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12:00 May 2022
Home Remodeling

If you are exploring the internet for home remodeling near me, you are more than likely seeking answers from a professional home remodeler. Depending on the type and size of remodeling project you have in mind dictates the type of remodeling contractor you will need. The type of remodel you are preparing for also determines the level of design documents and execution planning will be necessary.

If you are serious about a home remodeling project the first step is to gather up your design ideas. Have a solid general idea of your remodeling goals will help you to discuss your project with a professional home remodeler. The second step is to locate and select a home remodel company.

The traditional process for selecting a remodeling contractor is to contact a small list of remodelers and have a qualification phone conversation with them about your project. This allows you to ask them some basic qualifying questions to create a short list of 3 professional remodel contractors to collaborate with. From this short list you can select the home remodeler that best fits your personal and professional needs.

But before you start making phone calls its best to get your ducks in a row. If your project is a product replacement for a garage door or new air conditioner, it is fairly simple to discuss your options with the replacement contractor. If your project requires more than one trade or will require construction documents, the home remodeling process and remodeling contractor selection method substantially changes.

Home Remodeling Near Me

Construction Drawings & Documents

The first thing that you will need to determine is does your project require construction documents. If it does not, you can proceed directly to the different types of remodel contractors for selection. For those projects that require construction drawings you need to decide if you want your remodeling contractor or an architect to prepare the home plans.

The traditional method of obtaining plans is to directly hire an architect or home designer. This method should provide you construction documents that you can let for soliciting bids. This method often leads to design revisions resulting from conversations about constructability with the remodeler or value engineering the plans for cost reductions.

The other method is to hire the general contractor (remodeling contractor) for a design to build project. The process of design requires the general contractor to be solely responsibility for both design and construction. In addition, the general contractor provides value engineering and product information throughout the process. This method expedites the design process by eliminating revisions and change orders.

The design build approach is a stream line process that reduces the owner’s risk and increases the joy that should come with a home remodeling project. The following link provides an infographic that outlines the benefits of the design build process

There are also different levels of design drawings needed for different projects. A kitchen cabinet replacement will require a limited scope drawing of cabinets with dimensional sizes of each cabinet and the kitchen footprint. Whereas with a whole home remodeling project you would require floor plans, wall sections, construction details and engineering plans. 

Planning & Preparing for Home Remodeling

Planning and preparing for home remodeling is much easier when you have the assistance of a remodeler guiding you through the entire process. Needless to say, a major home renovation is a very expensive process. Early mistakes can lead to large unwanted expenses and loss of time. This is why it is a huge advantage hiring your remodeling company as early as possible. They can properly advise you of the land mines along the way.

A professional remodel contractor can assist you during the early stages of financial feasibility, product selection, cost effective design ideas and the actual drawing design process. For a greater understanding of both the benefits and services the remodeling contractor can offer during the home renovation process follow this link.

It is very common for even experienced home owners to be confused when it comes time to evaluate the financial feasibility of a home remodeling project. There are many factors to consider when investing a large sum of cash into your existing house. Things like the values of other homes in the neighborhood, the estimated completed value of your home after remodeling and how long you intend to live in the home have everything to do with a remodeling project being a go or no go.

Selecting the big ticket and long lead products is an important task early in the design process. Construction products like cabinets, appliances and windows represent a large percentage of the entire budget and can take months to receive after ordering. If you have a number of products like these that require time to properly research and order, allow enough time in your planning schedule for your selection choices.

Gathering design ideas is another critically factor that the owner should focus on early in the pre-design stage. It takes some time to both identify design elements that we like and even longer to blend them into a synchronized design. Collecting images and product information are two different task and require patient research. Collectively the more information you have regarding the products and design the faster you can get through the design and pricing process and move onto construction.

Different Types of Remodeling Contractors

Remodeling contractors come in many sizes and skills. Everywhere from a self employed craftsmen to full service general contractors and everything in between. The remodeling company interviewing process should be focused on discovering the best fit for your remodeling project and personal needs. You can learn more with a deeper understanding of the many types of remodeling contractors and the benefits and disadvantages of each type by going to;  https://www.marwoodconstruction.com/what-are-the-different-types-of-home-remodeling-contractors/

Minor remodeling projects like kitchen updates and new tile projects can easily be performed by a small self performing contractor. This would include projects like new counter tops, general flooring and paint work as well. These types of remodeling companies are limited on resources and often struggle with maintaining proper insurance, if they have any at all.

Major remodeling projects require a home remodeling company that has greater resources and the ability to deal with more technical surprises resulting from concealed problems. Major remodeling projects typically operate with licensed skilled trades hired as subcontractors. These types of projects usually require the need for construction documents and some level of engineering.

