Pros and Cons of Home Remodeling Options

12:10 Jan 2022

Remodeling your home can let you add some trendy features, comfort, and utility, not to mention the possibility of increasing the value. However, when the odds are stacked against you with the Houston remodeling contracting job seems to be overwhelming, you may consider buying a new home. This may happen when you do not like the layout or location of your existing home and want a place that is more convenient, upmarket, trendy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. However, factors like emotional attachment to your home or the budget of buying a new home can override the decision of buying a new property.

With design build remodeling, you can make improvements to change the existing living space to be more functional and welcoming to your family. The decision, however, can be pretty confusing with both pros and cons involved. Let us understand the advantages or disadvantages of remodeling your home. You may also read our resource on the home remodeling process and guide and know the steps involved in planning and preparing for a major home remodeling exercise. 

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Pros and cons of remodeling your home 

Whenever you decide to change or expand something in your home it makes sense to get a professional home remodeler’s suggestion.

These recommendations can save you an enormous amount of grief and needless expense. No matter how big or small the renovation is, everyone in the family should share their thoughts and opinions on these recommendations. This is because any change would entail thoughtful planning and discussion – removing a wall to expand a room or replacing the back deck near the kitchen with a new sunroom, etc. Remember, not everyone in your family would be enthused by the remodeling contracting project, especially in the beginning.

Hence, let everyone understand the need to do so and the advantages it would accrue in terms of deriving a more attractive and functional living space.

Pros of remodeling

Home remodeling allows you to make changes to your space the way you want. It can turn out to be an efficient decision provided you hire the services of reliable Houston remodeling contractors. There may be times when you need a home remodel after a fire or pipeline burst causing damage to your house. In such a situation, you need to engage experts who are experienced in executing Houston remodeling contracting projects. The access our remodeling contractors questions click here.  

The pros of a home remodel are as follows

Value addition

With home remodeling, you can almost recreate your house to make it trendy, expansive, functional, and attractive. In fact, you can transform it into your dream home by doing a few modifications. These include removing some walls and expanding the space, changing the curtains and shutters, redoing the floor, or repainting the walls, among others.

Simply put, you can add value to your home by including features that might appeal to the sensibilities or preferences of a buyer many years down the road. In case you choose to upgrade your bathroom, kitchen, roof, etc., the increase in your home value can be significant. It adds equity, which you may leverage to secure a better rate during refinancing the property later.  

Gives you more space

When you had built or bought your existing home a few years back, it was fine to accommodate your family. However, with time, when your family grew and children needed their own space, you suddenly realized the need to add a new bedroom or bathroom, split your master bedroom, make use of the backyard, or expand your garage, to name a few. Home remodeling allows you to give personal touches to your home. These may include adding new siding, window trims, or redoing the kitchen or bathroom thereby meeting your family’s needs.  

Cost-effective option

A home remodel can definitely be a cost-effective option compared to buying a new one. Think about the price of the land and paying sundry fees to the local government department.

Moreover, with new construction, you need to construct the whole new building, whereas with remodeling contracting, most of the things are already there and just need to be spruced up. Needless to say, it takes less time to remodel then it does to build ground up. You may read our blog to know about the best architectural home design trends for remodeling homes.

Emotional connect

Human beings are social animals who cannot live in isolation or in a new place where there is less of an emotional attachment. Remodeling contracting for your existing home is a better option since you had spent a lot of time here and developed a bond with your neighbors.

This is the place that is associated with several lovely moments such as the birth and growing up of your baby, celebrating birthdays and/or anniversaries, and many others. So, instead of cutting yourself asunder from your ecosystem and starting to rebuild your life in a new place, it is better to stay put at the older place while making it look like new.


This is derived from the earlier point wherein if you are already living in a desirable neighborhood, there is no point in buying a house in a costly neighborhood. If it is financially feasible to stay put in your existing house while remodeling contracting it, then so be it.

Tax benefits

An energy-efficient home can invite tax benefits. So, with Houston remodeling, you can make your home energy efficient. You can do this by installing a solar water heater, water-saving equipment, high-efficiency windows, and under-floor heating, among others. In addition to getting tax benefits, you can help the cause of reducing the carbon footprint. And while selling your home at a later date, you can have the cost of upgrading the energy appliances deducted from your capital gains tax.

Cons of remodeling

 There are a few downsides to design build remodeling as well such as halting your daily life activities. Also, if the Houston remodeling contractors are not the right ones for the job, you can pay a heavy price in costly maintenance or repairs later. Let us discuss some of the cons of a home remodel:


If you are going for complete renovations of your home, it may turn out to be a wrong choice. In most cases, a complete renovation or remodeling may incur more cost than, say, buying a new house.

Repairing every corner of your home can mean massive disruption to your lifestyle and spending money on unforeseen expenses. You may view our video to get the extra space in your home through home additions.

Time Consuming

Remodeling contracting means allowing the entry of home remodelers, subcontractors, laborers, and other stakeholders into your home. If you think of living on the premises where the construction work is going to happen, then you can simply give up the idea. Better, move to temporary accommodation and let the experts work on refurbishing your home.

Even though remodeling may sound like a great idea, the temporary discomfort can be overwhelming at times. Moreover, you need to be present in your home while the job is done to ensure nothing untoward happens. What if the laborers break your costly kitchen countertop or cabinet while moving materials? Also, the initial estimate of cost and timeline may escalate depending on the complexity of the job.

Also, if you hire an inexperienced home remodeler, he is likely to perform the job using a trial and error method thereby escalating time and cost.

Disruption to your life

If you have a busy life with professional deadlines to meet and your children need their own space, staying in temporary accommodation while your home is being renovated can be like biting more than what you can chew.

Remember, renovations can take an unusually long time depending on how extensive and complex they are. So, at a stage of life when you are very busy and the kids are young, renovating your home may not be the best idea.


Renovate vs build is always a conundrum faced by the homeowners. Both options have their advantages and downsides and ultimately the final decision should be exclusively yours based on your finances, timelines, and circumstances. But a home remodel can offer you a better lifestyle at a minimum cost.

However, it is always advisable to conduct extensive discussions with your family, friends, colleagues, and other experts and decide on one. You may read a blog to delve into the pros and cons of home remodeling.

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