Home Remodeling in Houston – Justification for Investment

11:49 Dec 2023
Home Remodeling in Houston

Most homeowners have many reasons to justify their home remodeling in Houston, but very few of them really put in the research and evaluation required to determine the return on investment or the financial feasibility of the project.

Although not all home remodeling in Houston necessitates this depth of study, a certain amount analysis other then cost is a sound practice the expect the best results.  

Properly evaluating a home remodeling services requires developing a conceptual floor plan and the appropriate targeted investment needed to build the conceptual floor plan.

For most owners this is easier said then done. They don’t have the skills to develop a floor plan or have any idea of the remodel cost.

This is where a professional design build remodel contractor or a home designer can be useful to consult with about your project. But before you hop on the computer and start your search for home remodeling near me, you want to collect your inspiration photos and prepare a wish list of improvements that you would like to evaluate.

Home remodeling begins with grasping a clear understanding of your personal desires and motivations. In other words, what is it that you want to achieve and how much do you want to invest, is one of the first basic questions you want to explore.

After generally defining your home remodeling goals it’s time to take stock of the benefits that you can enjoy from your home improvements. For after all, the benefits need to justify the required investment.

So, what motivates homeowners to want to tear up their homes and experience the emotional highs and lows that come with a major remodeling project. We will explore both the motivations and the benefits associated with home improvements and remodeling;

Learn the reasons and benefits for a home remodeling in Houston before you begin

Home Remodeling in Houston

Desires and Justifications for Home Remodeling in Houston

  • Desire for New Amenities – The leading factor that continues to be the dominate motivation is the desire of homeowners to have the newest amenities.

Houzz.com annually surveys homeowners through a questionnaire to determine what the driving forces actually are. Year after year the top reason is homeowners wanting to enjoy newer and better house products.

  • Planning for a Long Time and Finally Have the Financial Means – Equally mirroring Houzz’s top results found that 38% of homeowners were compelled to undertake their dream lifelong remodeling dream when they financial had the financial resources to do it right way for them. 

Homeowners need patience and discipline to approach home remodeling in Houston in this fashion. Circumstances and taste also change over time, not to mention the cost of house remodel improvements.

  • Purchased a Home with the Intentions of Remodeling – Houzz has also found that 27% of homeowners actually purchase homes with the full intention of some level of major changes to fit their family, lifestyle or just add future value to the house.

This group includes small investors, DIY and family’s attempting to stretch their dollar. Depending on the nature of the remodel or home improvement project, this benefit can actually turn into a liability if the pros & cons are not properly weighed.

  • Adapting to Family or Lifestyle Changes – Represented about 18% of the survey respondents. This group includes both growing and empty nester families making adjustments for the future.

If you are a growing family or empty nesters or multi-generational families, your home will need to make the required lifestyle accommodations. Planning an addition for expanding families and repurposing space for empty nesters often become a priority to facilitate the needed space.

  • Need to Repair or Replace Home Component Products – 18% of homeowners are compelled to house renovate or remodel are they discover a deteriorated house condition.

These can result from obsolete family need or expiration of product service life or product malfunction. These types of repairs or replacements are associated with products such as roof shingles, siding and house appliances.

  • Preparing to Sell Your Home – Represents close to 12% who are motivated to increase their homes value by preparing the home for optimum market value.

These types of motivations usually result from a homeowner learning that there is some applicable reason for them to remodel or repair their house to get full value for their house.

Homes in need of significant repair will often be sold at a deeper discount then market value. This is the general motivation behind these needs.

  • Repairing after Damages – Repairing homes from such things as natural disasters and home accidents represent only 4% of respondents. These home improvements are typically driven by house insurance claims.

Owners are required to research their situation and tasked to find & select the home remodeling contractor to perform the needed repairs. These types of remodel needs present a great opportunity to incorporate other house areas that are in need of repair or updating.

Home Remodeling in Houston for Bathroom Remodel

Benefits of Home Remodeling in Houston

  • Expanding the House Space – Can be a very attractive alternative to buying a new house. The planning of the existing design is a critical factor in efficiently increasing either a rooms space or the houses space.

This approach will typically require the assistance of a professional to assist in design and construction. Successfully executed projects can be both personally and financially rewarding.

  • Avoiding the Need of Moving – Most owners dread packing and actually moving to a new house. Nothing pleases them more then to avoid a full household move.

This type of benefit depends upon the ability of your current house to be expanded or repurposed. Provided that you can achieve your desired home remodeling needs, this can be a very powerful motivation.

  • Increase Your Property Value – There are two types of home improvements. Those that increase value and those that do not. New AC units, roofs and siding do not increase the value of a home. Upgrade kitchens, doors & windows and upgrade flooring do.

One of the significant factors that owners should also be cautious of is to not over remodel for the neighborhood if property value is the primary goal. Projecting your return on investment is the proper method to measure this dilemma.

  • Increase Energy Efficiency – New national energy codes have facilitated the requirements of new home construction to comply with stricter house energy construction standards for a greater energy efficiency for your house.

Although this does not benefit homeowners purchasing older homes. Energy cost continue to rise. Including energy star products and practices will help reduce utility cost and add to your long term comfort.

  • Improving Safety & Functionality of the Home – As homeowners age and make the decision to “age in place”, they become more alert about the physical challenges with their existing homes. These may be items that require greater accessibility and mobility for the future.

Examples of these items would be walk-in tubs and widening doorways for wheelchair access. Evaluating interior and exterior steps, grab bars and raised exit thresholds can also be an issue for aging owners.

  • Increase Your Comfort and Livability – One of the ultimate results for any house remodel project is that it will increase your personal comfort and add to the enjoyment of your homes livability.

This will also translate into immediate rewards of fulfillment in the form of personal achievement or providing the children a play area to make your living room more pleasant when the kids are burning off energy.

  • Change of Lifestyle – Other than the changes in families we have already addressed, careers, stature and events in life can cause homeowners to plan major house remodel changes.

These may be such projects such as expanding their kitchens and living areas for more entertaining or the increase of area footage through a new master suite addition.

  • Incorporating Home Maintenance – As homes get older, they require different levels of maintenance. The more these items are neglected the costlier they become when you finally replace or repair them.

Another great benefit of a house remodel is to incorporate future maintenance items into remodeling projects. This can also reduce to overall price of the maintenance as well as reduce the future inconveniences associated with separate projects.

With a better understanding of what drives most homeowners to evaluate home remodeling ideas and seriously consider a house remodel project, you now can focus on the all the outstanding benefits that your remodel can result in.


Home remodeling in Houston require different levels of evaluation depending on the magnitude of the improvements.

The more extensive the house remodel the greater need to examine both the financial impact as well as the soundness of the remodel improvements.

Understanding your needs helps expedite the house remodel process and assist with communicating with your remodeling contractor and designer during the planning phase.

Owners need to take stock in both their justifications and ultimate benefits when considering their house remodel needs and take the time to study the impact of their property value and ultimate resale before they start their improvements.

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