Most Common Home Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

12:13 Jan 2022
Houston Remodeling Contractors

Any home remodeling project entails elaborate planning, tying all loose ends, readying all resources, and executing the tasks for achieving the desired outcome. However, mere good intention does not always bear fruit, and mistakes are bound to happen.

Inexperience or taking shortcuts can cause costly mistakes to take place and derail your remodeling contracting project. Let us learn about the common mistakes that can occur during a Houston remodeling contracting work. You may also read our resource to prepare and plan for home renovation in a better way.  

Houston Remodeling Contractors 

Top mistakes to avoid during home remodeling 

Avoidable construction mistakes can take a toll on your finances and timelines. And unless one of the experienced Houston remodeling contractors is hired for the job, the likelihood of making mistakes can be a foregone conclusion. The common mistakes to avoid while planning the remodeling of your home are as follows:

Inadequate budgeting

One of the rookie mistakes homeowners tend to make is not defining a construction budget or rather setting up an inadequate budget. Remember, it is the budget that eventually guides the project and every aspect of it. It includes the cost of materials, features to be installed, hiring of manpower and equipment, among others.

After setting up the budget, it is time to have a contingency fund ready or adding 10 – 20 percent on top of the budget to take care of any unforeseen event. For instance, the cost of your owner product allowance amounts may be more then expected, or the inspector may require additional work not specified in the construction documents, among others.

So, it is prudent to set up a budget that takes care of any contingency. You may read our blog highlighting the best architectural home design trends for remodeling luxury homes.

Hiring the wrong contractor

One mistake people often end up making to save cost is hiring the services of a contractor who has given the lowest bid. The ‘cheap’ contractor can eventually turn out to be very expensive in the long run thanks to the mistakes he may make along the way. Inexperienced contractors don’t have the knowledge and expertise to complete a project as per specifications and within budget and timelines.

So, avoid going for the lowest bid and instead do some research in finding the best remodel company for the job. Shortlist at least 3 remodeling contractors based on experience and interview them. Check details such as references, insurance, licenses, ratings, and others. Find out their detailed plan and cost estimate, or whether they understand your goals and fit into your personality.

The right remodeling contractor can transform your remodeling dream into reality while the wrong one can ruin everything. Remember, quality always comes at a price and so, settling for a ‘cheap’ one can compromise your construction goals.

Make major product selections early

Home remodeling is exciting and fun picking out new products for your home remodel. It is important to select major items on your wish list early in the process.

Not only does it make the products available when needed during construction, it also will keep you from making costly changes to completed work. An example of this is when you have ordered kitchen cabinets and delay the selection of the built-in appliances selected.

You may find yourself replacing new cabinetry or at a minimum delaying the project because you are required to redraw the cabinet shop drawings.

Not replacing key obsolete products during remodeling

Everyone wants to save money during a home remodel because it is so expensive. So, they look at salvaging existing outdated products or not replacing older out of service life equipment or products at the time of the home remodel.

This does not save you money, in fact it can cost you more money to do it after your home remodeling. Let’s take an example of having a need to replace your plumbing supply lines.

You are planning on remodeling the bathrooms but elect to ignore that you have been advised to replace your old steel supply lines with PECS.

So the remodeling is completed and 2 years down the road you have a plumbing expert cutting up all the painted sheetrock you recently replaced. Take care of required maintenance and making new product selections early during home remodeling.

Wrong priorities

This could mean taking decisions favoring looks or aesthetics over functionality when it concerns construction aspects such as flooring, materials, cabinetry, appliances, countertops, and others. Once you prioritize looks then quality usually takes a back seat, which can come to haunt you later when you start using the stuff.

For instance, choosing glistening floor tiles with great design but poor quality can mean the stuff breaking easily after time or is so slippery that walking on it can lead to accidents.

So, choose things with care and do not always go for the looks, for the same could be deceiving.

Extra trendy

Buying stuff that is trendy may not always be a good idea, for what is trendy today is not likely to remain so for years down the road. This can make your home less appealing to prospective buyers as the materials are going to look dated later.

Since trends are short-lived, it is important to go for timeless classic style items related to architecture, appliances, and countertops, among others.

So, don’t buy elements that are bound to go out of fashion in a few years but stick to something that has a timeless appeal. You may view our video to know about Houston remodeling if you are on a budget.

No disruption planning

Any design build remodeling project means disrupting the way you live. Your place would be frequented by Houston remodeling contractors, subcontractors, laborers, and others.

If you are living in the same property, it can mean a lot of disruption not to speak of the dust and debris you need to reckon with. Not planning for such disruption can mean trouble for you and your family. Think beforehand where the family (including the pets) is going to sleep, food to be prepared, and bathroom to use, among many other things. If the kitchen and bathroom are in for remodeling, then how to prepare food or get fresh.

Think whether to move to a relative’s home or some other place temporarily so that the remodeling contractors can go about their job smoothly. Plan ahead to maintain your quality of life during the execution of Houston remodeling project.  

Stick to the plan

You have decided on a design plan for Houston remodeling contracting and the job begins in right earnest. What if you decided to change your plan either instinctively or after being influenced by someone? This can mean adding a lot of disruption if there is not plenty already and cost you more time and money. Decide beforehand what you seek to achieve with the scope of design build remodeling and stick to the plan thereafter. You may read our services on Houston remodeling and understand the aspects involved.

Expecting smooth execution

When it comes to remodeling contracting old buildings, there can be unexpected disruptions or complications leading to delays. It may be the beam of your kitchen or bathroom that needs replacement or the plumbing line that needs to be overhauled. There may still be new issues being uncovered by the crew. Even though experienced Houston remodeling contractors would know how to deal with such situations, as a homeowner, you need to be prepared and not caught unawares.

Discard paperwork:

There is a tendency to get rid of the paperwork involved with any Houston remodeling project as homeowners think of it as unworthy of safekeeping given that the job is over. But think again. What if the receipts, contracts, or manuals are needed a few years or months down the road? Some of the paperwork could be related to the fulfillment of a warranty. Also, the documents may come in handy when you think of selling the house. So, keep them organized to be retrieved later when you really need them.


 The above-mentioned common home remodeling mistakes are there for the making as homeowners often tend to get overwhelmed with the whole exercise. However, proper planning should be done well in advance to avoid getting into complicated situations that may cost you time and money.

A lot of things can easily fall into place if you hire one of the best remodeling contractors as they can guide you in preparing for the disruption and foresee challenges. You may also read a blog to further understand the common mistakes homeowners tend to make and prepare well in advance. Remember, proper planning of the task and exercising caution can let you achieve the best outcomes.

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