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07:16 Dec 2023
Custom Building a Home

Custom building a home in Houston is a rare and unique journey that less than 5% of the US population has the opportunity to experience.

When homeowners contract for custom building a home service’s they will start with seeking out the services of luxury home builders and architects.

Custom building a home requires expert advice and guidance to navigate the complex stages of architecture and construction.

Custom house building necessitates vetting the selection of custom builders and the architects for commencing the luxury house design, early in the custom house building process.

Understanding the stages of a home plan design and house building makes the process flow seamlessly for the owner.

It becomes easier to anticipate what the design team will need and what the owners’ responsibilities are during the many stages of design and construction development of high-end homes.

This collaborative approach requires all design team parties to interact effectively in the interest of the client’s project goals.

As mentioned, custom building a home begins with selecting the design team for your one-of-a-kind house.

Under ideal conditions you want the architect and custom builder to collaborate in a cooperative manner, with the architect driving the functional and creative aspects of the house design and the house building company overseeing constructability and managing the construction budget.

The desired end result is a creative and functional architectural design at a cost that satisfies the owners needs.

Custom Building a Home


How do you Select your Luxury Home Builder?

The selection of custom home builders begins with an intensive deep dive into an internet search.

Your search query can use titles such as luxury home builders, house construction companies, general contractors, or just custom builders.

The specific titles represent specialty general contractors that facilitate new custom contraction.

You want to evaluate at least 3 Houston custom home builders web sites and local client reviews for your Houston luxury builders.

We would recommend the following questions to vet your custom home builders.

Clearly defining the qualities of a builder, you wish to work with is important. It is in the owner’s best interest to hire a home building company that shares the same business acumen.

Sharing a similar vision of the house finishes and like minded in the communication process while building it.

How do you Hire your Architect?

The selection of an architect is a very similar process. Visiting their website is very important in evaluating their design portfolio. Identifying luxury house designs that speak to you is critical.

You want to select an architect that is also like minded in their design ideas. This will make it much easier for both owner and architect to get in synch for your high-end house design.

While interviewing several architects, the owner should discuss the architects drawing design process, the owner’s interaction during the design and what to expect in high-end home plan deliverables.

The architectural design process takes time and requires the owner to deliberate and decisive. You want an architect that will be patient and assist you in developing your house plans in a collaborative manner.

To learn more about the details of luxury home design follow this link.

What is the Custom Building a Home Process?

Custom building a home can be broken down into various stages of development. After your design team has been selected and under their watchful eye of your designated professionals, the process starts with the house design plans.

This is where the owner shares their house ideas and interior design ideas with the design team, more on this is coming.

As the architect’s drawings progress to the approval of owner, the luxury house design process concludes in a finished document known as house plans.

These home plans are then studied by the general contractor to arrive at a contract price. Once the owner and luxury builder agree to the terms and conditions of their custom building project, they enter into a construction contract and commence the construction of the house.

The high-end house building process consist of several elements; the actual construction of the luxury house and the customer service during the custom home building process and warranty periods.  

The house construction process is a progressive procedure with each step depending quality and progress depending on the previous steps performance. That is why quality compliance is so important in quality control of custom house construction.

Custom Building a Home in Houston


What is the Luxury Home Construction Service Experience?

The operative word in this question is service. In direct and simply terms the luxury building experience is about the client’s service experience performance.  

Many luxury home builders lose sight of the importance of this basic principle. They get caught up in the complexity of the business matters and personal tensions that come with meeting homeowners’ expectations.

There are many factors that contribute to the interference of a custom builder first priority of the new construction house engagement.

Customer service begins with a clearly defined company mandate by the general contractor that is communicated to the client in the form of implied and expressed promises.

These values begin with leadership of the building company’s being clearly communicated to all members of the contracting team.

All the employees and subcontractors associated with the house building company should understand the builder’s commitment to a quality customer experience.

What are the Responsibilities of Luxury House Builders?

One of the many responsibilities of the custom home builders is to provide professional advice and guidance during the owner / builder relationship.

It is the responsible of the general contractor to establish the performance expectations as part of the scope of work in each project.

It is the erosion of these performance expectations that commonly causes a lack of confidence and ultimately chips away at the fabric of the builder / owner relationship.

If not openly discussed between the parties, these issues will likely continue to escalate due to reoccurring incidents.

The concept and use of the referenced word luxury homes may also contribute to the misleading expectations of service and quality standards.

The reference to custom homes is commonly misused by the building community to refer to both production and semi-custom builders as well as luxury builders.

The standards of quality products and craftsmanship are substantially different between high end house product and the upgraded builder’s product.

Luxury implies by definition a static condition or situation of great comfort, ease and wealth.

We believe that the appropriate referenced term for defining custom homes should be called luxury homes; defined as a superior quality or of greater value.

Luxury homes characterize superior quality materials and craftsmanship representing a higher value.

What is the Difference Between the Custom Home Building and Luxury House Experience?

By definition luxury homes implies that it is uniquely a one-of-a-kind-built house. Definitively speaking, that does not mean that it will be a luxury house.

Modern luxury homes are different in two distinctive elements. They have superior quality materials and provide a higher value of service, that results in a greater product value.

Superior quality is a combination of both superior products and master craftsmanship. One is fundamentally dependent upon the other.

Both craftsmanship and quality materials need to be performed together to create superior quality. The same is true for a higher customer service experience value.

The custom house source may be from the builders off the shelf plan that they are willing to make modifications to or a one-of-a-kind house that is built with builder grade materials and finishes.

Although this custom house may indeed be built to your personal architectural specifications, this does not meet luxury home expectations.

Furthermore, the personal attention during the design phase or construction process is likely not to contain the service expectations that custom building a home should offer.  

General contractors need to understand two principal differences between the luxury home builders and owner’s ultimate interest.

First, that the design and construction experience from a homeowner perspective does not feel like business, but rather is a very emotional experience.

Secondly, that house remodeling and new home construction are uniquely different from all other high-priced products that owners will purchase.

The client does not watch their new Mercedes being built or even see their expensive meal prepared in a restaurant.

This situation invites a heightened level of emotional response attached to this process and is fueled by the realities of an imperfect construction industry.

It is the responsibility of the general contractor to realize these differences and prepare the owners expectations accordingly.

Houston Custom Building a Home


How do you Prepare for Luxury Home Building?

It is the homeowner’s responsibility in this joint endeavor to communicate directly and distinctively their personal and professional expectations, creative ideas and concerns about custom building expectation with their builder.

Even the very best custom home builders are not mind readers. Clear communication is essential regarding selecting finish products, construction progress walkthroughs, change orders, schedule milestones and methods of communication during construction.

More importantly, the homeowner / buyer needs to trust and listen to their custom builder.

If you as the homeowner have done your research and due diligence properly in selecting the right custom home building partner, then you should trust them until they give you a valid reason not to trust them.


The custom building a home services experience consist of advanced quality customer experience weaved with the construction of a unique one-of-a-kind luxury house that has exceptional architectural features using superior quality materials.

The key elements for assurance of a superior custom house building experience are hiring a likeminded architect and a seasoned custom home builder.

The appropriate master builder is essential for an exceptional service and house building experience.

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