Houston Home Renovation Ideas to Increase House Values

12:58 Dec 2023
Home Renovation Ideas in Houston

Renovating your home can be a once in a lifetime opportunity wherein you make suitable home renovation ideas to implement changes to improve its aesthetic value, functional space, or add new amenities, among others.

Home renovation ideas can dramatically help to improve your quality of life by offering peace of mind, better comfort, and utilitarian benefits in ways that your present home does not offer beyond a point.

As the world came out of the pandemic-induced lockdowns, it caused owners to look around and make changes to your house by following the latest in lifestyle necessities.  

Simply put, it is time for a home renovation according to your needs and wants to make your house stand out in the neighborhood.

It should not always be the case of celebrating status quo but embracing modernity in all its forms and manifestations.

Improving your house with modern home renovation ideas not only improves your lifestyle but will escalate the value of your property.

In this blog, we take you through the top Houston home renovation ideas and give you several options to beautify your home with the latest features and amenities.

Home Renovation Ideas in Houston

What are the top home renovations and Houston remodeling ideas?

Home renovation ideas have the peculiar trait of changing dynamically and can be risky to emulate, for they are transient. However, certain ideas can remain in vogue for a long time due to their universal appeal.

We take you through such ideas and hope they may find favor with you, especially when you think of hiring a home renovator that uses the design build approach of designing and renovating your house.

A qualified renovation contractor can facilitate both the design and construction within the normal operation services of renovation contracting. They are a great resource for home renovation ideas and to consult with for design build construction.  

#1. Quartz countertops:

Reshaping or revamping your kitchen forms a major part of any Houston home renovation. For long, granite occupied the pride of place for homeowners or any renovation contractor in designing their kitchens.

But times have changed as designers have found the amazing qualities of quartz, especially its resistance to stains and mold, unlimited color options blending seamlessly with any decor, or the need for minimal maintenance.

You may view our video to get the best kitchen renovation ideas to spruce up your kitchen and make it the perfect utilitarian space where you and your family can create beautiful memories and entertain guests by rustling up mouth-watering dishes.

#2. Open floor plan:

Generally, homes are divided into individual rooms having closed spaces. However, the modern idea is for shunning closed spaces and creating open areas where everyone can come together.

The concept of an open floor plan helps to maximize the inlet of natural light and facilitate the conduct of several things and it one of the most cost effective and impactful home renovation ideas available these days.

For instance, having the dining room and kitchen room into a single big enclosure can mean cooking, dining, and supervising kids, all at once.

It has been observed that most homeowners of today are desirous of creating a single open space by integrating the living, dining, and kitchen areas.

A renovation contractor will first assess the requirements of your home and then design the layout for open spaces engineering the structural changes.

Home Renovation Ideas - Wood Floors

#3. Engineered wood flooring:

Wood flooring has a warm appeal and natural charm that has become the order of the day. Homeowners tend to prefer wooden flooring for its durability and rich beauty.  

The typical engineered wood flooring can add superior aesthetics to the interiors. A wood floor is treated artificially to get a clean finish look where organic grain patterns are visible prominently.

Also, homeowners can get professional flooring specialists to add touches such as beveled edges, boarders, and diagonal patterns to get the custom look.

Further, light and dark patinas of various wood types and patterns can be mixed to create an absorbing appeal for the interiors.

You may also view our video to select the perfect flooring type for your home.   

#4. Eco-friendly modifications:

There has been a marked increase in the consciousness among fellow citizens related to the environment.

Most homeowners are aware of the fact that a growing carbon footprint is responsible for making our planet a warmer one.

Hence, there is a realization to reduce the carbon footprint and use eco-friendly materials or energy instead of the traditional sources of power.

So, to reduce the ever-increasing power bills, homeowners, are looking at making suitable energy- efficient modifications.

These include installing solar panels, making the maximum use of natural light with e-glass and bringing down the use of lights during daytime, and others.

Eco upgrades, as part of Houston home renovation an increase the value of your house and help save money in the long run.  

