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12:52 Aug 2023
Custom Home Remodeling

Anyone that has been through a custom home remodeling Houston project or a house renovation can tell you that the results are far more rewarding than the actual process.

But when you have a luxury house and it seems like everything is beginning to break down, it’s time to think about a custom home remodeling Houston.

If you have been through a custom home remodeling project, you understand that it is far more cost effective to tackle when combining needed replacement products like the roof or air conditioning equipment with the remodel job.

Combing the need of obsolete products with a home remodel project is more convenient than having servicemen in your house every month.

The other common reason that homeowners endure the inconveniences of tearing up their luxury houses is that regardless of how well your original dwelling was designed and built, when the house ages to 10 to 20 years, houses become outdated.

This can be the result of your lifestyle changing or maybe when you bought the house everything was not what you desired. That is why most owners are willing to make the short-term sacrifice for the long-term rewards.

Before you commence with any major house remodeling or contacting with remodel companies, you want to take stock of the many moving parts of what you are getting yourself into.

There are a number of relevant topics that materialize when considering a custom remodeling Houston or a major house renovation project.

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Learn what is required to conduct a custom home remodeling Houston project 

Custom Home Remodeling

Should I Buy | Build or Renovate a Home?

The first direct and relevant questions you want to answer when entertaining a house remodel is;

a) Do you want to buy a house? or

b) Do I want to build a new house? or

c) Do I want to renovate my existing house?

The cost of these alternatives is always a factor. These questions are very complicated in breaking down and analyzing from strictly a financial perspective.

We recommend securing the advice of a real estate broker or a professional master builder.

Solving this housing dilemma involves prioritizing your personal needs. Understanding what is the driving factor for requiring an alternative luxury residence is key to making the best decision of which direction to proceed.

The decision for purchasing or building a modern luxury house or undertaking a remodel project takes patience and clear thinking about the families current and future needs.

So, until you are confident in your housing choose, take the time and do your research until you are assured that luxury building or with a remodel contractor is right for you.

If interested in further information on the financial economics of house remodeling Houston visit; https://www.marwoodconstruction.com/build-new-or-buy-or-renovate-existing-home/

If you are still developing your response to these questions and need further information to make this determination, we would recommend you visit our essay on this topic; https://www.marwoodconstruction.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Economics-of-Major-Remodeling-Investments.pdf

What are the Pros and Cons of Home Remodeling?


  • The betterment of your quality of life
  • Increase the value of your property;
  • You can remain in your neighborhood
  • You can tailor the living space specifically to your needs
  • You can make to house more energy efficient
  • Optimize the tax advantages


  • House remodeling is a major inconvenience to your life
  • Future buyers may not find value in your changes
  • Renovations are expensive
  • House remodel is risky
  • Increases in tax valuation
  • There are always surprises

Creating a modern luxury property also provides a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment for the owner.

Although the home remodel journey is not likely to go perfect, the goal should be to focus on the details of pre-planning and preparation to minimize the inconveniences.

Discussing these matters with a professional house renovation contractor will also add some needed perspective.

What is the Difference in Custom Home Remodeling and Home Renovation?

The terms custom house remodeling and home renovations are commonly used interchangeably. By definition the term home remodel refers to changing the function or form of the house.

Whereas the strict term of house renovation is the restoration or renewal of the existing dwelling.

Consequently, the terms home remodel companies and house renovation companies represent similar business services intent. These two terms also differ in the approach required to execute the project.

Custom Home Remodeling

A custom house remodeling will typically require construction documents to properly perform the luxury home remodel.

These construction documents include items such as home design plans, fabrication shop drawings, engineering studies and detail section plans.

Depending on the depth of the home remodel the building permit officials may also require specific documents relative to their local ordinances.

House remodel is far more challenging than a house renovation. It requires a greater amount of the owner’s time and decision-making during design and construction.

In many cases a major house remodel project requires the family to take temporary housing while their luxury house is under construction. 

Home Renovations

House renovating on the other hand may not require a complete construction document package.

Depending on the magnitude of the improvements and changes, a building permit may be required or it may not be.

If you are changing HVAC equipment or changing out a hot water heater, you will be required to pull a permit, but normally just an inspection is required.

In the case of a kitchen remodel where you are replacing the cabinets and counter tops, but not making floor plan changes, a permit will be required for compliance code inspections.

In this case no specific documents would be required by the building department, but you will want the cabinet company to produce shop drawings for the casework.

Custom Home Remodeling Houston

When Should I Renovate my Custom Home?

Although there is not a specific time that you should renovate your luxury house, the best practice benchmark is every 15 to 20 years. 

Ideally it is most cost effective when you can bundle the replacement of house improvement products that are expected service life expires.

These are items such as roofs, HVAC equipment, hot water heaters and painting.

The advantage to bundling product replacements improvements with house remodeling or house renovation projects are;

  • Ease the long-term inconveniences of numerous service calls,
  • Some economies of scale in saving money from overlapping renovation tasks,
  • Arranging a convenient bundling finance package
  • Selecting the optimum time to experience the endeavor

How Do I Start Preparing for a Custom Home Remodel?

Custom home remodeling and renovation begins with identifying the areas of the house that does not serve your needs or are problematic.

Once you have recognized these project areas its time to start visualizing what you want these spaces to look like.

This is when you begin to collect visual images of products and remodeling ideas that you are interested in emulating.

Collecting samples of colors, textures and products can be used to develop a color board, which is important in creating a complete visual image.

Another task that deserves some discussion is the owner to read their zoning or deed restrictions.

When evaluating a house renovation for your Houston luxury house, you will need to carefully read your properties deed restrictions.

Houston does not formally have zoning laws and leave the neighbor building guidelines and restrictions to the deed restrictions.

If there are clauses in the deed that you do not understand, your Houston home remodeler can explain them to you.

These property documents are typically governed by a group called the Home Owners Association (HOA). It is this groups responsibility to review and exterior modifications to the luxury home’s exterior.

The permitting authority will require the HOA approval before issuing a building permit. 

Getting prepared for your home renovation or remodel is a significant event. We will provide you a comprehensive guide to the entire process.

How Do I Select a Remodeling Contractor?

Vetting and selecting a home remodeling contractor should also begin early in the remodeling process.

This starts with creating a short list of home remodeling companies to determine if they are like minded and have the professional demeaner you are seeking.

Vetting 2 or 3 selected qualified remodeling contractors is a common practice to hiring your final particular remodeler of your chose. 

Do your preliminary research on your candidates and preparing some questions is useful for interviewing the renovation contractors.

Asking them questions about how their process works and situational scenarios that could potentially result in conflict provides you an idea of how they will handle conflicts.

If you are in need of questions to ask your home remodeling contractors, we recommend the following our link.

Working with a qualified renovation contractor can be an enjoyable and reward you with great remodeling ideas, a cost friendly approach and most importantly a quality product in a timely manner.


Doing your homework is not just helpful but is a requirement to navigate a successful luxury remodeling project or house renovation.

Due to the degree of risk associated with being casual about your approach can end up being costly.

There is no magic wand to wave to make these projects easier or more convenient. House renovation and remodeling require the discipline to stay focused and give the process your full attention if you want the best results.

Houston luxury homes necessitates your collaboration with a qualified Houston remodeling contractor from start to finish to result successful.

A qualified professional remodeling contractor is always the difference maker in a successful remodel.

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