A Luxury House Built Defines the Best in Houston Living

11:43 Nov 2023
Luxury House Houston

Living in a modern luxury house is not merely about the size of the house but rather the personal appointments that enrich the owner’s life.

When you build a luxury house, it should reflect your family’s lifestyle and be designed with the features that represent the best in living.

If you are renovating or building a new luxury house the process begins with a collection of personal ideas that are designed and molded into a unique personalized space that reflects the way you live.

Which includes the way you entertain, how you interact with your family each day and how you recharge yourself.

The architectural style of a luxury home building should reflect the use of the features the owner has selected, not a home style for the sake of the architecture. A luxury house is about the eloquence and distinctive comfort your home provides the owners and their guest.

Luxury living is defined by sound fundamental architectural consistency throughout the entire floor plan.

That is not to say that if you want to change the design style by remodeling your kitchen you shouldn’t, but rather develop a collective design style plan that will incorporate the new architectural design of the kitchen into the entire homes space.

This forward thinking will allow the owner a road map for addressing a comprehensive and consistent full home remodel build one project at a time.

Maintaining consistent continuity is certainly one of the benefits of designing for renovating or building a luxury house.

Luxury House Houston

Contemporary modern luxury homes are having a major impact on the design features of not only modern homes but even influencing such architectural styles such as Traditional and European homes. The purest of architectural styles would argue that these design elements only reflect a trending change.

I would take the position that trends do not have the longevity of an adopted style. Architects and luxury builders are generally very conservative when it comes to implementing new ideas for architectural features of a luxury house.

They are very reluctant to adopt a trend without some confidence that it will last. The last thing a builder wants is to have defining modern home architectural features that are trending out of favor before they complete a spec home.

We will discuss some of the key architectural features of modern luxury homes Houston that have proven to be accepted and adopted as standards in luxury home design.

Modern Luxury Homes Architectural Features

It is not the size of a house or even a covenanted location that makes a luxury home memorable. It is the amenities and craftsmanship that makes it a uniquely defining statement.

Special design features are much easier to introduce into new construction home plans then they are to home renovation project.

Although when an owner has the opportunity to renovate, they will be well rewarded to incorporate any of the luxury house features;

Extending the Inside Out

One of the easiest methods to increase the space of a room is by introducing or expanding large frame windows or patio doors to an exterior wall.

This not only makes the space larger but it can extend the design theme of a room to the outside space. This is commonly done with pools and verandas to carry the interior space to a featured exterior point of interest.

There is an additional benefit of bringing the outside in. That is that it will substantially increase the abundance of natural light allowed into the living space.

Natural light will enhance the beauty of other organic materials such as stone and wood. The contribution that occurs from bringing the outside indoors is priceless.

Gourmet Kitchens

Gourmet kitchens are an expression given to a kitchen that is designed around a niche culinary lifestyle. These amenities typically include a built-in refrigerators and double ovens and a multiple burner cook top in appliances.

These kitchens are often larger in size and often incorporate additional space for an eat in bistro area for uneventful family meals.

These gourmet kitchens are generally very generous spaces that become the centerpiece of modern luxury home floor plans.

The floor plans are commonly open to other room spaces and flow organically but with purpose.

These spaces are naturally designed to attract the gathering during entertaining and create the intimacy of a family meal.

Open Spaces with Soaring Ceilings

One of the trademarks of a luxury home is to create a feeling of a wealth of space. This achieved through a number of architectural features that make this statement.

One of these methods is to create volume in a room. This is created with high ceilings and glass walls that extend the rooms space for your home plans.

The second method is to develop open space floor plans that are not overly defined by walls, but rather using floor materials, furniture or ceiling treatments to define the space.

Combining soaring ceilings and open floor plans with glass walls creates a uniquely special feeling of luxury living.  

Personal Wellness Space

A personal wellness space can be any designated area in the home for message, meditation or exercise.

This is usually a private space that only the owners utilize. The space should have good ventilation and have enough room for the comfortable use of message tables and/or exercise equipment.

A personal fitness space is best positioned in the floor plan near the master suite for privacy and convenience of use and should have sufficient space to expand equipment for your physical needs as well as room to stretch and move comfortably. 

Master Bedroom Suite

Master bedroom suites normally require a generous amount of space. They consist of an oversized bedroom, walk in closet, master bathroom and a personal space room like an office / exercise room / hobby room.

These larger personal spaces add enormous value to a luxurious lifestyle providing privacy and tranquility away from the things that drain our personal energy.

This type of intimate privacy space creates a world inside a world of your luxury home.

Luxury House Living

The floor plan of a master suite incorporates common luxurious needs such as privacy, security and personal comfort.

These spaces facilitate as a fully functional home inside the home. They often include a breakfast bar, a microwave and under counter refrigerator for convenience, while having physical therapy devices such as a whirlpool tub and steam shower.

Eco – Smart Energy Systems

Going green is not just a trendy slogan, but rather a best practice method to provide homeowners with greater energy efficiency and a healthier home environment.

Eco-smart homes are creating structures that are sustainable and provide cost savings and comfort for years.  

Eco -smart homes also focuses on the efficiency and function of lighting, appliances, plumbing and HVAC systems. Conserving natural resources also translates into owners saving money in utilities.

Although not commonly associated with luxury living, the ability to control the lighting and energy system for your home from one space qualifies as a luxury amenity.

One of the most common green building systems you can include in your luxury home is a solar system. These electricity producing devises have become much more cost effective and functional the past decade.

Privacy & Security

Most single-family homeowners take for granted the privacy & security that a home provides.

The somber truth is that times have changed and these times warrant additional measures of security to protect our privacy.

While building a luxury house it is common for including home security by designing safe rooms and built-in vaults & safes for personal valuables.

Home security systems that are state of the art include multiple video monitoring, integrated surveillance cameras and responsive emergency response contractors.

They will have finger print or facial recognition entry keypads, sensors that detect water leaks or thermostatic disturbances.  


One of the real prizes of any modern luxury house in Houston are the views available to be enjoyed from the living area.

Although it may not be a mountain range or an ocean view a distinctively landscaped garden area or a well-appointed water feature will make a considerable contribution to the overall space.

The outside features that are in the view line of the rooms space become part of the room.

The features and appointments of a modern luxury house in Houston coupled with fine home architectural design provides the assurance of timeless design and the personal comfort. These are the elements of a modern luxury house in Houston.

Outdoor Living Space

Every luxury home requires an outdoor living space that extends the living space beyond the exterior walls of the home.

The outdoor living space elements may include a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and a lavishly landscaped yard.

These eye-catching design features enhance the luxurious livability of the home but they create additional spaces for creative home entertaining.


A luxury house requires certain architectural design features and appointments that reflect the unique personal lifestyle of the owners.

Although each home will warrant specialized personal elements to be included in their design, there are certain luxury home architectural features that should included for the use of the family and the expectations of future buyers.

Today’s modern luxury house in Houston has the owner’s lifestyle baked into the recipe of the design and addresses the requirements for future resale.

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