Other eco-friendly home renovation ideas include using foam insulation spray, higher SEER air-conditioning compressors and LED lighting.

It is becoming increasingly clear that homeowners are interested in adding eco-friendly features to their home renovating projects.

Further, in order to increase the use of environment-friendly materials and let homeowners go green, governments often offer incentives.

#5. Addition of an attic bedroom:

The cost of a home is generally measured in “price per square foot”, which makes it difficult to add any livable square foot without breaking the bank.

Adding a hobby room of a movie screening room can be an easy option and cost-effective solution for the use of finished attic space.

If you are considering adding a bedroom, you will need to have a window for fire egress, but this option can be cost feasibility and give you a good return on investment.

Determining the cost of home renovation in Houston always comes done to the construction design plans and the selection of materials.

Consulting several home renovation companies for their opinion and a general concept estimate can help you with visualizing and determining the feasibility of such a project.

#6. Bathroom with darker tones:

Classic white has been the ubiquitous theme for bathrooms for a long time. However, the homeowners of today are looking at experimenting with colors and contrasts.

For instance, the bathroom may portray several colors, namely, the sleek white color of the sink and darker wall colors.

The idea is to highlight the stunning contrast in colors and make the bathroom look plush, bold, moody, and classy.

A Houston renovation project may entail the use of shiny fittings or surfaces to bounce off the light inside the bathroom and make it appear spacious.

Moreover, the character of the bathroom can be enhanced by using natural wood for fittings.

#7. Naturally stained oak cabinetry:

Oak symbolizes vintage quality and class. It can be used in various areas, including cabinetry, to create a feeling of the aesthete.

Its usage has observed a resurgence of sorts in Houston home renovations. One of the reasons for its magnetic allure is the stunning visible stained grain pattern.

Modern oak cabinetry offers more palette of colors, stains, and finishes for the adventure-driven homeowner.

However, it is only by engaging the services of a remodeling contractor that you can get a natural-looking brown-colored cabinet with the espresso stain.

And to get a subdued grain pattern, a brown look can give way to white. Similarly, with attention to detail, the oak’s natural characteristics can be highlighted, which can complement the kitchen decor.

You may read our comprehensive resource on home renovation and decide on the type of material to be used for other Houston home renovations.

#8. Personal spaces:

Stress seems to have become an integral part of our lives, be it personal or professional.

As your dream abode, you would want your home to be therapeutic and reduce stress with features or amenities such as a meditation room, hobby room, waterfall in the garden, or Zen Garden.

Renovation ideas like fitness or exercise rooms remain very popular due to their connivence making them easier to use than the neighborhood fitness clubs.

Also, with ‘work from home’ becoming the norm globally, especially during the pandemic, homeowners want their homes to have personal office spaces fitted with all the paraphernalia.

Houston Home Renovation Ideas

#9. Outside living area:

An outside living area can expand the appearance of the size of an interior room by incorporating the outside space.

Living in Houston allows owner the use of these amenities nearly year-round, which makes them an attractive home improvement.

Adding a covered outside living space to an oversized patio gives the appearance of multiple rooms. You can take it up another notch by adding an outside kitchen equipped with a bar-b-que grill, under counter refrigerator and a service sink.

If you do not have the space in the rear yard for these upgrades, you can keep it simple but elegant by adding a stone fire pit to the sitting area.

#10. Increase home size with a room addition:

Room additions can be renovated into multi-functional areas for various activities. These may include adding a home theatre – a perfect place for hosting reunions, family gatherings, and having entertainment.

A room addition can be fitted with bold electric patterns to give it a unique and more distinctive look.

Further, a dull family room can be transformed into a stunning oversized multi use area, an in-house bar, or a kid’s art studio.


There can be plenty of ideas or trends that homeowners can follow to enhance the looks and functionality of their homes.

However, effort should be made to ensure these remain within budget and last long. To get better ideas for Houston home renovations, one can always consult an experienced renovation contractor.

You may read a blog to know more about the renovation trends to incorporate and add value to your house.

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