These major projects often have complex execution plans and necessitate an intense interactive process of communication through each stage of construction with the owners, designers and subcontractors.  Major remodeling dictates detailed planning and close supervision to maintain quality assurance and verification of specifications.

Having a good understanding of the home remodeling process will assist you in selecting the right remodeling contractor for your needs. To learn more about the what you should know before you hire a remodeling contractor, we would recommend the following article.

Criteria for Selecting the Right Home Remodeler

There are many factors to remodeling contracting that should be weighed in selecting a qualified home remodeler such as; remodeling contractor types, project size, project complexity, project quality, construction budget, construction schedule.

  • Remodeling Project Size

Matching a home remodeler’s skill strength to a project takes patient research and a great deal of due diligence. The larger the project the greater amount of vetting required. Choosing the right type of remodeling company for your project is an extremely relevant factor to consider in the selection criteria. As mentioned, there are many different home remodeling projects, from do it yourself tasks to a total home renovation.

For smaller projects the risk of selecting a non performing contractor has much less financial exposure than a larger project, but can be just as frustrating and emotionally taxing. Although a remodeling project size is an important factor to the selection process there are additional factors to weigh. The size of the project does not solely dictate the project complexity or quality standards.

  • Remodeling Project Complexity

The project complexity plays a significant part in determining your remodeling contractor needs. Project complexity is defined by the intricacy of design within the associated project environment that the task must be performed. These project work conditions can be associated with the restrictive nature imposed by the owner in the trades ability to operate or the steps required implementing the end product.

An example of restrictions imposed by an owner might be a bathroom remodeling project being conducted while the owners are still trying to use it daily. An example of remodeling process complexity could be the adding a second story to an existing one story house. There are a staggering number of factors to consider with such a venture.

  • Remodeling Project Quality

Project quality is a bit more challenging to define then the project size or complexity it presents. Quality can be defined by a number of perspectives like exclusivity, workmanship free of defects, end product compliance meeting or exceeding standards and performance consistency. So, the defining of a project’s quality level is dependent upon the reference of its context.

Workmanship quality is what most people think of when someone refers to quality. So how does quality perceived value relate to one another. Click here to learn more

  • Renovation Budget

The renovation budget is a financial tool that continues to change through the development of the design plans and product specs. The initial construction budget is referred to as the concept budget. It is a target for the financial feasibility of the renovation project and provides construction cost direction for the design team for house plans.

As the concept drawings evolve during the drawing development phase of design, so does the construction budget. So as the home plans and product selection become more defined, so does the accuracy of the remodeling budget.

  • Construction Schedule

The project schedule is a working mechanism that also changes with the remodeling design process. As the house plans and the construction budget develop, so must the project schedule. The construction schedule is impacted by both the design and products chosen.

The sequential construction steps in remodeling will vary due to the finish schedule products. As well the lead time required for many specialty products have a great impact on their availability for installation. These factors need to be taken into account when creating the working schedule model. 

What to Expect from Remodeling Contractors?

As previously mentioned, remodelers vary in their size, services and capabilities. Matching these factors seeking the right remodeling contractor for your project and personal needs is what is required by the owner. Selecting the right remodel contractor is not an easy task. If the owner does not make a diligent effort and hastily chooses their general contractor, the project is likely not to go well.

There are a large number of factors that must be measured in evaluating the home remodeler that best fits the owner’s criteria. Doing your research takes much work and time. We are providing you an article that explores the characteristics and questions to help you in this process.

Locating, qualifying, vetting and hiring a remodel contractor is a critical part of any successful home renovation. As discussed, there are many moving parts to a major home remodel. Having a knowledgeable and trustworthy professional general contractor will save you money, time and result in a less stressful and rewarding outcome.  

Remodeling contractors as a group have a compromised reputation with most homeowners. Most remodeling companies are honest and want to serve their clients, but there is a small group that does not hold this quest in priority. It is the owner’s responsibility to properly vet their general contractor. Reading reviews, asking opened ended questions and discussing how the remodeler resolves misunderstandings is essential to avoiding harm’s way.

Your goal for a successful home remodeling project starts and ends with a professional and capable remodeling company. An owner should be prepared to trust and collaborate with their home remodeler.  The goal is to align your interest with the general contractor by making prompt payments, answering their questions and making decisions and sticking to them.

Consequently, the remodel contractor’s goal should be to keep you informed about significant changes on the project, anticipate outcomes, offer possible solutions to unexpected occurrence and communicate openly and honestly with the owner. With a trusted working relationship between owner and remodeling contractor the home remodeling project will proceed with fewer unwelcome events with a better chance of turning out as desired.


Finding a remodeler through an internet query home remodeling near me, is far more involved then just making a few phone calls. Remodeling contracting is a complicated business that involves advising owners on emotionally charged problems with their home remodeling projects. The owner should surround themselves with a capable and trusted remodeling contractor for the best results.

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