7 Houston Renovation Essential Recommendations for Success

05:18 Sep 2023
Houston Renovation Planning & Execution

Planning a Houston renovation is time consuming and a tedious process that requires both experienced guidance and a strong desire to bring about the changes you need.

A Houston renovation is a major construction project that should be carefully planned and executed by a professional renovation contractor.

You are more likely to achieve a successful result in your renovation after proper planning, making budgetary allocations, adhering to any regulatory requirements, understanding and preparing for potential challenges, and of course, hiring an experienced home renovation contractor offering Houston renovation services.

As an owner looking at undertaking a Houston renovation or home remodeling of your property, if you do not know how and where to start then don’t worry, for you have come to the right place.  

Many homeowners get into renovating without proper preparations and not knowing what to expect. It is only when they face challenges or adversity that they regret not taking more time for planning and decision making.

A Houston renovation is not like building a new house. A home renovation is associated with far more different types of challenges.

Building a new home does not have the architectural design limitations that come with a Houston renovation, due to the as build structure being modified.

Although not advisable, owners will sometime make arrangements to live in the home while being renovated. They are not allowed to live in a new home while under construction, to mention a couple of the differences.

Any home renovating mistakes made during a house renovation can become a truly challenging and complex affair to set right later.

So, to avoid any mishap during the execution of the Houston renovation project and make it a seamless affair, you should have the foresight, adaptability, patience, and attention-to-detail to achieve your renovation goals.

However, before you dive into your Houston renovation, you must be aware of certain factors. Let us take you through these points so that you can achieve your home renovation goals without any hassle.

Read about the 7 Houston renovation recommendations for the best results of home renovating

Houston Renovation Planning & Execution

Top 7 things to know about planning a home renovation

The top 7 things to keep you in good stead while undertaking a Houston renovation project are:

#1. Know your end goal:

At the outset, you must be clear about your end goal for renovating – whether to increase the resale value of your existing home or make your home more comfortable to live for many more years by adding new features and amenities?

In case you want to raise the resale value of your home, then look at your neighborhood and select the kind of renovations that are consistent with the neighboring properties and will give a good return on investment.

Don’t overdo your finishes for the sake of doing and then end up not adding any significant value.

The remodeled home should offer better function, convenience, and comfort by optimizing the use of each space.

In fact, you may read one of our comprehensive resources on Houston renovation and plan for the project.

#2. Set a realistic timeline:

There may be plenty of ideas to implement for your Houston renovation, which are usually time consuming and expensive. For instance, the removal of a bath tub or an outdated stairs and replacing it with a new one can take days, if not weeks.

This is due to the extended period of time the delivery of such items can take once ordered.

So, temper your expectations on the scale of reality and accept an achievable timeline instead of being frustrated that everything took so long.

It is always advisable to schedule more time anticipating surprises and setbacks to occur beforehand and not be in a haste to scramble and rush through the finishes.  

You may read our blog listing the tips you should keep in mind while proceeding with home renovating.

#3. Expect the unexpected:

During a Houston renovation certain unexpected thing may come to light, which can make your agreed timeline and cost to go haywire.

For instance, the renovation contractor offering remodeling services and measuring the floor dimensions for replacement can inform you about a shifted center joist that is making your floors uneven.

So, not only do you have to deal with possibly removing the structural decking that was not in the scope of work, but now need to get it repaired to ensure the new flooring is laid properly.

Such unanticipated issues need to be accommodated in your renovating plans so that you don’t end up high and dry when the construction process gets underway.

Houston Renovation

#4. Plan a budget and stick to it:

An elaborate Houston renovation project can entail substantial investment on your part. Setting up a budget and sticking to it shall make the project a successful one.

However, there may can be a lot of things to turn your calculations upside down. These may include a sudden mishap, cost escalations along the way, restrictions on the usage of certain materials, or eating out when the kitchen remodeling work is underway, among others.

More often your budget implodes when you get out of control selecting finishes that are more expensive than your preset product allowances.

It is better to earmark a contingency fund to meet the unexpected expenses, which may crop up during construction.

Also, do your research and select the fixtures, appliances, or objects to give your remodeled home a new and stylish look.

#5. Renovate your kitchen:

A total renovation of your property would entail renovating each and every aspect or area of your house.

These may include the floor, walls, ceiling, roof, kitchen, portico, bathroom, plumbing and drainage system, doors and windows, foyer, and others.

However, you should know the priorities of your home renovating projects will be done.

It is highly recommended that any major renovation be designed around renovating the kitchen first. For it is the most expensive part of the house and adds the greatest value to your home.

According to realtors, homeowners with a recent kitchen remodeling can recover more than 70 percent of the kitchen remodeling cost when they sell their homes.

It is worth noting that an outdated kitchen may in fact delay a timely sale of your home at the time of your offering.

Also, kitchen remodeling can generate dust and debris, which can spoil the already complete paint or finish work in the rest of the building.

So, set up a substitute kitchen on a temporary basis, say in the dining room or any other adjacent room, and cover the kitchen being renovated with plastic or tarpaulin covers.

You may view our video to get ideas for renovating your kitchen and turn it into a functional space where you can create great memories with your family and friends.

#5. Arrange to storage your furnishes:

You have to arrange a temporary storage location to store all the household items that will be replaced in specific locations or areas post renovating.

This can be the guest room or basement, which will not be renovated or renting a temporary storage container for bigger items.

Generally speaking, it is wiser to use a POD or temporary storage unit and insure your furnishings to avoid mishaps and unexpected losses.

In some cases, you may hire a portable container to store your home premises. This will ensure the things are kept safe, secure, and organized.

#6. Be clear about design ideas:

You should keep your design preferences handy when hiring a renovation contractor.

You should plan on collecting your ideas from home decor magazines, websites, or design shows to use as inspirational photos with your home designer.

Understanding the design will help you articulate your vision before you begin with a designer instead of accepting his or her ideas, which can be at variance than your overall vision.

Identify key product selections to be purchased so you can guide the designer through the finish details for accuracy in plan dimensions.

Keep a watchful eye on your overall budget and timeline during the home renovation.

#7. Interview multiple contractors:

Home renovating is a specialized job, which should not be taken lightly by going the DIY way unless you have the requisite experience.

The pitfalls of doing it yourself are many and you may end up cursing your decision at the end.

So, hire a home renovation contractor who has the expertise and experience to complete such projects to your satisfaction.

Begin the process of search by interviewing multiple renovation contractors and taking bids from them.

Provide each of them your design plan, scope of work, renovating budget, and timeline to prepare a formal proposal.

Narrow down the list to a small number, say 1 or 2, and do some background checks.

Browse through their client testimonials or even visit their clients’ reviews to find out about their quality of work and other aspects such as risk-taking ability, behavior, flexibility, and commitment.

It is only by hiring the right person for the job that you can breathe a sigh of relief as the person will manage and complete the job, monitor the work, arrange for men, materials, and equipment, meet all regulatory requirements, anticipate changes or risks during the process, and meet the cost and time turnarounds, among others. 


A Houston renovation job can be completed to your satisfaction if you take the above-mentioned aspects under consideration.

With the completion of novating a house project, your property shall be transformed into a new dream abode where you can spend many more years in comfort, style, and bliss.

At the same time, the value of your property will increase considerably ensuring a good bargain should you decide to sell it at any point in time.

You may read a blog to know more about things to consider while renovating your home.

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