Home Remodel – How to Budget for a Houston House Remodeling

05:32 Mar 2023

Home remodeling contractors are an extremely valuable resource when preparing a home remodel budget. Developing and maintaining a house remodeling budget is required when home remodel in Houston. Actually, there are normally two versions of the home remodel budget. A pre-design budget that guides the way through the home design process and the construction budget that controls the house remodeling cost. A house remodeling cost budget is to a home remodel project what fuel to an engine. No, it is no exaggeration and we will explain why.

See, you might have a lot of design ideas in mind, but you need to have the means to achieve what you are planning. You can’t keep the project running unless you are fueling it with sufficient funds.

This is what makes budgeting for your house remodeling so very important. If you are not budgeting, the chances are very high that you might end up expecting more than what your financial situation might allow.

Also, sorting out the finances can help you make the most of your strategic investment.

Because you have money does not mean you’ll spend it all on renovation or construction, whatever your need be. So, as you can understand, budgeting is a critical aspect of the home remodel project.

Think house remodeling is not as big a task as a luxury home building?

Sorry to burst your bubble but house remodeling is no less hectic or challenging. It requires planning and budgeting just like new construction. A home remodeling contractor is in fact a general contractor. Both undertake major home remodel projects.

Besides, to put your money in the right place, you’ll also have to ensure that you are choosing your house upgrade ideas wisely. That is because not all house remodel ideas are worth your time and resource.

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Learn about the home remodel insight for building a realist house remodeling budget

Let us look into some ideas and tips that can help you budget your home remodel. Feel free to count on our advice, for we have years of experience in guiding homeowners like you in their new building or remodeling journey.

So, here we start!


Get your priorities straight and right – Do you want to change your bedroom into a master suite?

Or do you want to install a central island in your kitchen? While you may have a list of plans and ideas, what we say is just rearrange them in terms of priority.

Do you want your bathroom to be remodeled more than adding a patio in the backyard? Understanding priority-based requirements will help you identify the ideas you can chuck away if a resource crunch becomes an issue later on. Speaking of budgeting takes us to evaluate the cost and value of every house remodeling idea. Are you wondering what we are talking about?

Well, this means you must invest today keeping in mind the value that might create in the future.

Investing in a kitchen remodel can boost your property value in some years from now, but renovating the fireplace may not add up to much more in the long run. So, want to go ahead with a kitchen remodel? Cannot understand how to go about it?

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Discuss expenses with family or friends – Do you know anyone from your circle who has recently got his or her house renovated?

Discussing expenses with someone who has already undertaken this task can familiarize you with the house remodeling cost and help you set an expectation level.

Having said that we know no two-house remodel projects are the same but learning from others’ experiences can be very helpful. Knowing their mistakes and smart moves will tell how you should approach or go about your house remodeling project.

Keep in mind that planning within your budget is not something to be ashamed of. Instead, budgeting will help you make educated choices regarding your project.

Also, discussing your choices with your known ones will not only guide you in the right direction, but it is going to give you a picture of the prices of materials, labor, and contracting prevailing in the market currently. Gathering information amounts to doing your homework before you get started with the project.

Compare quotes and prices – Are you planning to hire a remodeler for your renovation project? A smart decision, indeed. But we suggest you obtain quotes from at least two or three remodel contractors and compare the prices to keep your options open.

While all remodelers charge a certain percentage of the total cost incurred in the overall project, their charges may differ to a great extent. Home remodeling contractors offer a variety of services which can also impact the total house renovation budget.

We believe you should settle for a remodeler that offers competitive rates and satisfies all your service requirements. If that requires you to proceed with the bidding at a slower pace, so be it. Unnecessary rushing can do more harm than you can imagine. However, you should not compromise on the quality to save money as that might turn your home remodel project into a disaster.

So, instead of being elated at unbelievable costs, you should see an invisible red flag and simply step back to avoid future mishaps. Chances are high that a professional offering such an unrealistic quote is either inexperienced or up to something suspicious. Are you interested to know about some home remodel myths?

Consider financial options – From labor costs and remodeler fees to the prices for supplies and materials, there are so many financial angles involved in a house remodeling cost.

Before you jump right into the project, sort out your finances, and choose the best option to meet your goals without creating major liabilities for you.

