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11:15 Jul 2023
Remodel Contractors

When you are serious about remodeling one of the first things you should do is start talking with remodel contractors. 

They can give you a good understanding of what will be required and a fair estimate of how much it will cost.

You will need to have a general plan of what contracting services you are considering in order for the remodel contractor to truly assist you.

So, having a prioritized wish list available is necessary to receive the intended value of a remodel contractor’s expertise.

Remodeling should always serve the owner’s immediate property desires as well as the perceived next 10 years’ needs.

This may be due to the changes (home additions) to your family, lifestyle, neighborhood, or other aspects.

In terms of costs, renovations are always more cost-effective than going for new construction.

Also, home renovations are the best way to make suitable changes to your existing home that you desire.

For instance, transforming the kitchen setup, remodeling the bathroom or bedroom, changing the landscape garden, painting the exterior or interior, etc.

No matter how complex or simple the renovation or remodeling work is, you need to hire professional remodel contractors with expertise and experience in remodeling contracting services.

Any renovation or remodel job requires the application of proper skills and ensuring everything goes according to plan.

Since, in most cases, the job needs to be done while the house is occupied, the need for experienced remodel contractors becomes paramount.

The same goes for renovating commercial properties where the remodeling activity needs to be executed while the property is operational.

So, continue to read the blog to know more about remodel and renovations in the sections below.

Also, you may read our resource on home renovation to know about things such as planning and feasibility, among others.

Learn about the different types of contracting services that remodel contractors offer in Houston

Remodel Contractors

Different types of major remodel & renovations

Remodeling a property can offer many benefits to the owner, including increasing its market value, reducing utility costs by increasing energy efficiency, making more effective use of space, etc.

Remodeling can be of different types as mentioned below:  

Complete Home Remodeling:

Remodeling contracting can be an elaborate as well as a challenging exercise, which should ideally be done in a home sans occupant.

 It can involve major overhauling of the structure of the house and transforming its appearance.

If the job is done by keeping with the latest trends, then the value addition to the property will be substantial.

It is generally done when the existing property has outlived its utility or has sustained damages where mere renovation will not help.

The job may involve breaking down the entire structure and building it as per the new plan.

Hiring experienced remodel contractors is a must here as the quality of construction is going to ensure the stability, safety, and future value of the house.  

Home Additions:

Adding a room or two to your existing home becomes important if the size of the family has grown and there are not enough bedrooms for everyone.

Moreover, with working from home becoming a trend during the pandemic, homeowners can opt for adding a home office with all the necessary features.

Similarly, adding a storeroom, sunroom, game room, or wine cellar can be thought of as an important add-on in home additions.

Kitchen & Bathroom:

Kitchen remodel happens to be one of the popular types of remodeling exercise and is arguably the best way to increase the value of your home.

It can be done for several reasons, namely, increasing the usable space, and enhancing the aesthetics and utility using top-of-the-line cabinetry, kitchen top, and appliances.

The types of kitchen remodeling may include the replacement of countertops, appliances, floors, and backsplashes, among others.

Even though bathroom remodeling need not be off the scale of kitchen remodeling, it can have challenges galore.

For instance, it may need overhauling of the plumbing system, enhancing luxury by installing cool-looking fixtures (shower enclosures, plumbing trims, mirrors, bathtubs, countertops, etc), saving power, and water using green fixtures, among others.

There can also be a provision for adding a new bathroom for children or guests.  

General Remodel:

General home remodeling offers quality home improvement and may involve jobs such as tile installation in the kitchen and bathroom, paintwork to the exterior and interior, drywall installation, adding or altering a room, changing flooring, doors and windows, plumbing systems, electrical work, etc.

The same may apply to commercial remodeling as well with commercial property such as an office complex, a shopping mall, a restaurant, a theatre, etc.

The renovation contractors tasked with the job need to follow a comprehensive process – planning and designing, acquiring required permits or licenses, fixing the budget and timelines, choosing subcontractors and vendors, and commencing and supervising the actual construction activity.

You may view our video on home remodeling techniques if you are on a budget.

Houston Remodel Contractors

Types of Remodel Contractors Service

There are many types of remodel contractors offering contracting services as mentioned below:

Consultation & Advisory Services:

Here, the remodel contractors find out the requirement of the project owner in terms of the areas of the property to remodel, fixtures to add or remove, quality specifications of the remodeling work, and feasibility of the same for execution.

They understand how the remodeling requirements are going to fit into the owner’s lifestyle.

They offer an estimation for the project and prepare the family for a routine to follow during the construction work.

So, apart from developing the financial feasibility study of the property, the remodel contractors review the deed restrictions for compliance and prepare the expectations for the owner. 

Design & Construction Document:

In the design-build model of construction, the remodel contractors assemble a team of experts comprising architects, designers, and structural engineers (if needed).

The team understands the design needs and functioning of the space to be remodeled by asking questions to the client or project owner.

The team then prepares the project scope and a plan. The design team creates the project’s timelines, design goals, and priorities.

The professionals involved in remodeling contracting oversee the entire exercise, provide inputs for feasibility and determine the project cost.

The design team prepares a detailed drawing of the remodeling project based on the owner’s preferences for specifications.

The drawings incorporate the measurements of every area to be remodeled. It is important that the new plan should be in alignment with the existing space unless everything needs to be changed.

This is to avoid any disruption to the existing structure and ensure the new fixtures or changes will fit into the remodeled space.

The design plan needs to be documented for obtaining regulatory compliance and even secure finance from banks.

You may read our blog to know about the latest remodeling trends and suggest your choice to the designer.

Construction Services:

The remodel contractors or home remodelers have a network of subcontractors and vendors to source materials, men, and equipment.

They oversee the logistics of transporting the materials to the site on or before the scheduled date and time.

Thereafter, they set up the safety parameters to be followed by every member working on the site to prevent accidents.

Construction Management:

The remodel contractor briefs every team member working on the project of his role, the quality specifications to be followed, the safety measures to be undertaken, and the timelines to adhere to.

He visits the site to supervise the work on a daily basis and takes note of any challenges faced by the people working there.

Also, as the project management involves different trade contractors and uncovers things that are not visible upfront, there are chances of errors and rework.

For instance, while relaying the roof or floor, the workers may stumble upon harmful substances like asbestos.

In such a scenario, the remodel contractor needs to supervise the removal of the harmful stuff carefully and by following every precautionary measure.

Proper supervision will ensure that quality work is being implemented and any chances of rework are minimized.

Construction Administration:

This involves a series of construction administrative tasks to be completed by the remodel contractors in the course of overseeing the construction phase of the project.

It ensures that every stage of construction is finished within timelines by adhering to the quality specifications.

The tasks may involve approving the change orders in consultation with the architect and project owner, enforcing the building code, arranging new supplies if there are bottlenecks or quality issues with the supplies, and resolving any unforeseen conditions related to budget, supplies, manpower, contract, etc.

Warranty Services:

After the completion of the project, the remodel contractors conduct a walkthrough of the finished structure as part of quality assurance.

This is done after the final compliance inspection is done by an external agency to ensure safe and comfortable use of the property.

However, they may offer warranty services wherein issues that are likely to develop later are addressed.

These may include a ten-year structural warranty, a one-year warranty on small fixtures, and a two-year warranty on electrical and mechanical equipment.


Remodel contractors are the need of the hour when it comes to remodeling any residential or commercial property or executing the construction of a Houston renovation.

Their critical role in the success of the remodel process means they should be chosen with care and proper due diligence.

As we have discussed, home remodeling and home renovations come down to making smart choices and being supported by a professional remodeler.

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