Contractors for Remodeling Homes That Serve Houston

10:58 Jun 2023
Contractors for Remodeling

If you are seriously considering a major remodel of your house you will need to seek the advice of contractors for remodeling homes.

Contractors for remodeling homes can provide you with house design ideas, realistic project estimates and the insights of what to expect during the entire process.

Remodeling works the best for homeowners who want to modify their home space within their investment budget.

Yes, it is true that new construction gives you greater creative control over your house project.

However, not everyone has the budget to spend lavishly on constructing a new house.

For such homeowners, remodeling is the perfect solution and helps them meet their home modification needs without costing them an entire fortune.

Time and again, we have stressed that the entire debate surrounding house remodeling Vs new building is never-ending.

No matter which option you pick, each of them has unique opportunities and challenges which require a serious conversation with contractors for remodeling homes.  

Therefore, it is on you to make a choice based on certain important factors.

Do you want to know what those factors are?

Well, we have covered the basics for you in our blog “Home Remodeling Or New Construction – What Should Be Your Choice” . 

Since you have to execute a home remodeling plan within the architectural outlay of your existing house, you need not plan everything from scratch.

However, that doesn’t make remodeling any less challenging. Ensuring a smooth synergy between the existing and remodeled spaces is difficult and requires well-strategized actions.

Besides, DIY remodeling ideas might seem tempting, but trying them out will not guarantee positive results. Rather, it can give rise to other associated complexities that experienced contractors for remodeling homes can make you aware of.

So, instead of trying to manage it all alone, you should hire one of the reputable remodeling contractors for your home project.

Engaging a professional from the outset of the project is always beneficial and helps manifest your dream in the form of a beautifully remodeled home space.

But, before you pick an expert, keep in mind that different types of remodel contractors are active in the market today.

So, for choosing the right one, you will have to do some research. 

Feeling worried?

Do not know where to begin?

With contractors for home remodeling guiding you, simply put your stress aside. To help you save time and effort, we will discuss the types of remodel professionals.

Why wait then? Let’s begin.

Learn About the Many Types of Contractors for Home Remodeling in Houston

Contractors for Remodeling

Specialty Contractors

Sometimes, homeowners want to remodel only specific areas of their homes and do not need whole house remodeling.

For example, remodeling and upgrading the kitchen with energy-saving features and altering its look and feel.

Or, you can take a bathroom upgrade for example wherein a homeowner would like to go for new flooring, paints, and other features.

If you think you belong to this category of homeowners, then you should get in touch with specialty contractors.

These experts do not deal in whole house remodeling and instead focus on area-specific modifications.

Given the exclusive nature of their job, they have to carry specialty contractor license and work in liaison with strategic product partners.

From plumbing, roofing, cabinetry line, and refrigeration to fire protection, and countertops, these contractors procure products from reliable vendors or contractors. 

Extremely skilled at their work, these contractors know how to execute such types of home remodel plans successfully.

 As they hire an expert crew to work on your remodel project, you can stay assured of high-quality modification results.

Whether you want bathroom remodeling or kitchen renovation, these contractors take a holistic approach to understand your needs and desire thereby achieving them in reality.

That apart, they study the structural limitations of your house to understand how far the remodel plans are going to work and sync in with the existing architectural design.

It does not end here, for they are also responsible for analyzing your budget and provide remodeling result within the schedule of values.

Now that you know who to contact, what are your kitchen remodeling plans?

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Home Addition Contractors

At times, modifying the existing space is not enough, and the creation of additional rooms or areas becomes more important.

This is what we call home or room additions in the real estate language. By opting for this renovation solution, you can address your lifestyle challenges without spending all your fortune on it.

However, to turn this plan into reality, you must hire specialized expert to help from home addition contractors.

Since this renovation plan requires you to carry out serious home alterations, you will have to take the help of the experts.

They assume the responsibility of developing designs, obtaining permits, and executing as per construction plans.

They work with the expert crew to deliver results within the deadline. Moreover, to ensure the safety of your family, the contractor even remains accountable for the behavior of the crew he has employed at the construction site. 

When you hire the best professional, you can reap tremendous benefits with home addition services.

For families that cannot change their present home for one reason or the other, addition is the best solution to address space problems.

By adding that extra square footage, you are basically adding value to your property. Due to this reason, home addition is often considered to be a cost-effective alternative to new construction.

However, once again, hiring a specialized contractor is imperative to get the results as per your plans.

Today, home remodeling contractors the help of technologies to provide homeowners with top-of-the-line addition results.

For example, they produce 3-D drawings to help their clients get an advanced picture of their proposed plans.

That way you can keep surprises at bay and you will understand what exactly to expect out of the project.

Do you want to know some profitable and interesting home addition ideas? Read our blog and find several interesting ideas.

