Full Home Remodeling Offered by the Best Remodelers Houston

10:38 Jun 2023
Full Home Remodeling Houston

A full home remodeling is typically a once in a lifetime event for the owner as well as the dwelling.

Remodelers of Houston are a wonderful resource to guide you through the nuances and details of a full home remodeling

There are a number of scenarios that justify the substantial expense of a whole home remodel which we will get to shortly.

But generally speaking, a whole house remodel is not as common as other home remodeling projects such as a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel project.

Although they are far more common than one might expect.

When one speaks about a typical remodeling project, one normally thinks about changing the layout of a portion of the house, not gutting the house back to the studs through the entire dwelling.

When one speaks about the need for a complete remodel, they are traditionally speaking about removing the substantial portion of the existing interior of the house.

We are focusing on the later, conducting a whole house remodeling.

The goal of this article is to provide a comprehensive guide to whole home remodel process from A to Z.

A complete renovation is both expensive and challenging to all stakeholders concerned.

The owner of a property that dictates the need for a complete remodel should think long and hard before undertaking such a venture.

As always, planning and preparations are the keys to a successful whole home remodeling.

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Full Home Remodeling Houston

Why should I consider a complete home renovation?

There are a number of common reasons that warrant a whole house remodel. These justifications are normally associated with the need to make major changes to the dwelling’s layout.

They may include a complete bathroom remodel or a complete kitchen remodel. The relevant design changes from these types of projects can have an impact on other parts of the floor plan.

In the case of a kitchen remodel, the owners may want to open up the floor plan to other formal spaces.

This often happens to homes built prior to the year 2000, when formal floor plan spaces were traditional rooms defined by walls and doors.

As owners design taste have changed in recent times, they currently prefer kitchens to be open to family rooms and some cases the dining room.

Another example of this modern home design trend that is evident is with bathroom remodeling. Many older homes would traditionally have smaller bathroom spaces. Modern home design demands require larger more luxurious bathroom and closet spaces.

Since a full home remodeling is more cost effective and normally more practical than a home addition, the floor plan will require the removal and replacement of the existing walls to achieve such a design plan.

To view our video on planning for an open space floor plan.

With homes of 40 – 50 years of age, it is often required to replace items such as steel water supply lines and two wire fabric covered electric wire, which was commonly used during those periods.

As well as a need to replace poor energy performing HVAC equipment and duct work.

These items may not warrant undertaking a full home remodel, but if you embark on a complete home renovation, you surely should evaluate the need for these products to be replaced.

In addition to the forementioned items, we will also address some additional circumstances that may not be voluntary full home remodeling reasons and additional factors that can make it attractive to consider this option.

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  • Insurance Hazard Damage

Sustaining considerable insured hazard damage to your dwelling would also justify in many cases a full home remodeling.

Hazard damages such as flooding, fire and smoke damages necessitate a need to perform a major restoration project.

These types of conditions are also ideal to consider expanding the scope of work to include a complete house renovation.

Of course, these decisions depend on the insurance benefit and the full home remodel cost, as well as the area of the house that was damaged.  

Provided that the damaged area of the dwelling is a space that is a valuable aspect of the house and will require significant renovation, it makes sense to perform a full home remodeling on your damaged house at this time.

Severe damages to your home will typically require to temporarily relocate your family to temporary quarters.

In addition, the dwelling will probably need to have a large portion demolished.

These are full home remodeling cost that you are going to experience either way. The insurance benefits will make the actual whole house renovation cost less of a burden, if coupled with the insurance restoration.

What factors contribute to justifying a complete home remodel?

  • High Lot Valuation

The actual market value of the land your house is built on can also be a determining factor.

It is very common that older houses located in metro urban areas have land values that are greater than the improvement values.

This is primary due to the value of land steadily increasing over time and not experiencing any depreciation in its value.

This economic condition accelerates in metro areas that are built up and have little vacant lot inventory.  

Higher lot values on older homes presents different end game options to owners. They offer the potential of selling the house for the value of the lot.

Since metro vacant lots are scarce, people wanting to build a new house will purchase older dwelling being sold for land value. 

