Tanglewood Custom Home Builders and Remodeling in Houston

05:13 Mar 2020
Custom Home Builders

Tanglewood is a high end subdivision in central west Houston that attracts CEO’s and many business owners. That is what home remodeling companies and custom home builders are counting on. Along with the park like setting and the oversized lots, Tanglewood is a premier community for luxury home living.

There are about 1,200 single family houses in Tanglewood throughout the original 15 sections of the development. These homes principally represent the history of this neighborhood residential real estate transition. From sprawling one story ranch style homes to two story Traditional and Mediterranean style houses.

One of the main attractions is the members only Houston Country Club which has a championship golf course, tennis courts and many other luxury amenities. With a high concentration of boutique shopping, nearby Galleria and fine dining, Tanglewood has become a must see residential development for affluent home buyers.


Tanglewood Community

Tanglewood’s 5 acres was developed in 1930’s but did not begin selling homes until almost 1950.  The over sized storm water drainage development of the community was found to be a real asset to Houstonians after torrential rains flooded most of the City of Houston. Home buyers started migrating west to higher grown.  

The Tanglewood community is lush with towering old hardwood trees. These trees were planted after the area was developed. Before that period the area was a grassy prairie that regularly caught on fire. Flash forward to today, the center of Tanglewood has a large esplanade that has a walking path and looks more like a park then a divided road.

Custom Home Builders

The developer originally offered 7 different architectural styles of homes for sale build during the fifties and the sixties, but were mostly ranch style homes. The single family homes featured air conditioning, sprawling lots and 2 trees on each property. The home’s architectural styles were 1 story rambling ranch style houses built on over oversized lots.


Custom Home On Your Lot Construction

Over the last 20 years Tanglewood ranch style homes are slowly being replaced by large 2 story custom homes. These new homes being constructed have a variety of architectural home styles including Modern, Mediterranean, European profiles. These homes range between 2,500 sf to more than 10,000 sf,.  with lot sizes of 10,000 sf to 40,000 sf and currently represent the majority of this type of home found in Tanglewood.

The medium home prices in 2019 were $1,600,000 which represents a 69% increase in the past 10 years. This represents a price range of $750,000 to more than $6,000,000.  The newer style of homes can be characterized by tall living area ceilings, 3 car garages, and special appointments like wine cellars.  

Land prices range from $65/sf to $100/sf for tear down homes representing lot value. Resale home values are approaching an average of $360/sf for newer homes in the community. Typically 50 homes each year trade hands through a sales transaction, which represents 4% of the total number of homes for this neighborhood.

Tanglewood is a deed restricted community that is highly controlled by an architectural review community. One of the largest impacts of the views of the streetscape are the larger front setback lines. They are nearly twice as deep as the average subdivision setback. This provides a majestic and spacious appearance.


Home Renovation

Home renovation is a common occurrence for homes 20 years of age. This is even more so for the luxury homes in Tanglewood. To maintain luxury homes value and increase the technology and comforts of the owners lifestyle, it’s necessary to make changes to their home. As families and social lives change there is a need remodel the living space.

Over the past 20 years these home renovations have included such media rooms, wine cellars, outside kitchens and open floor plans. As new architectural and lifestyle changes take place the need to follow suit is as important as the need to buy a new car. These remodeling changes can affect both the interior and exterior of the house.


Home Improvements

With the medium home age being  40 years old, Tanglewood homes are regularly in need of home improvements. Aging home products and materials like appliances, roofing, siding, painting, doors and windows require replacement every 20 years to maintain the integrity of the home. Without maintaining these home improvement needs the home will fall into further ruins and decrease in value.

One of the most effective home improvement strategies is to incorporate upcoming improvement needs with a major home renovation. This allows the owner  a number of benefits above the normal home improvement process. First there are cost efficiencies that come with bundling home service requirements. Secondly, an owner can benefit from the time efficiencies and inconveniences caused by multiple independent projects.



The public schools of the Tanglewood schools are in the Houston Independent School District. Some of the schools in the district are Briargrove Elementary, Grady Middle School and Margaret Long Wisdom High School. There are also a good selection of private and charter schools that serve this area. Private schools include St. Michael School, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston and St. Johns School.

The need for Tanglewood custom home builders and remodeling will continue to transform this neighborhood into one of the highest desired communities in all Houston. Through these construction services Tanglewood homes will continue to prosper and be sought out as a preferred home community.

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