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07:49 Dec 2023
Home Renovations in Houston Dining

When homeowners are considering home renovations in Houston there are many options to evaluate in how to increase their home value and improve their quality of life.

The process usually starts when the homeowners see the latest and greatest in new home design and begin visualizing their potential home renovations in Houston.

Home renovations in Houston can be isolated to a single room or include the entire house. This often depends upon how much of the covered structure and MEP systems need to be replaced.

In the case of replacing plumbing lines, the repairs will require some patching of drywall but does not warrant a whole home renovation.

But on the other hand, if you need to replace your basic electrical wiring or the duct work for the HVAC system, you might think long and hard about a whole home renovation.

Although the most common renovating usually includes the most popular kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations that Houston homeowners want in their homes.

We will take a look at the most common home renovations that have the best return on investment for your renovation dollars.

Home Renovations in Houston Dining


Full Home Renovations:

Full home renovations traditionally involve the gutting of the substantial portion of the house. The house is stripped back to the studs to get access to the electrical wiring and the plumbing in order to replace them.

These types of home renovations in Houston also provide an excellent opportunity to modify the floor plan and introduce new architectural features.

These can be ideas like removing interior walls to make larger living spaces and to increase the R factor of the insulation in walls or ceilings.

Full house renovations can extend the service life and increase the value of the house for years to come. 

House Additions:

House additions are a great house renovation solution for home renovations that are suffering from crowding or lacking functional house features your family needs.

House additions can be developed to increase a single rooms available space or to add a completely new space to the house.

They are great for adding bathroom solutions in Houston because the slab underground can be placed without effecting the existing house foundation.

They also play a role for expanding living areas from the traditionally modest size living areas of the past.

The tricky part of a house addition is making the addition look like it’s not a house addition. Create a design that makes the house look like it was build this way new.

Home Renovation in Houston


Kitchen Renovations:

According to Remodeling Magazine a kitchen renovation has the greatest impact on return on investment of renovating dollars.

A kitchen renovation project results attract the most attention and desire of future house buyers and contributes the greatest to the overall value of your property, when compared with any other renovation project.

The renovating process begins with incorporating well designed kitchen renovation ideas into your plans.

Well-designed kitchen remodeling ideas address both the functional use and ecstatic value of the kitchens space.

This means having a functional kitchen triangle that provides greater efficiency during high demand periods and stops your guest in their tracks with the design spender when they enter the space.

Most importantly great kitchen remodeling ideas are designed around your family’s needs and lifestyle.

If meal time in your household is a major event, then you want a kitchen floor plan that compliments their needs like an immediate eating area in the same defined space.

If you entertain larger gatherings then you will need a kitchen design that accommodates multiple work stations at the same time.

Renovating a kitchen is typically the most expensive home renovation in Houston you can contract.

Home Renovations in Houston Bathrooms


Bathroom Renovations:

The second most important house area as perceived by homeowners and buyers are bathroom renovations in Houston.

Well planned and executed bathroom renovation ideas can transform a dull and unwelcoming space into a spa-like oasis.

Capturing your personal needs and balancing them with tasteful products can dramatically alter a simple bath area into an attractive and inviting space.

The best bathroom renovation begins with great ideas of bathroom remodeling in Houston that capture your personal needs and imagination.

They will introduce soft transitions into other adjoining spaces like dressing areas, exercise areas and private personal spaces like message rooms and hidden security rooms.

It is also important to capture an abundance of natural light to illuminate the natural beauty of many of the materials and products selected for your renovation.

Home Renovations in Houston Outdoor Living Space


Outdoor Living Renovations;

In today’s modern home the owners are taking advantage of the benefits that their outside yard area can contribute to the interior.

Along with understanding the importance of extending the interior through the use of the outdoor area owners are home renovating outside areas to extend the living areas of their houses.

By increasing the size of the patio, adding a pergola or designing and implementing an outside kitchen can markedly increase the size of your extending living space as well as raise the quality of your life.

The adding of water features or a swimming pool can make a common yard into a resort experience.

Design Build Renovations:

Design build renovations are a practical approach for homeowners overwhelmed by the required tasks associated with execution of the ideas for the kitchen remodeling in Houston and bathroom renovations.

This is due to the homeowners directly contracting with their design build contractor to create a space that not only fits their lifestyle needs but also maintains their construction budget’s integrity.

One of the advantages of employing a design build renovation approach during your home renovation is that the design build contractor guides you personally through the selection of products and design features that are represented in the owner’s construction budget.

So not to leave the owner with a final house renovation plan design and budget that is substantially more than their targeted financial goals.

Additional benefits of the design build renovation process are that it reduces the schedule from design to construction completion considerably.

This benefit results from the time saved from stream lining the design process and eliminating the need to collect multiple bids and redesign to meet their targeted budget.

The actual design phase cost is also more cost effective for the owner than the traditional design process for renovations.

House renovations can be very beneficial to enhance your lifestyle and substantially increase the value of your house.

Through the utilization of the design build renovation process, the homeowner remains fully in control of the design and the construction budget throughout the entire process.

With home values steadily rising in the metro Houston area, house renovations remain one of the best investments one can make.

Home Renovations in Houston Closets


Closet Renovations;

Renovating closets have become a must for modern homes. They increase our organization and provide a better ventilated environment for our wardrobe.

They allow women better access to their accessories and the comforts for seating while dressing or trying on different outfits.

If you are blessed to have the additional space separating his and her closets is also a desired feature for women.

Renovating a closet not only offers greater storage capacity for such things as luggage but sporting equipment, collections and hobby contents.

Renovation Contractors

Houston renovation contractors play a significant role in renovating your home.

They can facilitate design and assist the owner with planning the construction improvements.

With the design plans and scope of work defined, the renovation contractors can create a construction budget and a formal proposal for contract.

Professional Houston renovation contractors should be vetted properly to assess if they are the best contractor to work with you and determine if they are link minded in their business acumen.


Home renovations in Houston come in many types and forms. As well there are a variety of different reasons why owners conduct house renovations.

Regardless of your motives for renovating it is essential you hire a professional home renovator to assist you in planning and preparing the details for executing.

Developing plans, budgets and scope of work is essential before you begin renovating will save you time and money.

The need for the right home renovator increases the probability of performing a well-executed house renovation.

To discover more about the house renovation process, visit our Houston home renovation contractor resource page.  

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