Commercial Renovators for Commercial Renovating in Houston

10:03 Jun 2023
Commercial Renovators

Commercial renovating requires the services of qualified professional commercial renovators in Houston.

A commercial renovating project is required by any owner with a property of an age greater than 15 years in service or greater.

Soliciting the expert opinion of commercial renovators will prove to be one of the best decisions you make during your property renovation.

There are many different types of property renovating projects in Houston and they all have their challenges.

Renovation contracting requires careful and thoughtful planning in preparing for any type of property improvement project.

Commercial renovators can help identify the number of potential issues that need to be addressed in the pre-construction phase.

Many of these challenges are associated with avoiding interrupting the business during construction.

Professional commercial renovators will offer you the guidance to prepare, plan and execute most property renovations you might be considering.

Learn about the commercial renovations that commercial renovators offer

  • Preplanning for a Property Renovation
  • Selecting Commercial Renovators
  • Commercial Renovation Project Types
  • Developing Predesign Investment Budget
  • Selecting Construction Delivery Method
  • Building Design Process
  • Commercial Construction Requirements

Commercial Renovators

Preplanning for a Property Renovation

There are a number of activities that must be started by the owner before they can engage commercial renovators.

Preconstruction planning for a renovation is required to be efficient and effective commercial renovation.

These items reflect having a general idea of your property design goals, expected personnel needed in the coming future, accumulated space square footage required, and a temporary workspace plan during the property renovations.

If financing will be required, you will need to create a preliminary space plan and develop a target investment budget for the expected construction cost.

These documents should be sufficient to determine the purposeful and financial feasibility of your project.

It is also a good idea to capture some inspirational photos to help share your vision with the design team.

Developing a list of special product selections, you are interested in using will also be helpful in creating selection allowances for finished products.

To discover more about preplanning for a Houston commercial renovation project visit our link.

Selecting Commercial Renovators

One of the most important decisions you will be required to make is selecting the commercial renovators to evaluate for managing your project.

This starts with a general internet search for a list of qualified commercial renovators.

Visiting their website will provide you with a sense of the firm’s philosophy and give you the opportunity to view their project portfolio.

Read some of their articles to get a perspective on their business acumen and how they believe that they can provide value to their customers.

Do an online investigation about their reputation by reading reviews, examining their DNB report, and reviewing their social media for comments that can sync you into how they do business.

If there is not much available for you to review online, prepare a list of important leading questions to invoke a conversation.

These questions should be designed to determine if you are like minded in your business acumen.

If you are in need of some questions, visit questions for contractors.

Once you feel you can create a short list of the 2 or 3 commercial renovators it’s time to meet to request them to develop a complete scope of work for the project.

This will serve two needs, first, this will provide you with a reasonable target budget for arranging to finance, secondly, the preliminary proposals can be compared to determine their completeness.

Continue your conversations with your short list of commercial renovators until you can determine who you are most like minded and aligned with.

To learn more about hiring a commercial remodeler, visit our link.

Commercial Renovation Project Types

There are many different Houston commercial renovation projects in construction.

Owners of various businesses have different motivations and needs for improvements to their properties.

Some of these justifications are;

  • a change in use of their facility,
  • an upgrade in the finishes,
  • an expansion of the building,
  • rerouting of the work flow,
  • consolidation of service departments,

Each of these different types of project assignments has various means and methods to conduct a proper renovation.

These include various schemes for staging phased renovating for projects that will allow the business to be conducted while under construction.

They also include renovations that require work to be conducted after hours.

The point is that each project is crafted to the owner’s needs and specifications.

So, there is far more to consider than the materials and labor to complete a project.  

Developing a Predesign Investment Budget

As we have mentioned, there are various reasons to prepare an investment budget early in the design process.

They provide a monetary guide for the designer and allow the owner to determine the financial feasibility of renovation options.

It is worth mentioning that the investment budget still requires to be qualified and vetted by the owner.

There are a number of methods to determine the credibility of an investment construction budget.

The easiest is to request a short list of commercial renovators for a scope of work and a budgetary construction cost range.

Without construction documents, a construction cost budgetary range is the best you can expect, but professional general contractors have the construction cost history to provide a highly qualified estimate of the total construction cost with a 10% -15% contingency factor.

Once construction documents have been created the same general contractors can revisit their proposal to update the scope of work and provide the owner with a fixed price.

If you would like to dive deeper into commercial renovation estimating read our link.

Selecting Construction Delivery Method

There are two generally accepted construction delivery methods for owners to choose from prior to commencing the building design process.

The first is called the design to bid approach and the second is called design to build.

            Design to Bid – The design to bid is the traditional estimating and construction approach. This approach is when the owner selects an architect and engineer to create building plans and construction documents to solicit bids from general contractors.

            Design to Build – The design to build approach is when the owner hires the general contractor to prepare the design plans and engineering documents for the project. During this approach, the general contractor guides the design process to maintain the investment budget.

Houston Commercial Renovators

Building Design Process

The building design process consists of 3 stages of process development. The stages of the architectural development process are progressive and require the participation of the owner before advancing to the next stage.

The design process’s speed to completion depends upon the collaboration and cooperation of the members of the design team, the principle of the owners making deliberate choices and the designers turning around the deliverables.

The design process for our space begins with collecting and mapping out renovation ideas for

            Preliminary Drawings – The preliminary design stage is essential to capture the intent of the design as a working concept drawing. During this stage, the designer captures the footprint and artic elevation profile of the building. A site plan may also be drawn at this time if the owner is in need of an architectural review board approval.

            Working Drawings – The working drawing design stage commences after the owner approves the preliminary design. During the working drawing stage, the drawing is scaled and receives dimensions. Kitchens and bathroom elevations are also prepared along with wall sections and general assembly details.

            Final Drawings – The final drawings are started after the approval of the working drawing stage and after the engineering drawings have been completed and reviewed for acceptance by the architect. The architect can then complete the required pages, review them for accuracy and stamp the drawing. After the plans are stamped the architect will submit them to the building department for permitting.

To learn more about the commercial architectural design process please follow or link.

Commercial Construction Requirements

The Houston commercial construction process is the business process of using labor, material, and equipment to construct a finished structure per the designed building plans and supportive construction documents.

It is up to the general contractor to decide the most effective methods and means to execute the design plans.

General contractors will strategically work with their subcontractors and suppliers to coordinate the scheduled activities of the execution plan.

These commercial renovators perform 2 primary functions of general contracting.

The first of these is the onsite management of the construction activities.

These are material quality controls, compliance inspections, material management, labor management, document controls, and the general coordinating and logistical planning involved in an execution plan.

The second is the back-office responsibilities that renovation contractors carry out.

These are activities like bookkeeping, accounts payable, contracts and insurance administration, change orders, and financial affairs.  

In addition, the material procurement, scheduling, estimating, and procurement also take place in the general operation offices of the renovation contractors.


Houston building renovation requires the professional services of commercial renovators in preparing, planning, and executing a property renovation.

Commercial renovators understand the most cost-effective methods of renovating and dealing with the logistical challenges of general contracting around an ongoing business.

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