  • First, you can consider a home equity loan that usually has 8 to 10 years of the repayment term.
  • Alternatively, you may also consider applying for a home improvement loan and pay for home upgrades.
  • And if you are planning on some small home improvements, you can finance them with a personal loan or credit card line. But here comes the most crucial yet underrated part of remodel budgeting, which is maintaining a contingency fund. In this unpredictable journey, unexpected costs can surface without any warning.
  • Hence the key is to keep aside a part of your budget as a ‘buffer’ to meet surprise expenses.
  • In fact, unpredictable expenses can spring up in a home building project as well.


Know your limitation – Honestly speaking, your demands can sometimes be hindered by your limitations.

For instance, if building a swimming pool is on your list of remodeling needs, but since it ranks lower prioritize wise, you have to chuck it away to fit the important stuff in your budget.

If this happens or has happened with you, we think you should not attach too much emotion with it. Also, you should never blame yourself for not being able to afford that particular feature. Acceptance is the first step towards to self-contentment. And being too ambitious can make you pay for it forever.

To speak practically, your spending on each room should not be more than the value it holds in your overall house value. That is the rule of thumb you must follow even if you are in a position to afford a lot. After all, there is no point in spending lavishly if it doesn’t add to your property value in the long run.

Spending strategically and not mindlessly is the rule here. Cannot decide between house remodeling and selling? Wondering which option would hold a greater value?

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Select the right team – To be honest, we cannot stress enough on how important this point is for your project. When you are working with the right team, it all gets much easier to develop your home remodel estimate.

Being your trusted advisor, the best home remodeling contractors will try to accommodate as much of your ideas as possible within your budgetary goal.

Always remember that a reliable remodeler will never try to impress you with false promises. Instead, he would present before you a clear picture even if it is a distressing one just to protect your interests.

If you could hire a house remodeler that takes a value engineering approach to house remodeling, then that would be the best experience for you.

Why is it important?

Well, this approach decides the cost-value ratio of a design. A true professional strives to maximize the value either by lowering the cost or improving the function of your house remodeling. Overall, it helps you get the best result out of your limited budget. Do you know value engineering is now a crucial part of building green homes?

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Focus on reselling – A home remodel project is extremely ambitious and can surprise you with hidden costs at any time of this journey. If you have not prepared a ‘buffer’ fund, then you might have to face troubles.

Now, here is an interesting tip you may want to follow. When you are budgeting for your house remodeling, identify the items you’ll no longer need and sell them.

Seems strange?

But we are talking sense, you see. At times, you might need cash to finance small yet emergency requirements, and thus it is always smart to save some cash to meet unexpected expenses.

Therefore, following this tip allows you to get some cash as well as avoid irresponsible dumping of household items – that is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Doesn’t it seem beneficial now?

Even if you decide to build your home someday, this tip is going to work wonder for you.

Simply de-clutter your home and sell all the items you do not need any more to pay for your renovation or construction. A very practical yet underestimated tip! So, try it and see if the tip is worth it or not.

Be frank with your remodeler– If you are on a budget, let your home remodeler know that fact. Like said before, there is nothing wrong with embracing your limits. Discussing the cost constraints with your remodeler is the best way to discover your opportunities and realizing your limitations.

Moreover, as a home improvement project is quite dynamic in nature, you must always communicate with your home remodeling contractor to know the latest developments and keep a tab on the overall budget.

Talking to your home remodeling contractor is also important to know if any urgent requirement has come that needs funding from the contingency reserve. Discussing all these details upfront can save you from the unpredictable surprises later on.

When a reliable home remodeler has got your back, you will have very little to worry about in this process. But clarifying the money factor is always important because that is your right as a client and the homeowner.

Are you yet to develop a good rapport with your home remodeling contractor?

What you need to understand is communicating with your remodeling contractor is the key to ensure the successful and timely completion of your project.

As such, you can never take it lightly or treat it as less important. Need some tips on effective interaction with your expert? Read our blog and realize which areas you need to work on. Tips for Effective Interaction With Your Remodeling Contractor. 

Way Forward – Budgeting is perhaps the most challenging aspect of your home remodel project, but without it, you can barely wrap your head around its overall feasibility. You simply have to undertake the process to realize the true potential of your home remodel. And we hope reading our blog has been enlightening for you.

Now that you know how to go about it, do you find budgeting house remodeling a little less intimidating? To start with, you should consult and hire Marwood Construction, one of the leading remodelers and building contractors. As home remodeling contractors, they will be extremely helpful in assisting you to develop a home renovation budget.

The right kind of professional help can empower you to achieve your goals by overcoming the hurdles. We have additional home renovation resources for your review, by clicking on the link.

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