What are the Home Renovation Trends of 2022?

11:10 Mar 2022

Home renovations have become a far greater interest to homeowners from the cocooning that has been imposed upon us all. The last two years have been pretty uneven for people both on the personal and professional fronts. However, the economy reeling from the aftershocks of lock-downs and restrictions seems to be gradually limping back to normal.

But because the pandemic-induced uncertainty is yet to get over fully, people have tiptoed into 2022 with a fair degree of cautious optimism. So, when 2021 was not much to crow about in terms of life hitting the fast track, what is in store on the home renovation front in 2022? What is there in the dream list of designers and architectures? As people spent most of their time cooped up in homes, how are the home renovation predictions going to pan out? Let us find out in the below-mentioned segment. You may also read our resource on home renovation and various aspects of it.

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Top home renovation trends of 2022

It is anybody’s guess what 2022 has in store for everyone. However, in the construction business, things are picking up momentum with the economy chugging along. The pandemic forced folks to hunker down in their homes and forced them into evaluating the lifestyle they were living. The top home renovation trends to be expected in the year 2022 are as follows:

Investments in home-office to grow:

The pandemic has foregrounded the importance of working from home to keep the wheels of the economy moving. In 2022 and thereafter, the hybrid model of working is likely to gain prominence thereby driving investments in home offices. Now it is no more about using the makeshift room for zoom calls, irrespective of how exhausting they can be. Homeowners have realized the importance of sprucing up their home office’s backdrop and making it look attractive and professional. But setting up a home office would mean redoing your home, especially certain parts of it – sitting or guest rooms, for example by going the design build remodeling way. Homeowners are becoming aware of how the aesthetics and layout of a room can have an impact on energy, efficiency, and productivity.

For those working remotely, transforming an existing space in their homes is serious business. Since people are likely to spend the maximum amount of time in this room, it should be designed to optimize their level of concentration and motivation with the avowed aim of increasing productivity. The home office can be integrated with high-tech solutions such as projectors, air conditioning, smart boards, and others. And should you want to know the things before going for home additions or Houston remodeling, view our video on the subject.  

Better outdoor spaces and features:

In the year 2022, outdoor renovations are going to be the priority for people as the pandemic-led restrictions are going to be over, or so it is presumed. This would mean improving the functional aspect of the outdoor spaces such as introducing shade structures like awnings. Aesthetically pleasing awnings are not only pleasing to the eyes and enhance the beauty of the outdoors, but provide protection from the blazing sun as well. However, it is better to look for fabrics that carry recommendations from the Skin Cancer Foundation making them effective in preventing harmful UV rays.

Further, with people spending more time at home, outdoor spaces are going to be the show stealers. For instance, all-weather outdoor showers can be installed having control of the temperature and flow of water. Also, the trend is for installing features such as stone flooring, benches, and walls with distinct architectural styles. The other stuff that is high on the wish list of homeowners includes water features, pools, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and seating and dining areas. Outdoor kitchens shall have commercial-style grills, wine coolers, and refrigerators.

Further, terraces can be connected to the indoor spaces through a series of French doors thereby connecting home interiors to the outside. In 2022, people would want the extension of their indoor living spaces to the outside by incorporating stylish and durable outdoor tables, chairs, sofas, rugs, and decor. And if a fireplace is installed outside, the threshold between indoors and outdoors can simply disappear.

Texture galore:

The days of flat wall finish are going to be over with texture becoming the biggest home remodel trend in 2022. Textured walls are not only aesthetically pleasing in appearance, but also enhance the decor of your home in a significant manner. Faux finishing, which uses applied materials to look like installed materials, has made any Houston renovation exercise quite stylish and affordable. Homeowners tend to use a faux finish to mimic marble or concrete or get the look of Venetian plaster. Textures give the home environment a soul and add richness to the surrounding spaces.

According to the Houston remodeling experts, homeowners want to experiment with wallpapers and paints that have an array of textures to increase visual interest. The examples of textured 3D wall panels and grass cloth are enough to prove that texture is going to rule for some time. As homeowners move towards adopting soft-to-the-hand fabrics, textured fabrics can bring warmth and help the former make a personalized style statement.

When it comes to farmhouse or traditional home projects, the use of natural wood textures is gaining currency. Further, due to the plethora of material options available, Houston remodel experts can place them atop existing walls without the need to make any expensive structural work. This way, homeowners can transform their homes without shelling out a large amount as investment.

The use of technology:

Digital technology has made inroads into the world of construction, especially related to interior designing in Houston renovations. During the pandemic, interior designers used online avenues to conduct business and seem to have fine-tuned the art of sharing interior design online.

In 2022, the industry is poised to shift towards newer technologies, which design firms need to incorporate into their value chains. For instance, furniture shopping using 3D models, product recommendations using AI, and virtual staging have the potential to become mainstream.

Also, smart homes are going to become the trend to follow with heated bathroom or bedroom floor, sleek HVAC systems, and attractive looking lighting controllable through a remote, finding place.

Nature connected:

Homeowners are looking at expanding their doors and windows to let the natural light in with the proper house renovations. This means adding doors in place of windows or adding larger windows to get exposure to the nature outside.

And to create a connection between exterior and interior spaces, and achieve a sense of freedom, homeowners are looking to replace the patio doors with large ones. Home renovation companies can help you with bringing the outside to the inside of the house.

Going bold:

There will be increased use of wallpapers with bold patterns as homeowners would like to flaunt their personality, style, and taste. The experimentation with bold colors and textures is going to be extended to the kids’ rooms as well. Besides, the pandemic has created awareness for mental health and wellness with the use of color therapy on the rise.

Homeowners, in order to mirror nature’s elements, are going for wall colors such as burnt orange, pink, peacock blue, and green. Houston renovation contractors are toying with the idea of applying unique color contrasts, especially in the kitchen area – between the island and the cabinets, countertops and backsplash, etc. In 2022, people would look forward to making their living spaces livelier, and colors are an amazing way to achieve the same.

Compared to the earlier times when white was the dominant choice of color, whether for new construction or renovation. However, now the preferences seem to have been changed with dark becoming the new white. There seem to be a new interest for dark neutrals and naturals – a wood panel with a dark stain or painting the exterior with dark gray.

This color tone trends towards going bold and dark hue are going to stay for some time. You may read our blog on home renovation and apply the information to achieve a successful Houston remodeling project.

There are trends in house renovations that are not in the best interest of the owners or the property. These renovations should be evaluated closely before they are implemented. To learn more about which home renovations increase home values visit here


The above-mentioned top home renovation trends are expected to become popular and adopted by renovation contractors and homeowners in 2022. These trends allow homeowners to connect more with nature and flaunt their personality and style. You may read a blog to know more about the home renovation trends in 2022 and act on them.

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