Design Build Remodeling Solutions Process

The Design Build Remodeling process is a home remodeling method of hiring qualified remodeling contractors Houston as your advocate and trusted adviser to facilitate the design and construction of your home renovation. This construction delivery method includes preparing the home design documents, assisting with product selections and developing a detailed construction budget for your home remodeling projects.

This home remodeling solution process is personally fitted to the clients budget and design needs. The home remodeling design begins with the budget in mind and is carefully crafted with the clients most important product wishes given highest priority incorporated into the home remodel.

Benefits of Design Build Remodeling with Remodeling Contractors Houston to the Ownerdesign build remodeling

  • The remodeling contractors Houston are fully accountable for an effective collaborating design team
  • The Houston remodeling contractors are accountable to the owner to keep the design construction budget friendly with the budget goals
  • The project will have fewer design errors and omissions due to collaboration
  • The project design phase results in less time to complete home renovation goals
  • The owner partners with professional adviser through the entire home remodeling experience
  • Lower overall design cost and more continuity throughout the entire design build process
  • Earlier project completion


The initial consultation is used to determine the needs of the client and discuss the feasibility of the proposed project. We like to understand the renovation requirements and how they fit the family’s lifestyle. Your remodeling contractors Houston can be a major contributor in establishing the feasibility of your project, developing the preliminary budget and assisting your family in preparing for routine life during the remodeling experience.

Our goal for this meeting is to develop a comfort level for both parties and to lay the ground work for moving forward in a working relationship. Additionally the consultation provides our clients an opportunity to interview our firm in developing their project performance expectations. We go into great detail to discuss our process and how that fits with our clients’ needs. By hiring your advocate early in the process you can avoid unwanted surprises and setbacks. This is a result of the general contractor assisting you in developing a financial feasibility study for your property, reviewing of the deed restrictions for compliance and assisting you in preparing expectations for a major remodeling project.


Design Build Remodeling
The design build process begins with the assembling of a professional team of experts that fit well with our client’s needs. The team carefully ask questions of our customer to get an understanding of their lifestyle and day to day function of the homes space. Our client discusses the things they like about their existing home and the challenges they face in creating the conceptual design perimeters. The design build remodeling contractors Houston will arrange for the designer / architect and engineer to create a 2D & 3D plan for your participation. The team will develop the project scope from the owners input from the questions of the licensed professionals and develop a plan to fulfill the project goals.

It is the responsibility of the design team to provide direction and continuity to the design phase through the development of the teams design goals, timelines and priorities. These goals include conceptual drawings that reflect the ideas, photos and expressed wish list of the homes features. The general contractors responsibility is to provide the leadership necessary to accomplish the goals of the design team in a timely manner and to communicate updating cost information that can critically effect the construction budget goals.

The primary goal of the design process is to create detailed construction drawings that reflect the new design and owners specification preferences. These drawings should incorporate the “as-is” dimensions and into the new floor plan, incorporating the appropriate spacing for special products and measurements into the new floor plan. Care should be taken to confirm the new floor plan design fits properly into the existing space. This is important to avoid disrupting the existing conditions and providing assurance that the new products will fit properly in the new designed space.

The design team will request that the owner select their new products as early as possible. The importance of the owner timely making these selections cannot be over stated. On smaller renovation projects, making a late product selection can have an adverse effect on the schedule and cause additional cost if not selected and delivered timely.


Remodeling Contractors HoustonAt this phase of the Design Build Process the construction plans are complete and ready for permitting, a construction schedule has been completed and the construction budget is accepted by the owner. Depending on the flow of the design phase, the plans have been submitted for permit and the critical path materials / products have been ordered.

It is essential in a major remodeling project that the critical path product / materials be ordered or delivered before the project commencement. It is in no one’s interest for significant schedule interruptions during the construction. This leads to another important point, although there are complete construction plans at this point, vendor shop drawings are required for special products being fabricated off site and installed on site. Special patterned material installations such as wall tile designs or floor inlays will require special drawings to fabricate the required pieces and give the installer guidance. These should be near completion prior to commencing the actual construction improvements.

Although we make all efforts to reduce the need for change orders and errors, construction is an industry that is effected by weather and performed by people. Also by its very nature, remodeling is a process of uncovering what you cannot see. It is for these very reasons that clients hire general contractors to tightly supervise the different trade contractors and to recommend required repairs for what is discovered during remodeling.

Another goal for our clients renovation projects are to plan and organize them to complete the project in as little time as possible. It is due to this practice that we spend a great deal of time planning and preparing to work our plan to avoid unanticipated events that could interrupt our goal. When we encounter errors, change orders and weather delays we are often required to rework our schedule. This presents problems for subcontractors that have planned on starting a project on a specific date. This becomes a common issue with remodeling projects.

It is for these potential disruptions and challenges that we require certain milestones to be met before commencing work on our projects. It is for the many scheduling challenges that we often require to have special order products on site before we commencing improvements. We work very diligently to keep our clients informed on a daily basis of our work schedule. We understand how disruptive a renovation project can have on our clients lifestyle.


Remodeling Contractors HoustonWe take pride in our quality and workmanship. We also stand behind the performance of our finished product. At the end of the renovation process we conduct a walkthrough with our clients as part of our quality assurance program. This walk though takes place after the final compliance inspections and product start ups to insure the safe and comfortable use of the home. It is our intention to complete the project and punch list before we leave your home and before you move all your personal items back into the space. It is important to allow the trades complete their detailed punch list free of the possibility of damaging your personal items.

Remodeling contractors Houston have many different warranty standards that they offer. We offer a comprehensive 1 / 2 / 10 warranty program secured and underwritten by a homeowner assurance policy for major renovations. Our program represents one year warranty on cosmetic home items, two year warranty on mechanical and electrical equipment and ten years structural warranty.