Most Popular Modern Interior Home Design Features

05:54 Sep 2021

A home does not become worth living if the interiors are not properly designed as per your taste, personality, and style. Also, modern luxury homes come with a lot of amenities and/or features that need to blend with the overall decor. With aesthetics playing an important role along with functionality, safety, comfort, and convenience, the interior home design should be given adequate attention along with other aspects of a luxury house. The interior home design comes in plenty of options with some being distinct and others having only the subtlest of differences. However, each has its flavor, panache, finish and finesse giving the Houston luxury homes their distinct character and visual attraction. So, are you an aficionado of modern interior home designs that have found their pride of place among the newly constructed luxury homes we see around?  

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What is a modern interior home design? 

A modern interior home design, as opposed to contemporary design, is all about making the optimal use of space. This makes its design elements uncluttered, simple, and clean. The idea guiding the incorporation of modern design in luxury homes is to find a balance between aesthetics and purpose/functionality. In simple terms, if a design element does not have a practical purpose it can be simple done away with.

Popular interior home design features

Some of the popular interior home design features or styles that offer a semblance of visual perfection and convenience in a hassle-free manner are:

Environmentally friendly:

There is an increased awareness among people about the environment and how carbon footprint needs to be reduced for our sustenance on this planet. This has given way to modern home designs that are environmentally friendly and make optimal utilization of energy. These include designing the interiors (and exterior) by keeping adequate provisions for natural lighting or cooling. This may include designing large windows to allow unobstructed access to natural light and reduce the use of artificial lights. Also, an effort is made to use products that are biodegradable or can be recycled.

The aim is to reduce the use of energy and minimize the carbon footprint by either using on-site energy producing sources or using energy-efficient products. A survey of apartment residents in the USA revealed that around 84 percent of them have given a thumbs up to living in sustainable greenhouses. So, environment-friendly designs have certainly got an uptick from the buyers of Houston luxury homes. And it is advisable to read details on luxury home design architecture and make your dream home look aesthetically pleasing. 

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Neutral walls:

When it comes to designing neutral walls you have to make do with ‘no colors’. In other words, colors considered neutral such as beige, black, taupe, ivory, gray, and white, or their shades are either absent or present in subtler undertones. Neutral colors generally provide a unifying background and the right base for a cozy and elegant living room. Neutral walls can appear to be laidback as well as inviting in the context of modern design. These fit perfectly into the categories of being clean, clutter-free, functional, and practical.

These walls adorning neutral colors offer an abundance of possibilities at the time of making decorations. Along with designing neutral walls for modern luxury homes, a feature like texture can be applied as rough or smooth, soft or hard to create a cozy ambiance of the room. By implementing neutral walls and textures, emotions can be evoked from the visitors. So, refer various home designs suggested by a professional general contractor and implement the one that suits your taste and style. 


Inspired by Zen philosophy and the minimalist art movement, the style presents modernistic concepts at a puritanical level. Minimalism is the antithesis of ‘garish’ or ‘more’ and keeps things at the basic level by stripping down the elements. It is an aesthetic form that is devoid of clutter and distractions but makes the optimum use of space and creates bold visual impacts. Here, luxury home builders designing the project present motifs and elements in concealed or hushed tones, and the movement of lines is accentuated by introducing the play of natural lights. Similar to a modern design, minimalism uses bare essentials to create an uncluttered space having clean lines and a monochromatic palette. In simple terms, minimalist design is about saying more by showing less and makes the design simple, clean, and timeless.

Industrial style:

Emblematic of an industrial setting, the industrial style in modern interior design for Houston luxury homes uses the working components of a home into its primary design aesthetic. This way it aims at accentuating the efficiency and functionality of a modern home. Giving a muscular overtone to the interior, the industrial style design uses components such as flanges, beams, pipes, columns, and ducts and brings them to the fore to underline the concept of ‘machine for living.’ This type of interior design does not shy away from roughness or the worn-out but embraces recycled, vintage, or even salvaged items.

Mostly used to design warehouses or lofts, the industrial style has found favor with modern luxury home builders who make use of neutral colors, namely, browns and grays, and complement them with unfinished brickwork, exposed concrete, unused leather, exposed ductwork, iron and steel, and utilitarian objects. Also, an industrial interior design is about incorporating uncomplicated and practical features with stark contrasts, simple forms, and clean lines. However, with this approach, you do not have to compromise on comfort and aesthetics.


This particular style is often confused with modern and is used interchangeably. However, contemporary is distinct from modern by showing a design that is now and here. The feature is known for offering beautiful art, crisp furnishings, and sleek surfaces. In the not-so-distant past, contemporary design was derided for being impersonal and cold. But now, many luxury homes go to create a dazzling effect by balancing minimalism and warmth. Its ever evolving contours resonate with current tastes and trends at any given period of time.

It is clearly distinct from a modern design by offering a balanced approach to interior design and lots of functional efficiencies and visual indulgence. As opposed to being cold, formal, or impersonal as thought earlier, contemporary design offers a warm and fluid palette to build cozy spaces. So, find out more about the architectural features of modern luxury homes and redefine your living.


This type of interior home design emphasizes distinctive elements that give a gritty vibe often tinged with bohemian looks. More reminiscent of the industrial style, the urban style makes use of industrial components, structural features, and exposed ducting combined with open spaces but with softer tones. Imbued with light colors, cool finishes, and a high dose of artistic indulgence, this style adds feminine elegance to the overall aesthetics. Perfect for city living, this unique style blends features or elements of industrial, modern, and contemporary designs. In fact, you can choose from a range of features for your luxury home in Houston and transform the appearance and value of your dream home. 

Mid-century modern:

This type of design style is reminiscent of the period between the 1950s and 60s and offers a retro nostalgia, besides the elements of minimalism. The mid-century design has functionality as its theme and emphasizes contemporary designs, pared down forms, organic shapes, or simple fabrications. The popularity of this style is mainly due to the book called “Mid Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950’s” by Cara Greenberg. The book conveyed the imagination, verve, and zaniness of the period. Interestingly, mid-century modern design was out of vogue in the last 60s but made a comeback within a decade.

Mid-century modern design involves gentle organic curves, clean lines, and the use of different materials and shapes. It offers distinguishing features such as an understated look and simpler tones with minimal fuss. Nowadays, any modern luxury house embracing mid-century modern design has an open plan and uses room dividers like central fireplaces in living rooms. This transforms the space to look and feel larger allowing access to natural light in abundant measure. The style has gained currency among luxury home builders and provides minimum ornamentation and exploration of different but contrasting materials. So, find out more about the architectural design of your home in Houston and make it stand out among others in the vicinity.


This style is a blend of both modern and traditional designs and helps to create a space that is not overwhelming or appears ‘too much’. It provides a semblance of balance and uses modern materials such as glass and steel to be complemented with plush furnishings. This type of design includes neutral or muted color palettes, minimal artwork, organic textures, and comfortable furniture. It creates a calming space yet gives an appearance of being sleek, warm, stylish, and inviting. Here, softness and comfort are preferred over functionality and the overall design offers a cohesive and modern feel.


Modern luxury homes can have several popular interior designs or styles to choose from where each is distinctive and feature-rich. No matter which design style you choose, make sure it matches your taste and suits your requirements. After all, luxury homes are made for posterity and require your considered opinion while selecting one of the right luxury home builders.

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