House Design Ideas for Luxury Modern Living in Houston

11:46 Mar 2023

Houston luxury house design ideas for a home renovation requires a list of remodeling ideas that will result in bringing the owner more comfort and greater value in their house. Discovering what these house design ideas can be the best part of a home renovation.

Visualizing house design changes can be a little more challenging, but well worth it if you can make them work. The use of inspirational images can be very effective at communicating your needs.

With the cost of land and luxury homes in Metro Houston skyrocketing many homeowners are considering revitalizing their existing house design.

So, do you update your home with new paint and counter tops or undertake a substantial remodel of a few of your least favorite spaces in your house? 

Home remodeling of course is much more involved than a light renovation and requires more due diligence and analysis, but is more likely to increase the value of your house and enrich your life than a light home renovation.

A major home remodeling project begins with the gathering of house design ideas. Commencing with researching and studying different options until you can actually begin to visualize the new space and finishes.

For those of you that may not have this talent, selecting a home designer, interior decorator or a general contractor to assist you with exploring your options can be just as effective.

We will discuss more of this process and a small collection of luxury house design ideas that will increase your home value and offer you a new rejuvenated love for your house.

Learn How House Design Ideas Impact the Home’s Value


Cost Value Relationship of Remodeling

The cost value relationship is defined by the actual cost of a home remodel project compared to the measurable difference realized in the value of the house price when sold or properly appraised.

A well-developed house design has a direct relationship to the cost value relation and the ultimate sales ability your property. The cost value relationship is often expressed in a percentage, with a percentage less than 100% being less favorable than a higher percentage measured over some time period.

The remodeling cost value relationship are a direct result of the overall local economic values of the local housing market.

As luxury house values are rising home remodeling and various types of other home improvement fuel greater values at higher cost value return percentages.

When the housing market stagnates or drops the actual cost value percentages normally decrease.

When the housing market is suffering in a down cycle, the consequence usually creates a higher cycle demand for home remodeling due to homeowners making improvements to their existing home instead of a new house.

In recent times with the current house inventory shortage, owners are looking for the benefits that new luxury homes offer without paying higher prices for modern luxury houses.

During high demand periods remodeling cost will also increase, lessening the cost value relationship.

Consequently, as the housing market gains momentum and returns to increasing house values, the home improvement projects completed during new housing markets slow cycle will create a multiplier effect on the houses market value.

House Design Ideas

Not all remodel projects provide a predictable return on investment. Most well planned and executed remodeling projects will yield between 60% – 65% return on investment.

Some projects will do better than others and all improvements are heavily influenced by the immediate neighborhood house price comparisons.

We will share some high-performance cost value home renovation projects and high value home product replacements that statistically outperform general remodeling projects.

These house design ideas are also effective ideas for new home construction as well. We will share some house design ideas;

  • Elevator

Adding an elevator to your two-story house may sound impractical from a cost value perspective, but to many of the aging seniors this is money well spent.

The utility of an elevator cab to a house not only defines a unique selling feature but provides a comfort and convenience to resident that may have a disability or restricted access issue. The challenge for such an idea is finding an ideal location in the existing floor plan.

  • Master Suite

In today’s modern luxury homes, buyers expect that featured house amenities are now expected entitlements. It is not enough to just have a large master bedroom and walk in closet, but rather master bedrooms have become a special private space to conduct physical and emotional rejuvenation.

These high priority private spaces consist of such features spa like bathrooms, steam rooms, a fitness area and high security safe rooms. The master suite space is a reflection of the private and comfort needs of its owners.

  • Outside Covered Kitchen

Houston is one of those climates that make outdoor living an essential part of our lifestyle.

If it’s spending some quality time with your family or entertaining guest the outdoor kitchen allows the owners to prepare and serve meals while engaged in conversation while multi-tasking.

A covered outdoor space makes entertaining more predictable not to be poorly influenced by the weather and help sustain outdoor kitchen appliance equipment.

  • Chefs Kitchen

A chef’s kitchen provides many solutions for our culinary needs. From Bistro niche dining to near banquet sized entertaining, today’s home kitchens serve many needs and functions.

Planning the required appointments for each of these needs research and development of a floor plan to provide function and purpose to each work space.

When developing the kitchen to serve larger size gatherings, sufficient appliances for preparing, cooking and cleaning, the work space triangle is critical to avoid traffic conflicts during use.

When creating space for those intimate small meals the chef’s kitchen, the designer needs to provide a warmth and convenient approach for dining in an already large space.

  • Accessibility Modifications

Universal design is no longer just for aging in place. Universal design is the design and construction practice of making home spaces more accessible regardless of their size, age or disability.

By making features of the home like bathrooms and entry/exit points more user friendly, everyone benefits. The benefits of universal design extend into safety, comfort and the day-to-day convenience of our homes use. In a few words, universal design is a very good house design.

  • Visual Points of Attraction

Nothing impacts a home’s value like an impressive visual point of attraction. With house design increasing the number of windows, there is greater emphasis to draw one’s eye to points of interest.

If you are fortunate enough to have a beautiful natural setting, the visual lines of interest should be incorporated into the homes site lines at strategic locations.

If you are not one of the fortunate ones, these attractions can be created with the use of swimming pools, water features well balanced landscaped spaces.

  • Personal Fitness & Therapy Center

Personal fitness rooms have evolved over the past 20 years from tread mills and a television to full scale physical therapy centers. They may consist of hydro tubs, message tables, universal fitness equipment and elliptical machines.

They now incorporate simulated equipment such as tennis and golf virtual equipment, with large screen interactive devises for your favorite exercise activities.


High Value Product Improvements

When it comes to replacing original home products, not all home replacement products increase the value of the house. Products like roof replacements, hot water heaters and a/c condensers do not increase value, they are required products of the basic house.

While products like hard surface floors, premium windows and upgrade appliances will add value to your houses market value. Here are a few other recommended home product replacements that will add a boost to your houses bottom line;

  • Stair Railings

Most older houses have the oak-stained hand rail attached to enamel painted railing balusters. Updating your railing system with something as simple as iron banisters can make a huge difference in guest and buyer’s opinions of your home.

For more elaborate stair railing upgrades, the use of finished metal hand railings and frameless glass has a stunning impact on the change of appearance.

  • Increase Windows

Increasing the number and size of the rear windows can increase much deserving amounts of sunlight while offering a high demand appearance.

Increasing the number of windows also creates an opportunity to replace outdated aluminum windows with a much more energy efficient product.

The impact from a premium window replacement is very pronounced on a home’s market value and energy cost.

  • Standing Seam Roof

Depending on the architectural appearance of a house, a standing seam roof can add to the value of a house over the traditional asphalt composite roof material.

Standing seam roofs have a longer warranty, are less likely to leak over time and preserve their attractive appearance much longer.

  • Fireplace Innovations

Another older house feature that dates the home and provides little utility is the brick fireplace. Many older houses have painted the brick or replaced the original mantel.

These tactics can certainly help the general appearance but does not update the contribution to the home’s value. The complete removal or a major renovation to the fireplace face can boast the value by introducing a higher valued look such as a horizontal wall mount fireplace.

There is no substitute for doing your homework prior to starting a house remodel project or a home replacement product project. A carefully planned and well executed project will indeed increase the value of your house and add future personal satisfaction to your life.


Planning to incorporate lifestyle house design ideas into your luxury house has never made more practical or financial sense than before.

Preparing house design ideas that compliments your lifestyle not only brings you greater joy in your life but also increases the functionality and value of your luxury home.  For some additional insights that motivate personal home design.

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