more diverse projects that require hundreds of people as well as commercial construction companies that effectively construct smaller buildings that only employ small crews.

It would be prudent to interview and vet the appropriate type of commercial construction company to plan and complete the type of project you need by discussing the perimeters of the budget and timelines.

The vetting process of your commercial construction company is essential for your project to avoid facing delays, cost revisions and escalations, quality and compliance issues, and many other hassles.  

So, before hiring an expert for a commercial general contracting firm, it is better to understand the exact kind of services that are being offered by the commercial construction company you are evaluating.

Your discussions should include a performance matrix of previous projects, an examination of their building portfolio, and a basic business credit review of the commercial construction company. You want to know if the firm pays its subcontractors and suppliers.

Understanding the firm’s core construction expertise is helpful in recognizing its strengths. Some may have the expertise and experience in executing design-build projects while others may be specialized in remodeling or renovation of a property.

So, before committing yourself to a particular expert, it is better to recognize the difference between the firm’s expertise and your project needs. This insight will help you to choose the right contractor and type of construction to meet your project goals.

In addition to selecting the appropriate commercial construction company, choosing an appropriate construction services category will provide you with better guidance in developing the estimated construction cost and advice on other factors such as durability, functionality, aesthetics, and resale value, among others for your project.

We will assist you in developing a better understanding of the various commercial construction companies offering services in Houston.

Learn About the Variety of Commercial Construction Companies Building Services

Commercial Construction Company

What is commercial construction?

As the name suggests, commercial construction is about building new public assessable properties (shopping plazas, retail strip centers, office spaces, showrooms, restaurants, etc) from the ground up.

The construction process involves clearing the site, laying the foundation, erecting the structure, and building it out.

These types of projects are generally larger and more complex in terms of ideation, design, hiring, and construction, and entail various design and construction steps.

The five broad steps or phases required in selecting a commercial construction company are:

Hiring the architect:

Since the architect is tasked with drawing the design of the property by incorporating the design parameter requirements given by the project owner, he or she should be experienced in creating designs of a similar occupancy space.

This will help the owner to understand the recommendations of the latest design trends and features to be incorporated into the design plan.

If the building design is not working under the watchful I of the general contractor, they should have the capabilities of the cost of construction to build when designing a property.

Choose a commercial contractor:

This is arguably the biggest factor in ensuring the successful completion of a construction project.

This is due to the fact that a general contractor will be responsible for the conduct of the following activities:

  • Executing the construction from design through completion,
  • Provisioning the project with materials, labor, and equipment,
  • Communicating with subcontractors to complete specific areas or aspects of the building,
  • Ensuring the compliance of the building with building codes and local ordinances,
  • Progressive scheduling & compliance with the inspection of the building from local authorities

Tender bid:

The commercial general contractor solicits competitive bids for the various tasks and materials defined in the plans and specifications needs of the construction project.

The prime general contractors then prepare the owner a schedule of values with either a fixed price, cost plus, or a project management contract for their services.

The general contractor selected should not only offer the owner construction services required to build the property improvements but should have the ability to communicate regularly with the owner, stay current on the construction administration requirements, and maintain proper construction document control throughout the project.

Construction and certification:

The actual construction process involving key players such as subcontractors, MEP, masons, steel erectors, and other specialists needs to be monitored on a day-to-day basis and the project owner to be updated on the progress of work.

Any issue or challenge facing the project is discussed threadbare with the project owner and the ways to mitigate the same.

Further, during construction, various aspects of the building need to be inspected by the local authorities and engineers to ensure they comply with the regulatory standards and building codes.

A building is required to receive a certificate of occupancy before the tenants can take occupancy. This includes the Fire Marshall, the structural approvals, and compliance with the Texas Architectural Barriers Inspection.

Commission and handover:

The completed building is checked by the project owner and is finally handed over by the contractor for further use after the certificate of occupancy is issued.