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Classic Home Remodel Contractors

Given the kinds of complexities involved, executing a heritage home remodel project is a different challenge altogether.

Firstly, it is different from other house remodel plans because you will need to obtain permits, go through deed restrictions, and abide by historic preservation ordinance to carry out this project.

This means you will have to deal with a lot of paperwork and documentation to initiate & realize the completion of such a challenging restoration or remodeling project.

Secondly, it can be difficult to get hold of as-build construction drawings of old buildings.

As such, it gets tough for contractors for remodeling homes to conduct a detailed study of the current architectural theme.

Hence, you have to hire a contractor who has specialized in this realm should you want to overcome these challenges. 

Here is a case study you would want to go through to such challenges in detail. Click here “Case Study – Older Home Renovation Challenges in Houston

Being experts, these contractors carry necessary licenses and insurance and are well-versed with the nitty-gritty of historic home restoration projects.

By planning and executing the updates cautiously, the professionals ensure a seamless blending of the old elements with the new ones.

Remember, creating a synergy between modern designs and classic themes is not an easy task.

It requires a combination of creative and artistic approach. As such, you should only hire a professional with sufficient expertise in this field.

Despite making changes to your historic home, a true professional will never alter or hamper its original architectural theme.

Besides, you must remember that modifying a historic home is a tricky business. Hence, you have to be selective with the remodeling ideas.

Given its structural constraints, you can include certain features but cannot transform it into a modern luxury home.

Both are distinct and have their own uniqueness. If you are interested to learn more about luxury homes, read this blog “What Are Some Defining Features of Luxury Homes in Houston?”.

Contractors for Remodeling Homes

General Contractors

If your house remodel project involves several trades and requires serious structural alterations, then hiring a competent general contractor is the only way out.

Be it house remodel or new buildings; general contractors are full-service professionals with comprehensive expertise in all types of construction works.

So, should you need more than kitchen or bathroom remodel, contacting a general contractor can be of great help.

As they carry necessary licenses and insurances, they can handle challenging remodel projects and deliver the highest standard of quality results.

Do you need whole house remodel?

In that case, you have to go beyond just a specialty contractor or house addition specialist and hire a GC.

Most importantly, these professionals offer design-build remodeling to keep you covered from all sides.

Do you want to find out more about it? Read our blog and explore the benefits. Click on the link What you Should Know about Design Build Remodeling“.

The best part about hiring a reputable GC is that he takes a value engineering approach while remodeling your house.

Along with his team, the expert analyses the feasibility of your ideas, shares new recommendations and helps you meet remodel goals within your budget.

This a cost-saving measure that maximizes the functionality of your remodel plan and increases property value in the long run.

The general contractor is responsible for developing realistic 3-D construction drawings as per your lifestyle and comfort needs.

And based on your feedback, these remodel contractors can either make changes or proceed with the designs for further construction work.

Not only can he help you with all paperwork, but the expert hires and coordinates with subcontractors on your behalf.

Do you want to replace traditional components with energy-efficient features?

Rely on your general contractor as he can procure energy star products from reliable vendors and product suppliers in the market.

Therefore, with extensive expertise and experience, a general contractor can handle different types of construction projects ranging from whole area-specific remodeling to luxury home building.

Would you like to know the process of hiring a GC-cum-home builder?

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Replacement Contractors & Tradesmen

Need to replace the windows of your house?

Or do you have to replace the roofs?

For such projects, you need not contact a full-service general contractor. To tackle less challenging remodeling tasks such as these, you can simply rely on replacement contractors.

Basically, these types of contractors for home remodeling are the best fit for house improvement projects.

Most homeowners use the terms house remodeling and home improvement interchangeably and are unaware of the difference between the two.

However, finding the difference will help you hire the right contractor. So, on one hand, multiple trades are involved in a house remodel project.

On the other hand, a home improvement contractor consists of only one or two trades. 

To meet the challenges of a large-scale house remodel, you have to hire one of the seasoned contractors.

However, engaging a replacement contractor will suffice for a home improvement project.

Now, there is another category of contractors called tradesmen who are self-employed and work for wages.

They are ideal fit for projects like general house maintenance and handyman home repairs.

But hiring them can be a risky affair since they do not carry proper insurances. You will have a tough time looking for a fix provided they cause damage in form or other.

Therefore, you must research properly and then hire such kind of a professional. 


Investing in a remodel project never goes to waste and instead it increases property value in the long run. But make sure you’re hiring the right contractor.

From the above discussion, it is clear that every remodel project is unique and can be tackled by only different specialized contractors.

Whether you need home addition or handyman house repair, you now know who to contact and what to look for in your prospective professional.

Don’t you?

If you have already started searching for an expert, you need no look beyond Marwood Construction.

As a renowned general contracting company, it is also one of the reliable remodel contractors in Houston. So, contact the right team of professionals and reap benefits.

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