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05:14 Feb 2020
Custom Home Builder in Houston

When preparing for home remodeling owners require the expertise of experienced custom home builders for trusted advice and professional construction services. The right general contractor will make the design and construction experience an exciting and rewarding journey.

The city of West U has the feeling of an affluent college town with many grand oaks tress, esplanades and university institution buildings. The majority of many of the homes were built between 1970 – 1999, with an average home value in excess of $1,000,000.

West University is a highly desired city inside the City of Houston. West U has the State of Texas filth highest concentration of households with incomes $150,000 or more. The medium income is in excess of $200,000. Nearly 85% of the adults living in West U have a bachelors degree.


West University Community

West University Place was established in 1917 after its name sake Rice University. The City of Houston incorporated the city in 1924, but did not consolidate until the 1960’s. It was not until 1992 that West University allowed developers to build new construction homes. Up until that point, the area was aging-middle class housing consisting of midcentury bungalows and cottages. Immediately an affluent class of professionals moved into the area purchasing  the existing housing inventory as tear downs to build two story Georgian style red brick homes.

Custom Home Builder in Houston

As available home sites were soon absorbed a new wealthier tax base provided the City of West U a larger tax base and a significant spike in city revenues. The greater West U area commonly includes the Southside Place and some of the Bellaire area. There are more than 5,300 households in the greater West U area with a population of over 16,000 people.


Custom Homes Built On Your Lot Home Construction

The West University is one of the finest neighborhoods of Houston. There is a limited supply of buildable home lots in the community. As mentioned the greatest period of new custom home construction was the period when West U lifted the moratorium on new construction home building permits. If you are fortunate to find a tear down home or a builder selling a spec lot, you will pay between $85/sf to $150/sf . Land prices in the West U area have increased 81% in the past 10 years according to Houston Properties.

West Universities central location makes it extremely desirable for professionals and executives working downtown and at the medical center. This affluent area was a reputation for social and cultural events. The custom homes that are built for owners are designed with family and entertaining guest in mind. Their homes represent a life style of status and achievement.

It all begins with the lot selection. The lot dictates the homes orientation to the yard, the street and to suns exposure. Preserving 100 year old trees becomes a factor as well as storm drainage and rain storm runoff. Planning the style of a new custom home project can also be challenging depending on the subdivisions architectural review committee. Many of the community deed restrictions control the size of the homes, height of the roof, parking of vehicles and gate and fences.


Home Renovation

Home remodeling and renovation activity greatly outpaces new custom home construction in West U.  As the average age of the medium home is nearly 30 years the demand for updating homes is significant. With the land prices dwarfing the actual home value, owners are wise in electing to renovate their homes in most cases rather then to build new.

A whole home renovation or a major home addition can make a significant improvement to the appearance and function of a dated home. It is not always necessary to make sweeping changes to the exterior of the home to capture a new design theme to the interior. There are many creative options available to seamlessly integrate new design themes through a transition.

The most effective method for planning a home renovation project is by hiring a design to build general contractor. They can effectively expedite a home remodeling design that represents your needs at an estimated construction cost that represents your target budget. The design build process also eliminates the blame game that often occurs between builder and architect when things go wrong.


Home Improvements

As homes approach 30 years of age they reach a point where the major building products and materials begin to reach their service life. Items such as roofing materials, wood siding, doors and windows begin failing to serve their function. On the interior products like appliances, plumbing fixtures and flooring are showing their ware and tear.

It can be cost effective and strategic at this point to incorporate as many emerging home improvement projects as possible rolled into a major remodeling project. By including home improvement items into major remodeling projects the owner lessens the risk of duplicating repair cost and /or damaging recently repaired improvements.



West University is located in the Houston Independent School District. West U is one of the best public elementary school districts in Houston. Many of the residents elect to have their children attend private school for high school. With that said the Carnegie Vanguard and Michael DeBakey High Schools are considered some of the best public schools in Texas.

The West University is named after its name sake Rice University. In addition the West U area is home of Texas Southern University, Houston Baptist University, University of St. Thomas and nearby University of Houston. In addition to the universities the area is also known as the Museum District for the museum cultural centers.  This includes such institutions as the Modern At Museum, Natural Science Museum and Children’s Museum to list a few.


Low Crime & High Security

Due to the high profile of West U the police force and private security maintains a the vigilant appearance in area.  The community post a low crime incident rate then the Houston’s average. Most homes have video and alarm systems as a deterrent as well.

The land and home values continue to climb in the West U area. Due to high demand and the other attributes we have mentioned, West U will continue to be a desired neighborhood to live. If you are in a need for a general contractor that operates as custom home builders and home remodeling expert in the West University area, we can help you.

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