Often the tenant build out will begin prior to the completion of the building. Even if the build out is completed before the building, no one is allowed to take occupancy until the building occupancy compliance has been certified.

You may read our resource on commercial construction to know more about the process and the way to select a general contractor, among others.

What is commercial remodeling?

A commercial establishment may need an upgrade to accommodate new features, make an extension, improve the services, or to better compete for clients.

Commercial remodeling can involve interiors, exteriors, and the function or architectural features of the building. Remodeling helps to improve the façade of a building, parking, and signage.

While interior renovations can introduce a completely new purpose for the business space use, which is referred to as a change of use.

Commercial spaces are typically larger open spaces and are defined by the office equipment and furnishings.

To remain cost effective many offices and retail spaces will use the display partitions and movable walls to separate employees. Examples of this kind of remodeling may include:

  • Expanding space in the building by combining two or more rooms into one big space. This is done by removing any type of barriers such as walls or partitions.
  • Adding to the exterior or interior of a building, say by creating a garden inside or multiple rooms from a single large space.
  • Fully change the layout or structure of the building premises.

Commercial remodeling is often considered a hassle-prone job thanks to work interruptions and the costs involved.

The fact of the matter is that even if there are temporary interruptions faced by businesses operating out of the property, the whole remodeling process can be thought through and implemented in phases or stages to minimize the interruptions.

Commercial Remodeling Houston

The benefits of commercial remodeling are as follows:

  • Offers a fresh business profile to all stakeholders including the clients.
  • Generates pride and a feeling of joy among office employees to be working in the refurbished premises.
  • Improves the workflow and organization of the office space.
  • Enhances employee productivity and efficiency.
  • Increases the value of the property.
  • Increases energy efficiency by installing state-of-the-art energy-efficient devices and systems (ACs, LEDs, and fluorescent fixtures, among others).
  • Fresh interiors can attract new employees during recruitment.
  • Cost-effective than investing in building a new property from the ground up.

You may read our blog to know about the benefits of commercial remodeling in detail.

What is commercial renovation?

A commercial renovation is about repairing or restoring an existing property to make it look new and appealing to the onlookers.

Commercial renovations will typically involve the replacement of major components such as the roof, mechanical equipment, new plumbing systems, and upgrading the components of the electrical system.

Commercial renovations are considered to be more expensive than commercial remodeling. It may be considered for reasons such as:

  • To enhance the appearance and functionality of the building and the space within.
  • To increase the resale value of the property.
  • To bring the outdated building up to code.
  • Change of use employed by the new owner.

Some examples of the commercial renovation include:

  • Changing the light fixtures and improving, replacing, or upgrading an inefficient or outdated electrical system.
  • Repairing or replacing worn-out siding or brick to transform the structural integrity and aesthetics of the premises.
  • Installing new life safety equipment like fire sprinklers.
  • Repairing or replacing old tiles with high-valued and durable porcelain tiles.

During the process of renovation, there may be inconveniences caused to the people working in the premises but a seasoned contractor can ensure the work goes on without causing any hassle.

The general contractor may barricade the area of renovation or do the work during non-office hours or on weekends.

However, if the renovation work is quite extensive then the businesses operating out of the property may be asked to shift elsewhere temporarily. You may view our video to know the job of a contractor in executing a commercial construction project.


Whether a project owner has a need for new construction, remodeling, or renovation, it is of critical importance to hire the right type of general contractor.

Houston general contractors should not only have the knowledge of the construction process and building codes, connections, and leverage with suppliers but the experience to handle any challenge that may develop in meeting the construction goals within the constraints of budget and time.

The project owner may hire a general contractor who has experience in all three types of work – new construction, remodeling, and renovation, but should be prepared to conduct the proper due diligence early in the selection process.

The owner should consult a number of general contracting firms in determining the type of commercial contracting that they provide and evaluating their fit to the owner’s project.

You may further read a blog elucidating the differences between the three forms of a commercial construction project.

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