The higher the lot values, the greater the upside potential for a sound financial justification for full home remodeling.

This suggest that a carefully planned full home remodel cost in an older popular neighborhood can also provide a better return on the investment than the average remodel.

  • House Has a Sound Structure

A house with good bones provides a great candidate for full home remodeling.

One of the attractive benefits of a full house remodel is that if the structure is not in need of substantial repairs, the actual whole house renovation cost will be less and allow the owner to spend more of their construction budget on the dwellings finishes.

A structure with a service proven foundation and frame structure also instills confidence in all the transactional parties like the owners, inspectors and lenders.

This goes a long way in getting all parties on the same page for executing the complete house renovation.

Remodel companies can be a valuable resource when making the assessment for a sound dwellings structure.

  • Higher Neighborhood Property Values

Another favorable attribute to look for in a full house remodeling property is it being located in a neighborhood with higher value properties.

As we have pointed out that the higher valued neighborhoods are typically located in the metro areas of a city.

These areas generally have higher land values and higher property cost. They will also experience faster price appreciation at the highest values over the long run.

So how does this effect your decision making concerning regarding undertaking a complete home remodel?

Ideally if you are going to make the investment for full house remodel cost, you want a better assurance that you will receive a reasonable return on your investment.

  • Energy Efficiency

One of the many benefits of a major renovation is the ability to increase the structures energy efficiency of the house’s envelope.

Having access to increase the insulation values in the walls is unique to house remodel.

It also allows the owner an opportunity improve the exterior moisture barrier, sound proofing and the general health air of the house.

If you are considering using solar panels to increase the structures energy efficiency, having access to the wall cavities will allow you to place the wiring securely in the walls.

Replacing the insulation on the HVAC duct work also is easier and more cost effective.

  • Historical Restoration

Conducting a complete house renovation for a historical restoration is an essential step in the remodeling process.

Historical restoration is in fact very similar to a whole house remodel except that the product replacement is restricted by either a regulatory agency overseeing the historical district or by the architect’s approval of various building materials.

Full Home Remodel

How do I prepare for full home remodeling?

Preparing for a full home remodeling requires the owner to have time, money and patience. From home design to the completion of the construction, there are many steps required to manage a complete house remodel.

  • Research – Studying property values and pricing trends while looking for design inspiration ideas is always recommended as essential planning activities,
  • Hire general contractor – Search for general contractors that perform full house remodel, browse their portfolios and read their remodel companies reviews,
  • Design – Hire an architect or a remodel contractor that specializes in design build contracting,
  • Engineering & Permit – Once the design plans are complete, have the structural engineer stamp and submit for permit,
  • Budget – The complete plans will allow a remodel contractor to prepare a formal proposal and contract for commencing your complete house remodel,
  • Remodel – With your contractor for remodeling under contract and an agreement for a working relationship in place, you are prepared to begin your total renovation.

How much does a full house remodel cost?

The full house remodel cost various according to the complete scope of work that is identified to be needed.

Without building plans it is anyone’s guess what the actual final cost will be. A good range as a rule of thumb would be $150/sf – $200/sf for medium finishes and $200/sf – $250/sf for finer finishes.

These amounts can change with range amounts of structural changes, exterior modifications and special architectural appointments.

Seek the opinions of reputable remodel companies.

What are the alternatives to a whole home remodeling?

There are generally 3 comparable alternatives to a whole house remodel. The first is just selling your house as is and purchasing an existing property.

This generally means leaving the neighborhood and possibly a new school district. The second alternative if you need to remain in the immediate area is to raze the house and build a new custom home.

The last of the viable alternatives is to reduce the scope of your remodeling plan, by implementing your remodel needs in stages.

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Full home remodeling is a serious remodel strategy that can address all your property remodel solutions at one time.

It is not always the right property remodel strategy for all structures, but for the right conditions can be a very attractive alternative to buying another property or building a new custom house.

To view our infographic on a whole house remodel, go to https://www.marwoodconstruction.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Whole-Home-Renovation-Infographic.jpg

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